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Posted in: Woman in her 80s hit, killed by train in Tokyo See in context

Selfish. That's the only way to describe it. She could have done this at home and not inconvenienced others.

To say that about a poor, desperate elderly woman! SHAME ON YOU!!

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Posted in: More details emerge over Kawasaki stabbing rampage, killer See in context

My prayers and condolences to the families of Hanako Kuribayashi and Satoshi Oyama.

May they both rest in serene peace.

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Posted in: 16 schoolgirls, 2 adults stabbed in rampage in Kawasaki; 1 child, 1 man dead See in context

My prayers to all those who were attacked. Especially the innocent children!

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Posted in: Gov't shelves bill on stricter copyright control See in context

Our fanfictions, fanarts and doujinshi are safe.....for now!

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Posted in: Abe suggests he won't seek 4th term as LDP president See in context

It's about time for him to "pass the baton". Even PMs get older, too.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for child abuse after throwing TV remote control at 8-year-old daughter See in context

There's a special place in Hell for heartless, abusive parents like her!!

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Posted in: 15-year jail term sought for comic magazine editor over death of wife See in context

Give the creep LIFE!!

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Posted in: S Korean assembly speaker says apology needed from Japanese emperor See in context

Emperor Akihito was only a schoolboy during the War.

The son shouldn't need to apologise or atone for his father's involvements.

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Posted in: Threatening letters, possibly containing cyanide, sent to drug firms, newspaper See in context

"Won" is South Korean money. The perpetrator(s) may be Korean.

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Posted in: Convenience stores to stop selling adult magazines by end of August See in context

Won't this lead to a black market or something?

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Posted in: Hillenburg, SpongeBob SquarePants creator, dies at 57 See in context

Thank you, Stephen Hillenburg for bringing SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs and all of Bikini Bottom's wacky characters to kids and grownups all over the World!

We'll never forget you!

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Posted in: Record 37,000 children suspected to have suffered abuse in Japan See in context

Normally, I oppose the use of capital punishment worldwide, but in the case of what happened to poor little Yua, I WILL make an exception for her heartless parents!

And believe me, there is a special place in Hell for people like the Funatos!

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Posted in: 45.2% do not view Abe cabinet reshuffle positively: poll See in context

That one lady in the photo? The new Revitalization Minister Satsuki Katayama?

In case many of you forgotten, she irked Anime, Manga and VOCALOID fans back in 2013!

Remember? https://soranews24.com/2013/07/07/the-untimely-demise-of-hatsune-miku/

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Posted in: Japanese media watchdog group publishes complaint about people who complain about anime See in context

I agree with the person who posted that complaint to the BPO. Late-night Anime should only for consenting adults. Parents should be in charge of what their kids watch on TV.

Oh, and Goodlucktoyou, the conbinis in Tokyo already got rid off the nudie mags. It's because of the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics.

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Posted in: He's a winner See in context

What a victory pose!!

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Posted in: Okinawa Gov Onaga dies of cancer at 67 See in context

Gov. Takeshi Onaga was a good man who diligently served Okinawa and its citizen faithfully 'til the end.

My prayers and condolences to his family and the people of Okinawa.

May he rest in peace.

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Posted in: An eyeful See in context

Was this in Akihabara?

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Posted in: LDP to propose reorganization of gov't ministries and agencies See in context

The Japanese government has too many ministries to handle.

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Posted in: Temperature tops 40 C for 2nd day in row See in context

Given the magnitude of this heat, Tokyo should hold the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in October, like the last time in 1964! If this repeats next summer and in 2020!

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Posted in: No one would be worse off if half the anime being made wasn’t produced, says director See in context

Remember how Anime was in the late Showa and early Heisei eras? It was better!

The so-called "production committees" ruined everything!

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Posted in: U.N. reopens talks on defining 'killer robots' See in context

I think the United Nations may have been watching and reading too much science fiction!!

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Posted in: Unemployed man and teen schoolgirl team up to steal manga; get arrested See in context

They're a real life frugal version of Lupin III and Fujiko!

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Posted in: Bye for now, Goku! 'Dragon Ball Super' to make way for new 'Gegege no Kitaro' anime See in context

I watch DB Super on Crunchyroll and the English dub on TV. Now that the show's ending, it's time for me to binge on CR right till April.

BTW, Goku's seiyu (Nozawa Masako) wil be the new voice of Medama Oyaji in the new Kitaro series, as well as Piccolo's seiyu (Furukawa Toshio) as Nezumi Otoko!

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Posted in: 9-year-old girl dies after pileup caused by senior driver See in context

Drivers Mrs. Shigemori's age just need to give up driving--voluntarily, not imprisonment. Not all elderly drivers are dangerous, they need help!

Still, my condolences to Yui Fujiwara's family and my prayers for her surviving schoolmates and their families.

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Posted in: Love Live! warns fans once again to refrain from being jerks See in context

All the bad jerkoff Love Livers that should be given a spanking!

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested for abducting 14-year-old Fukui girl See in context

Japanese govt should ban magazines with 15 year old girls in bikinis from convenience stores for a start.

The konbinis are banning the skin mags next month in Tokyo, remember?

But that won't be enough to stop these creeps!

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Posted in: U.S. mass killer, cult leader Charles Manson dies at 83 See in context

Goodbye and good riddance!

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Posted in: Democratic Party leader Maehara resigns over merger disarray See in context

Maehara made his bed, now he has to sleep in it!

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Posted in: 19-year-old daughter stabs father in back See in context

If the dad hadn't beat up his daughter, wife and other kids in the first place, she wouldn't have knifed him!

He was in the wrong, not her!

The police should've arrested him!

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