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Posted in: Gays celebrate landmark U.S. Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage See in context

Why do we even do this marriage thing anyway? I don't need my government telling me that I love this person, man or woman. It's stupid. Read something earlier today and it went a little something like, "I love you so much, that I want to get the government involved so that its hard for you to leave me." Take a step back and check it out. Marriage is a weird invention.

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Posted in: Police in Tokyo search for man who called out to child in a park, puzzling netizens See in context

Headline news: A man stopped a women and asked, "Where is the train station from here?" The man maybe be dangerous and is between the height of 150-180 cm. The police have no idea where he is and where he could have gone. The man is still at large.

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Posted in: One woman in three a victim of domestic violence: WHO See in context

I used to work at a small hotel and during the holidays I'd talk to some guests that lived in the city and needed to get away from their spouse because of DV.

Men, usually the bread winners, can leave a relationship if they're the victim of DV because they're pretty independent, financially.

Women, many times, take care of the children always seem to have no way out because they don't work/can't work for reason such as their children or something else. It's mostly for their children from the people I've met.

That's usually the reason that when women are the victim's of extreme DV is because they're in those violent relationships longer than men who just simply leave to avoid an abusive relationship.

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Posted in: Visually-impaired man falls off platform onto tracks at Nakano Station See in context

Putting gates is just unnecessary and extremely costly. They announce to stay behind the yellow lines. Sure they would have prevented this accident but I don't want the Japanese people to be more complacent then they already are. People walking around looking at their i-something or other not looking what they're doing. Not watching their children like they should. People need to take more responsibility for their well being.

As for why no one helped him, its hard to say people just watched or didn't notice until he fell. It could be that or he was just too far away for anyone to do anything in time. It's hard to say since there is nothing said about it in the article. I'm sure someone tried or said something to the poor man. Either way, I'm glad he's okay.

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Posted in: Make your life much easier when you transfer data between computers See in context

Or you could buy an external HD dump your stuff from your old computer there and transfer it from there. That way, after you transfer your data, you're not left with a cord you prolly won't use again. Instead you're left with a back up external HD that you can store important pictures, videos, docs, etc.

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Posted in: Mind-controlled games on show at Asia's biggest IT fair See in context

This is an awesome! Pretty innovative but I don't see it going as far as controlling vehicles. There are too many mind tricks you can do on a person's mind that can cause them to think it even if they don't wanna do it. Me and my friend were talking about it a few days ago. A good example is the ending of the movie, "The Gamer." Watch it or at least google it (google gamer ending). If your mind thinks it and this does enables something to carry it out, it could have bad consequences.

But I see a lot of applications for many things from gaming to moving and using heavy loading machinery to transport cargo. I hope someone expands on this idea. It's great!

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Posted in: PlayStation 4 camera may be sold separately See in context

I can't wait for PS4's release. Although I kinda don't think its really necessary since this generation is still going pretty strong, I look forward to what PS4 will bring to the table.

I think its a smart business move to make it customizable to the consumers. I currently have a move and I love it to death but not everyone feels that way. Why should people have to pay for something they don't want or use?

PC gaming is fun and all but if you've ever had games just crash on you when you play it, its not fun. After a day of work I want to relax and play my game. Not figure out why it crashed and fix the problem. I'm pretty computer literate and have built my own. I just don't wanna waste what little me time I have.

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Posted in: Sheet of paper is actually a handy torch See in context

This is actually kinda cool. The hardest thing about this now is finding it when you need it and not throwing it away or mistaking it for actual paper and writing on it. I wonder how much it'll be?

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Posted in: Kumamoto baby hatch says it received 9 infants in fiscal 2012 See in context

Seeing people trying to misuse the hatcheries just goes to prove that they're not ready to take the responsibility of being a parent. I'd rather see the children go to families that would appreciate them in their lives than those that would knowingly and in many cases unintentionally mistreat them.

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Posted in: A must-have item for any ice cream lover See in context

So ¥2520 for a spoon the size of one of my fingers? Yea, its wise on their part to limit it to 100 because only the people who love ice cream and have money to burn will be buying this.

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Posted in: Restaurant meals pack calorie punch See in context

@irishosaru, Most of the time they don't. They have them on a nutrition sheet that you can ask for though. Some places do though so its depending on the place.

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Posted in: 'Lone Ranger' aims to take Tonto beyond sidekick See in context

I wouldn't be surprised if the name changed to "Tonto" when it comes to theaters here.

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Posted in: Control your music player with your mind See in context

I'm sure this will take a long time to get to the market since we just got touch controlled device like ipads, phones, gaming devices fairly recently, technologically speaking.

I just hope this comes out in my lifetime. This seems to have a lot of possibilities.

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Posted in: Boston bomb suspect hospitalized under heavy guard See in context

SuperLib, because of the coverage, he will go down for some from the long list of crimes he's done from before the bombing to after. People will want justice and there is enough proof. Used as a tool or not, he could have stopped at any moment of his own free will.

And as badsey3, pointed out. No one wins but at least it will prevent and deter this from happening again in the near future.

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Posted in: U.S. gun debate revives questions about self-defense See in context

Scrote, its easy to write a nice fictional story about how guns are dangerous. How about using facts?

When making up your own mind about which country is "more violent" or what not, know that different countries have a different definition"violent crimes."

UK Crime Statistcs 2013 http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2013/feb/07/crime-statistics-england-wales-violent-sexual-offences

US Crime Statistics Trends 1992-2011 http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2011/crime-in-the-u.s.-2011/tables/table-1

A kitchen knife is dangerous too. So are those darn pointy pencils I always have to use. Or even those cars we drive. Everything is and can be a weapon in the wrong hands. The next person that goes crazy with their car on the road and mows down a lot of people will have people thinking if driving should be for everyone.

Remember news tells you what they think you want to hear for ratings and advertisements $. Don't believe me? Check out the top and bottom banner, advertisements in the newspaper, commercials during the news, etc. Find facts and don't believe EVERYTHING you read or are told.

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Posted in: Pressure-cooker bombs suspected in Boston blasts See in context

I agree with Brainiac. This isn't an act of terrorism. Terrorist do seemingly random acts to get attention so society will look at them much like a baby would throw a tantrum.

Unless someone came forward claiming to be the hand that cause this that we don't know of yet, this is just another crazy that wants attention or even worst, just wants to see the world burn.

I hope they catch the people that did this.

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Posted in: Nagano Marathon to go ahead despite Boston blasts See in context

If we stopped doing something we loved every time some kind of bad event happened, a day would come that we would do nothing out of fear that something bad will happen again.

Good on Nagano's marathon organizers!

"What do you do when you fall off the horse? You get right back on."

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy run over, killed in Kanagawa See in context

I agree with crazedinjapan. There are no facts and people start to assume. I've almost gotten hit on my bike many times and its because there are so many blind spots here that its hard to blame the drivers. Sure, I was pissed but I now not to go that way and to be more visible. I've gotten lucky plenty of times. Unfortunately, this boy wasn't.

My heart goes out to him and his family. As well as the to the driver. I'm sure he didn't wake up thinking he was going to kill a small child with his car. As stupid as his statement was, it sounded like very honest response of what happened.

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Posted in: 'Cherry blossom' light See in context

40000 - 55000 Yen for a light? Sharp. You will be missed.

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