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Not sure what 'masking up' will do to numbers.

Latest scientific studies say otherwise.


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Brilliant. Resilience. Emotional.

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Yeah. Good point Ian. Just a bit less I suppose.

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Quarantine measures re C19 will also be dropped 8th May so no PCR or 3x vaccines will longer be necessary for arrivals.

Without cases, I guess there will be no way to tell if this increases or doesn't make a difference to dailly numbers.

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Wonderingbif these numbers will be released or relevant enough to publish after 8th May?

Look at the front page Asahi shinbun now and rhe key points are that most places won't be required to tell the Gov a Covid case has come to their clinic or not.

Masks will ne a personal choice, indoors or outdoors.

Payment of vaccines will be covered by Gov until at least April and after that if apply it seems to get some money off.

They won't be able to have any SoE or any other 'prevention' (cough, cough) measures due to it being class 5.

It will just be like the flu.

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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

May 8 - Why wait?

Will make a great T-shirt

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The deaths are down, which is good. But coincide with lower numbers. Which I find strange.

Shouldn't the last 19 days or so after large infections mean the deaths don't fall with the cases?

Day by day for about 2 years.

Anyway. Really depends on how related they are to Covid, with or from.

Or is simply having a vaccine also related to Covid in these numbers?

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I wonder if numbers will be higher or lower tomorrow?

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About time. I came to this realization years ago.

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I saw a lot of people riding them when I was overseas a few weeks ago.

Look like fun.

Can't wait to try one.

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Good for you, there are a lot here who don't want to wear masks also but can't remove it at work

Yes, hopefully all workplaces will come to their senses soon and it will just be an uninformed choice to continue to wear for some. I feel for those forced to wear them.

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The sweet taste of fresh air on my lips and the wind blowing softy against my maskless face has been wondeful. No going back.

Brilliant. The fresh face initiative.

Needs a popular model to promote.

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Downgrade it to the same level as the flu and get rid of masks already.

Peer pressure us a horrible thing.

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Let's hope that the daily death figures in Japan are not due to over counting, as in the US, as suggested by Dr Leana Wen and others


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Posted in: Inmate awaiting execution dies after choking on food See in context


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Posted in: Japan reports 54,378 new coronavirus cases See in context

I have always found it odd that the death rate seems to fall when the numbers fall and rise when they rise. On the day of recording.

I would have thought they were supposed to peak about 10 days to 2 weeks after the peak in cases?

Anyone else notice this?

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Posted in: Gov't considers lifting anti-COVID recommendation to wear masks indoors See in context

Do you believe in such things as scientific studies and evidence or opinions and gossip suffice?

Yes. I read many scientific studies, listen to podcasts of doctors discussing them and generally believe the studies look at what the topic is, within their frames of error and limitations.

When it comes to opinions, it depends on who is making it and their relevance to the topic (such as the opinion piece I linked which was written by Dr Leana Wen as per her experience with her own child).

It then depends on what the opinion is.

Not really sure what you mean about gossip, as I never really get into it or discuss it.

I usually take gossip to mean people discussing other people and their relationships. Celebrity affairs, weight gain and menial what not.

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Posted in: Gov't considers lifting anti-COVID recommendation to wear masks indoors See in context

Why not own children?

I believe people are harming their own children too.

Like CNNs Dr. Leana Wen's reversal on masking children when she found it impacted her own.


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Posted in: Japan reports 108,281 new coronavirus cases See in context

I wonder if it will be higher or lower tomorrow?

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Posted in: Gov't considers lifting anti-COVID recommendation to wear masks indoors See in context

Let's say I don't actually interact with children. Where does it leave me regarding your first two points?

If you ride the train, got to the shops or to the park you interact with children.

And don't use yahoo as a reference!!

It's from an article which as also rehashed many times through other agencies. This is hardly academic writing with citations needed. Cringe. lol

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How does my mask harm other children?

Studies show that it impairs children's development by not seeing other people's facial cues which are vital for learning.



Many hard of hearing children also rely on lip reading and emotions to understand what's being communicated.

Also, due to the environmental impacts of masks, the kids own future ecosystems are being damaged due to billions of tonnes of micro plastics that have entered the ocean, bird life being decimated and polymers being taken from fossil fuels - namely petrochemicals.




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People waiting for this Government to give their recommendations before deciding for themselves whether or not to use, environmentally damaging, useless masks, that harm other people's children's development, doesn't seem very intelligent to me and indeed selfish.

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5,000 a day are dying from covid.

I wonder how many of these 'Covid deaths' were at the recent protests against the party?

I surely hope the CCP wouldn't see an easy way to dispose of any unrest, using Covid as a guise. Maybe they have never thought about it.

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Posted in: U.S. reports another Takata air bag death, bringing toll to 33 See in context

33 isn't really a hugh number and aibags save a lot more lives than they take.

People should be forced to have Takara airbags if they choose to drive.

They could have an airbag passport or something like that on your smartphone and if you don't have them installed you could be refused entry to resturants and cafes and such,

Imagine the logistical nightmare if foreign tourists come to Japan and are involved in an accident and don't have an airbag. They would be taking up valuable space in the already crowded hostital system. Plus they don't even speak Japanese most likely.

In fact, if they don't have an airbag passport at the airport they should have to do a 2 hour driver safety test before allowed into Japan.

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It’s an ingenious move of jgov to maintain the vaccine status check for international visitors - not only does it help prevent the logistical headache of unvaccinated foreigners getting seriously ill while in Japan

I fail to see the logic or intelligence in this statement. Unvaccinated or less than 3 dose participant visitors are more than welcome to visit Japan.

They just need a pre-departure PCR test showing a negative result.

Unvaccinated or people with less than 3 doses can still then contract Covid while traveling in Japan and possibly need hospital assistance. Hardly a logistical headache.

People can also have skiing accidents, slips and falls etc which also need treatment. Unvaccinated or not.

How is that for intelligence?

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A decent well fought match by both teams. Japan got punished in the PKs.

Sometimes collectivism loses out here, it seems, as each player in blue looked decisively nervous and afraid to be alone in the spotlight when taking the kicks.

The more individualistic players will shine in these moments due to a lot more confidence in going it alone.

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Great to see all the supporters, their crazy costumes and happy smiling faces, sometimes painted in design.

Be great to be in a colourful and free event, like that.

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Well played SK.

Many decent shots on goal and some great ones that went in.

Good for Asia

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So many maskless people out watching the soccer and celebrating this morning and tonight. Superpreader events I guess.

I would expect cases to rise to at least a million cases by next week due to the contagiousness of the virus and the amount of people out and about.


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Tbe train stations I have just been through have put their escalators 'Out of Service due to Winter Energy Saving Mode'.

The elderly I saw going to use them, didn't look too impressed when they realised tvey had to walk up the stairs.

The trains have also seemingly have turned off their heaters or not yet turned on.

Perhaps these will be switched on at certain times or temperatures?

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