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Michael Alagar comments

Posted in: Fear of missing out drives Internet addiction in Japan See in context

Is it ironic that we're all reading this on a computer screen and not on some newspaper?

Times change. We have to change with it. Kids don't go out and play outside, they play online because there is no longer co-op games that require you to be in the same room as the people you're playing with. The internet changes stuff and so do AND must we.

Those people who hang out with their friends all the time when we were kids, did we call them co-dependent? No, we called them social. This always online thing is a way for them to be social with their group because most don't hang out or can't due to their schedules.

Extreme cases will turn up like some of them mentioned in the article but that's just how it goes.

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Posted in: Japan's old flip-phones soldier on while smartphones shrink See in context

I still rock the flip phone and I usually pay about 1500-2000 yen per month. Once in a while it dips into 3000 when it's a socially heavy month like in the summers. I just don't see why I would want to pay almost 100,000 yen a year when I barely pay 20,000 yen a year doing the same thing.

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Posted in: Sony CEO ordered 'The Interview' toned down; Rogen objected See in context

Look! Governments pressuring to censor art. That's never happened before.

How juvenile does Kim Jong Un have to be to start a war over a movie.

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Posted in: Japanese violinist aims to bring British classical music closer to Japan See in context

Isn't saying British Classical Music a bit redundant? Isn't classical music just classical music? Or have I been missing out on American Classical Music and Australian Classical Music all these years?

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Posted in: Murder suspect seen walking behind girl in camera footage See in context

When crimes are cut and dry like this is what capital punishment was conceived for. I hope that Japan prisoners are as welcoming to child killers as American prisoners are. He won't last long if it is.

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Posted in: Dollar/yen may be hit by Japan's export drive See in context

Your guess is as good as mine. It just kinda rambles on without a clear concise post. The info is pretty accurate though.

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Posted in: Mother, son killed after their car hit by police car See in context

Knox Harrington, seems like you have something against cops. Being raised in America will do that and I get it (as I was too). You shouldn't jump to conclusions before you are able to see all the facts. It's tragic but accidents do happen. And I see people speed through yellows and reds all the time no matter the country. And no matter who is at fault, it won't bring back that little 3 year old's mother and brother.

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Posted in: Yakuza gang membership falls to record low See in context

So things ARE tough everywhere... haha

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Posted in: Confused Japanese tourists trigger highway pursuit in Utah See in context

Many, not all Japanese people are horrible when it comes emergency situations or any situation for that matter that is outside the normal everyday routine. I'm glad the Police officers didn't pursue any charges because it honestly looked like just plain ignorance of laws, language and cultural differences.

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Posted in: Japanese public skeptical on death penalty: study See in context

Capital punishment is a pretty tough issue. We want to pluck the obvious "bad weeds" of society but we want to make sure that they are the "bad weeds."

I think that Capital punishment should only be used for extreme cases such as murder and repeat offenders of crimes like rape, and intent to kill offenses and they must have indisputable evidence. It must be a case by case basis. I'm not sure how Japanese law works but a review of a jury of their peers would be nice.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber charged with assault in Toronto; White House to consider deporting him See in context

He ain't important enough to go to the white house. Let him be processed like everyone else. Only reason why this becomes news is because TV and news media (this one included) are spreading it like people should care. So many other things are more important than this.

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Posted in: FamilyMart cancels release of foie gras bento due to complaints over animal cruelty See in context

I'm sorry but this is stupid. Those animals are born and breed to be food. So they force feed them. They're going to be killed. They might as well be feed as much as they can cuz either way, they're gonna be killed and consumed by us.

If they don't force feed them, would it make a difference though? Their fate has been decided. They're food. Not pets. And I used to have a duck as a pet. There is a difference.

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Posted in: 905 students, 41 staff suffer food poisoning at Hamamatsu schools See in context

@Tessa, it's pretty common to see people with towels as it's quite customary to carry your own towel/hankerchief as it's more eco friendly here. However, this is for food handlers and other people that cook and prepare the foods. There are strict rules for washing their hands. Following them and following up on it is a totally different matter though. I mean, who asks everyone when they come back from the bathroom if they washed their hands when you go to work? We just presume that they do but there is always someone...

This is probably a case of a food handler not washing their hands properly. Google norovirus for more info about what they found in the 11 student's stool samples.

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Posted in: Trial begins for couple who abandoned 3 newborn babies over 9-year period See in context

Why does everyone immediately blame Japan?

Aren't stupid people like this in every country? 1 case doesn't mean everyone in Japan does this. Seriously people, stop immediately thinking that everyone in Japan does and thinks like this. Stupid people are everywhere.

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Posted in: Philippines to seek more aid from Japan See in context

The Philippine government said it had received total foreign pledges of up to $484 million. Of that total, only $12.13 million has so far been received.

That's sad that only that much has been actually received. What happened to the other $472 million that was pledged?

