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Posted in: Sydney bakes in hottest day in three years See in context

Wait. It's Summer in Australia and it's hot???

Well I'll be.........

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Posted in: Divers find wreckage, bodies from U.S. Osprey aircraft that crashed off Japan See in context

Condolences to their friends and loved ones.

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Posted in: Japan OKs 1st domestic-made COVID shots tailored for Omicron subvariant See in context

I will stick with robust natural immunity but good luck to the company.

As long as it's a choice, people can put whatever they like in their own bodies imo.

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Posted in: Australia apologizes for thalidomide tragedy as some survivors listen in Parliament gallery See in context

Doctors had assured pregnant women that the drug was safe.

This reminds me of a recent drug that doctors assured pregnant women that the drug was safe.

Time will tell.

On retrospect - the present is already telling.

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Posted in: Hilton Japan apologizes for 'disrespectful' ad disparaging traditional Japanese inns See in context

I love the aesthetics of a ryokan and the food has sometimes been good, however I don't like to have to return to room at certain times to eat, to wash etc, etc. Some have no baths or showers open mid day after coming back in the summer sweat. Not great to have to wait until evening. Some don't open the bathrooms until the evening, which means a whole day feeling unwashed before venturing out.

I would rather see the town I am visiting than be confined to the inn all evening, and eat when and what I choose at a local establishment and then enjoy frequenting a local bar or two and meeting other people.

Ryokans are far too constricting for me in general. Although every once in a while, I can reluctantly suck it up for the pleasing surrounds.

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

I think the hospital should have updated its COVID-19 page. There have been no legal covid restrictions since last May.

Most likely. I have never been asked for anything when visiting a friend in hospital throughout the whole so-called 'pandemic' (cough, cough). Or when visiting family at their workplace. They said it was never a requirement, for visitors or patients.

I even saw a nostalgic mask poster on the bus yesterday. Looks like had just been left up out of laziness.

Only one old lady on the half packed bus had one on. So doubt they even 'request' it even, anymore.

Cultural fun times.

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

It's actually an amazing time to exchange overseas assests into yen and use to travel domestically right now.

Basically get to increase by 30% or even double the value of your money.

Food. Drinks, etc etc become cheaper.

Hotels are less than half price generally.

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

As Japan is super cheap to travel to now and the prices are often half or less than half of people's home countries, Japan has become part if the 'backpacker circut' when people travel to SE Asia, they now take the time to visit Japan at the same time. Coupled with the usual tourists, you can see many more around, especiallybin popular areas.

I expect more hostels and buckets of asahi will be served in some more natutal places that will fill the spiritual void of some,

Kao San Road with Zen.

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Posted in: Djokovic top of the world after sinking Rune at ATP Finals See in context

Brilliant player and Brilliant man.

Great to see a man of principles do well.

He is so healthy and fit and really cares about what he puts in his body.

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Posted in: Japanese consumers eating more local fish from waters off Fukushima See in context

I prefer imported fish

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Posted in: Five killed in Australia after car plows into pub patrons See in context

Sad accident

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Posted in: Neuse, Aoyagi lead Tigers to 1st Japan Series title in 38 years See in context

Was a fantastic game to watch as a Tiger's fan.

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Posted in: Weak yen forces Japan to shrink historic military spending plan See in context

I surely hope this doesn't mean Japan will scimp out on any aid to Ukraine now.

Zelensky needs all the help he can get atm. Europe and the US have become less willing as time goes by.

It doesn't bode well for any support to Japan in the Pacific theater, should this powder keg ignite.

I doubt many will be happy to loan military aid to Japan due to massive GDP debt.

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Posted in: Actor Robert De Niro tells a jury in a lawsuit by his ex-assistant: 'This is all nonsense' See in context

De Niro is an angry man.

Has even threatened to punch people in the mouth.

Uncouth and his acting isn't that great anymore either.

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Posted in: Security tight for Halloween in Shibuya See in context

What an embarrassment.

I bet there are better run Halloween activities in the retirement homes this season.

Laughable overreach to people trying to have some joy in their lives.

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Posted in: Son scores again as Tottenham beats Crystal Palace 2-1 to extend Premier League lead See in context

Well done Spurs. Looking great after 10 games.

May it continue.

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Posted in: Ibaraki ranked ‘least attractive’ among Japan’s 47 prefectures in survey See in context

I have always enjoyed visiting Ibaraki.

Each prefecture has it's own charms and scenic spots or shops.

They also have their pros and cons,

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Posted in: Anger, sorrow as Indigenous Australians weigh referendum defeat See in context

You just have to look at the top 5 seats in Australia which have majority indigenous Australian populations to see what many were feeling.

Lingiari Northern Territory (who currently has an indigenous MP representing them) - 58% NO

Durack Western Australia - 73% NO

Leichhardt Queensland - 67% NO

Parks New South Wales - 79% NO

Kennedy Queensland - 81% NO


You're welcome

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Posted in: Anger, sorrow as Indigenous Australians weigh referendum defeat See in context

Calm, happiness and relief for the majority, including many, many, unity minded, indigenous Australians.

Good riddance to a bad idea.

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Posted in: Palestinians scramble for safety as Israel pounds sealed-off Gaza Strip to punish Hamas See in context

Maybe paliestines so called ally Egypt should open the border and start accepting refugees.

They tried to at Egypt's sole crossing in Rafah, but it has been bombed repeatedly and is currently closed.


It seems they are making a situation where the civilians are not allowed to leave, easily or at all.

Cutting off electricity, food and water will have dire consequences for the children and elderly there unfortunately.

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Posted in: Palestinians scramble for safety as Israel pounds sealed-off Gaza Strip to punish Hamas See in context

It would be best if the members of HAMAS and the IDF, go to an adjacent field and line up in lines, like the traditional battles akin to the US Civil war or Waterloo and walk towards each other firing.

Leave the civilians alone.

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Posted in: Okinawa pub posts 'Japanese only' admission sign based on some shaky logic See in context

Does 'Japanese Only' mean no Okinawans either?

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Posted in: Unspoken Japanese school customs effective, but challenging for some See in context

Meditation can be effective.

As long as the students are awake.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant starts 2nd release of treated radioactive wastewater into the sea See in context

I hope this isn't affected by the possible tsunami

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Posted in: Japan school absenteeism at record high of nearly 300,000 in FY2022 See in context

Who would have thought that paranoid (so-called) adults making kids scared out of their wits of catching a deadly disease (that barely affected their age groups overall) and then forcing them to sit alone, muzzled in silence surrounded by petroleum based plastic screens would have any detrimental effects on them?

I Am Stunned.

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Posted in: King Charles III's image to appear on Australian coins this year See in context

Looks brilliant

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Posted in: Japan lifts tsunami advisory after earthquake hits Izu islands See in context

Could probably jump over it if only a meter high.

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Posted in: Fake monks scam foreign tourists out of their cash in Tokyo See in context

What if they just identify as a 'real monk'?

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Posted in: U.S. House ousts Kevin McCarthy as leader in historic vote See in context

Nehls has nominated Donald J Trump for Speaker.

That would be interesting.

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Posted in: Australian Indigenous rights vote fuels racism See in context

The whole suggestion of dividing Australian citizens over their race and granting privilege for one citizen's ancestry over another's ancestry, explicit in the question of the refferendum itself is the most racist thing about it all.

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