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Posted in: Japanese mom’s advice to daughter: Ask your boyfriend for many selfish things See in context

Good advice from a mother, I am a father and I have two daughters. If I was single and didn't have any daughters I would express a different feeling. I would say that the mother is teaching her daughter to take advantage of her boyfriend. After reading her suggestions, it does make since, provided that they stay together and get married. I am from America and my wife is Japanese, we have been married for 12 years. We have a ten year old daughter and I am teaching her things about life and men now. I am raising my daughter not to just settle for anything or anyone. Set your goals, immediate and long term. When you meet someone that may develope into a long term relationship let them know what your goals are and that way there is no surprises down the raid. I have lived in Japan for 15 years and have seen the way Japanese men and women treat each other, some good and some bad. I'm from Texas and I was raised to treasure your wife and children. Currently I live in Sagamihara but I use to live in Yamato city and my Japanese male neighbors would tell me I'm making them look bad. Their wives would tell them that they see me helping out my wife hanging out laundry and cooking dinner on a regular basis. I know I changed the subject but all of this goes together. Take care of her now and she will take care of you later.

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Posted in: Family branded welfare cheats because daughter gets part-time job See in context

A great story and yes the father should be proud. You go girl.

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Posted in: Woman held for trying to strangle 6-month-old son to death See in context

Post-mitten means after death.

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Posted in: U.S. Army retires general for not properly investigating sex assault in Japan See in context

I actually live in Japan and I have seen the lady and the officer she was seeing. There is so much behind the story that was not published. The general was wrong for not doing his job but a quick investigation to resolve the case and pay her. Oh yes she got paid!!!!!

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Posted in: Kidnap suspect said he threatened to kill girl unless she got into his car See in context

I totally agree with samwatters. I am an American living in a newly developed neighborhood. There are many small kids in the neighborhood that play outside without any adult supervision. I have lived in Japan for 14 years and when my wife and I built our house 4 years ago I approached my new neighbors to discuss how I was raised. If I was outside playing as a child my friends parents looked after me as if I was their child. There is an old saying it takes a village to raise a child and that means all the parents in the neighborhood help to raise that child. Right now I think it's time for a refresher course on the neighborhood to address some issues. I pray that everyone have a great and safe summer and all of our children are safe. God bless them.

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Posted in: Missing Okayama girl found unharmed; 49-year-old man arrested See in context

Thank God she is safe. As for as the guy who took her, her should go to jail forever. He will apologize for his actions and that makes it better. Initially it was reported the mother didn't remember or see the license plate of the vehicle but now it states she was able to give them partial of the plate.

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Posted in: J-League orders Urawa to play next game in empty stadium over discriminatory banner See in context

I really don't follow soccer that much, but I think is a good gesture with Japan hosting the next Olympic. I don't know who all has access to this news but if it's read by anyone it shows Japan officials are trying to deter racism.

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Posted in: Love hotel business booming in Japan See in context

My first experience was in Misawa my first japanese girlfriend took me. I was amassed at the heart shaped bed and the shower with a see through window to the bedroom. They definitely need them im the states.

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