This is why I don't give cash as donations anymore :(

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Posted in: 1,000 chicken perish in fire at Kagoshima ranch See in context

mottai nai!! :(

I wonder if this'll raise the price of chickens for the holidays...

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Posted in: Girls bar owner arrested for employing middle school students See in context

Middle school students are definitely children! 16-18 yo are different and mature at different rates.

Also, I agree with CrazyJoe, if you can't drink what you serve, you shouldn't be serving it.

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Posted in: Smartphones fuel Internet addiction See in context

I find it ironic that I'm reading this on the internet...

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Posted in: Osaka man turns himself in over death of baby daughter See in context

It's sad that a baby died but it's hard on everyone. He might have reached his breaking point that day with how stressful life can be here in Japan, especially as a parent and I wouldn't doubt it that he also works full time (and that overtime that most companies don't pay for).

Sad that his daughter died but I'm sure that he regrets it more than anyone else can.

I give the man some respect for turning himself in. Not many people would have done that.

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Posted in: Smart sushi: How the classic dish and technology come together See in context

Kwatt, What's funny is that no where in the article does it say that the sushi is made by a machine...

I've eaten at both sit down restaurant style sushi places and kaiten sushi places and they are a bit different. There are good places and bad places of both. I frequent a kaiten sushi that has had better sushi than some sit down places I've been to. What do you want to pay for, what you eat or for the ambiance of the restaurant?

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Posted in: Woman becomes 1st to row solo from Japan to Alaska See in context

An amazing achievement to an amazing person!

And I hope her all the best in her engagement!

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Posted in: Joggers warned to mind their manners as they run around Imperial Palace See in context

Basic rule of foot traffic and snowboarding/skiing is the faster people yield to the slower people. It just makes sense because most of the time the slower people don't even notice the faster people. Signs don't hurt as people don't usually realize things and helps new people that start to frequent the area. Nice snipping it in the bud before it actually becomes a big problem.

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Posted in: TEPCO finds high radiation in Fukushima groundwater See in context

I'm sure its a simple language barrier. Under control, out of control. Same thing right?

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Posted in: Sony to launch PlayStation 4 in U.S., Europe first, then Japan on Feb 22 See in context

I totally agree with borax (2nd post from the top), I don't think that Japanese developers have much to offer for a JP PS4 launch. I've heard a lot about PS4 launch games from US/UK and other English speaking developers but very little from the JP Developing community.

Plainly put, they want to make sure that PS4 has a decent backing at launch for its Japanese market.

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Posted in: Would you drink hot ginger ale from a can? Coca Cola thinks you will See in context

I usually don't like ginger ale drinks but ever since i had that wilkinsons/asahi ginger ale drink, ginger ale drinks suddenly peak my interest. I'll definitely try this if its a cold evening.

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Posted in: Harry Potter actor evolves with bold new roles See in context

Good for him. It is sometimes hard to dump the image that you've become most known for but it can be done. Look at Harrison Ford aka Han Solo aka Indiana Jones amongst other I don't remember at the moment. I just know that he's a good actor.

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Posted in: Wristband to help people carry heavy bags effortlessly See in context

GalapagosnoGairaishuSEP. 06, 2013 - 11:52AM JST The human wrist is not that strong, and if the weight placed upon it seems excessive, the best way to deal with it is to find a way to reduce the load on the wrist, such as by use of a shoulder strap. A device like this one might lead to injuries. The model in the picture is shown gripping a phone in his other hand. What's he going to do if he slips while walking on steps? I feel extremely uncomfortable walking beside people who do this kind of juggling act on the steps of rail stations, etc.

I totally agree with you. This can be misused and make people believe they can lift anything, inevitably overdoing it and getting injured.

I've seen a grocery bag holder which is basically just a handle they hold onto where they hook the grocery bag up to. You prolly seen those when you buy something thats in a cardboard box and they just put the straps onto a handle. Just about the same exact thing.

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Posted in: 3 teenagers steal DVDs to raise money for AKB48 concert tickets See in context

So they stole like 17000 Yen ($170) worth of dvds. So like 8 dvds?

Slow news day is slow. (Filler news! Hooooooooooooo!!!)

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Posted in: Summers in Japan becoming intolerable See in context

What's weird is that this summer is surprisingly cool...

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Posted in: Survival of the fittest See in context

Nice little bio piece on this guy.

@1 I'm an avid gym goer going 5 times a week. Supplements are a necessity as I can't eat more than 100g of protein in veggies/meat in a day. It's just painful so I take supplement shakes to get the protein I need. Nothing beats real food but the time it takes to prep what I'd need is just something I and many other people like me don't have in our modern busy life.

It's a more healthier alternative to fast food and potato chips.

Many gym goers eat about 5 times a day in small portioned meals.

Cooking 5 meals a day? Ain't nobody got time for that!

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