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Michael Davey comments

Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

OssanAmerica I know this is long after your comments, but I have to respond. While you urge the author to research America's history with regards to racism against "orientals" (wtf ?) I suggest you do the same for Japan. Especially when you complain of American bombing Japan.

Japan committed atrocities every bit as bad as Nazi Germany. The Japanese armed forces murdered some 5 million civilians. They regularly used atrocities as a method of controlling civilian populations in occupied areas. They used live pregnant women as bayonet dummies. They regularly treated non Japanese as inferior, and often murdered them or raped women. They burned cities during retreats, regardless of what effect it had on the citizens there. Look up Rape of NanKing. They conscripted women as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers. They used entire villages for biological and chemical experiments, then dissected the victims alive without aesthetic, cutting them apart inside until they finally died from blood loss or shock. This is just a small sample.

Japan was not an innocent victim. Luckily today's Japan is not the same as that Japan, but don't revise history to suit some strange idea in your head of Japan as a victim, it wasn't.

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