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An article in the vernacular Asahi Shinbun of today has a magnificent article. Three different groups, including the Aum Victim's Association, have announced that they OPPOSE the death penalty for the perpetrators on death row (with the exception of Asahara himself). Collectively, they espouse, "we need to get to the impetus of this crime, and prevent similar tragedies in the future." I am utterly winded at this display of benevolence. Let all the world see (including El Puto Mexicano above) that two wrongs do not make a right, and that killing does not bring solace to the victims of murder. This is truly a turning point for criminal justice in Japan.-------- Michael H. Fox-------- Japan Innocence and Death Penalty Information Center-----

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I visited Rome some years ago and wondered about the bloodthirsty spectators visiting the Coliseum the rows of sacrificial victims were paraded before the massacres. I thought of the cheering and jeering and how low humanity had sunk. Perusing the comments on this list, I see the same phenomena- the masses on the benches screaming for blood and murder.

--The two people mentioned are above are suspects. They are being investigated, and have not been convicted. They may be innocent, they may be not. While I am in favor of juries, quite often jurors make up their minds based on information from the mass media, which in the case of Japan is all from one source-the police and prosecutors.

God help the criminally accused with sociopaths like those writing above. ---Michael H. Fox ---Japan Innocence and Death Penalty Information Center.

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It is amazing how few people notice that the word **"criminals" is used. These people have not been convicted of any crime, and should be considered "suspects"-nothing more. I will check the Japanese press and see how they are described. Japanese who have been arrested but not tried are called higisha or yougisha (suspects), not hanzaisha or hannin-criminals. I urge all the people on this list to try to be somewhat more critical. Michael Fox Japan Innocence and Death Penalty Information Center.

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I would advise all to withhold judgement until the trial starts. The woman denies the charges and no evidence has yet been produced. This case is quite similar to the Eniwa case (info available at my website).up in Hokkaido- a woman charged with murdering another out of jealousy. And the police know who the true perpetrator is. Sad, but true.

Michael H. Fox Japan Innocence and Death Penalty Research Center.

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors seek life in Briton's death See in context

Some notes: --Life imprisonment in Japan averages 26.5 years. Ten years ago it was 21.5 years, and if the trend of penal populism continues, Ichihashi may be in for 30 years.

--Life Imprisonment can be much longer, an innocent man, Fumi Hoshino, has been in for over 30 years, and will not be released because he refuses to write a hansei-sho.

--Michael H. Fox --Japan Innocence and Death Penalty Research Center.

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