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Posted in: Yamanote line service temporarily suspended after man throws bicycle onto tracks See in context

The guy needs help!

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Posted in: Abe cabinet's support rate falls to 35.8% See in context

What a shame, he's one of the better Prime Ministers Japan has had in years.

Koizumi was better!

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Posted in: Abe cabinet's support rate falls to 35.8% See in context

In politics, a scandal or two lowers the approval rating. No one's invincible forever.

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Posted in: The name's Bond - but could it be Jane Bond after first woman becomes Doctor Who? See in context

A woman playing 007 won't be that bad. Dame Judy Dench plays M.

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Posted in: BBC names first female 'Doctor Who' See in context

It's about time!

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Posted in: University student saves abused child after chance encounter in the rain See in context

Well done young fella. Class act.

A true hero!

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening Saitama kindergarten employee with knife See in context

Children have a right to be children! They have a right to live happily, play happily and be happy!

If Mr. Otake has a problem with that, he had two mature choices to make:

Learn to live with the laughter of the kids or he and Mrs. Otake could pack up and move house!

He made a poor decision brandishing a knife in the preschool!

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Posted in: Emperor's daughter becomes supreme priestess at Ise Jingu shrine See in context

I didn't know Emperor Akihito has an elder sister!

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Posted in: Erin Moran, Joanie Cunningham in 'Happy Days,' dies at 56 See in context

We love you, "Joanie". RIP.

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Posted in: Woman slashes 7-year-old girl, mother at supermarket See in context

My thoughts and prayers to the 43-yr.-old woman and her daughter, but also my sympathy for the woman who attacked them. The latter woman needs help since she is mentally ill, not imprisonment.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

NICE! I like it!!

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Posted in: Sex and marriage with robots: science fiction or new reality? See in context

You notice that the first one on the left in cosplaying as Hestia from "DanMachi"?

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Posted in: Gang member dies in hospital after fight with police in Gunma See in context

The gangster died from the stimulant poisoning after the fight. The officers didn't kill him.

Even though he was a member of the bouryokudan, he was still a human being.

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Posted in: Anime taxi cab enters service on streets of Tokyo See in context

This'll attract a lot of Otaku passengers!

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Posted in: Do you think Yuriko Koike is a good choice for Tokyo governor? See in context

Let's just give Ms. Koike a chance. She is Tokyo's first lady tochiji after all!

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Posted in: 41-year-old man arrested for sexually molesting 8-year-old girl See in context

Castrate them all.

Castrate the sicko

Castration? How will THAT stop them?

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Posted in: Tokyo governor submits resignation effective June 21 See in context

I hope the next Governor would be that Utsunomiya fellow. He seems like a sincere people guy.

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic chief says payments legitimate consulting fees See in context

Hosting the Olympic Games and Paralympics is the host city's PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT! Now with this latest news, Tokyo has good as well lost that privilege!

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Posted in: What is the most effective way to eradicate the sale and possession of child porn? See in context

Sensitivity training for adult offenders?

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Posted in: Abe sticks to script on sales tax hike plans after deadly quakes See in context

That's going to chip away his Lower House majority, I hope!

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Posted in: Oscar-winning actress Patty Duke dies at 69 See in context

She was a very talented actress as well as a champion for those with mental disorders like she was!

I watched "The Patty Duke Show" on cable TV as a teenager and I'm watching it now on over-the-air TV, as well as her many other TV and movie appearances.

I both mourn her passing and celebrate her life today!

Rest in peace, Anna Marie "Patty" Duke Pearce!

Though you are now gone, your TV characters Patty and Cathy Lane will live on our TV screens and the TVs in our hearts forever.

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Posted in: SDF poster seems to be repelling more people than it’s recruiting See in context

That poster's unnerving! I liked the last article about the SDF poster with the main characters from the Anime "GATE: And so the SDF Fought"!

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Posted in: Who would you like to see replace Shinzo Abe as Japanese prime minister See in context

Japanese Communist Party Chair Kazuo Shii. In my opinion (despite the party name), the JCP is a bona fide opposition party and a real alternative to the LDP and Komeito!

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Posted in: Illegal mosaic-free porn business busted See in context

There are far worse crimes!

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Posted in: Pacific rim nations sign TPP deal amid protests See in context

Signed,-- but NOT RATIFIED! There may still be hope for democracy!

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Posted in: How do Japanese schoolgirls, with their short skirts, manage to resist the cold? See in context

An warm, long overcoat?

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Posted in: Nintendo removing 'skinship' romance touching scenes from North American 'Fire Emblem' game See in context

Saw the 'skinship' clip! That's it!? How is THIS controversial? Gamemakers keep censoring games to keep us Westerners from 'complaining' about it! I'm a Westerner and I have NO QUALMS with this stuff!

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker says 'comfort women' were prostitutes See in context

The damage is DONE, Mr. Sakurada!!

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Posted in: Woman tosses coffee at praying Muslim men in California park See in context

That wasn't a very Christian thing to do!

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