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There's already an LDP clown calling for a resumption of the Go-To campaign from March (JT)...Wow!! Comedic Geniuses. You can't even make this stuff up... What's next? bring the crying politician Nonomura from retirement to oversee the vaccination program.

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Dealing with any problem including the virus needs proactive thinking and logical solutions, how do you inject that into an extremely slow and reactive society. don't be so quick to point a finger at the Japanese politicians, they are a mirror reflection of the Japanese society. Things will never change, because change needs you to identify a risk and proactively and logically mitigate it. The biggest risk in life is the risk of doing nothing.

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246% debt to GDP ratio, Bank of Japan buying everything on the stock market, low birthrate, greying population, dilapidating infrastructure, negligible immigration rates, dying countryside, 500 unstable and dying regional banks, uncompetitive companies, products and services for future markets, old and out of touch governmental bureaucracy, huge lack of global skills especially in I.T and language, low pension payments, outdated business models and working styles (hanko), young people hesitant to venture into the world, Risk aversion is the most prioritized business strategy, revolving door political leadership, progressive reduction of social services... and then Covid 19!!!! Guys I hope you start thinking of the future. It's gonna get really tough!!!

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Only in Japan, the Economic Minister Yasutoshi Nomura is responsible for a Medical Emergency!!!! How telling!!! This is a pandemic that is resulting in a recession not vice versa.

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