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Posted in: Lemonade by Lemonica tackles food waste with lemon peel jam See in context

It's just the same as marmalade, only made with lemons instead of oranges!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,773 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,293 See in context

I am so pleased that both my wife and self had two vaccinations each of the Pfizer vaccine, but feel so concerned that want to urgently get their jabs. The silence from our dear leaders is very worrying as they have no real practical solutions to effectively combat this pandemic. They've had 18 months to formulate a what if worst case situation.......what has been planned? Nada, zilch, nothing. All we get is talking heads.

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Posted in: Suga's medical adviser urges tougher anti-virus measures See in context

Present Japan's Suga government is very similar to wartime militarism Japan. They are overestimate themselves, underestimate "enemy", disrespect logistics, never admit failure, repeat sophistry, miss timing to give up, and increasing victims

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Posted in: Chinese firm to build ¥50 bil battery plant for Nissan EVs in Japan See in context

Try and avoid Chinese products, another reason not to buy Nissan ev cars.

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Posted in: Number of officials from overseas at Tokyo Olympics could be cut by another 25,000 See in context

It's all very well having doctors from overseas to help out, but what do you do when a person infected with Covid-19 needs intensive care in a hospital. Will beds be taken to the detriment of locals who are sure to be infected by holding the Olympucs whilst there is a pandemic.

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Posted in: 26 dead, 3 missing, 54 injured during mountain climbing in Golden Week See in context

It should be compulsory for Mountaineers to take out accident insurance, it the publuc purse that pays for all the resouces in rescuing them.

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Posted in: Petition to cancel Tokyo Olympics submitted to Koike See in context

Petitions have as much influence as the negative comments on this website......nothing. one might feel better having written a strong post, but ultimately all a waste of time.

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Posted in: Ishikawa town builds giant squid with COVID relief funds See in context

¥25 million represents just 3.123% of the covid relief grant and hopefully will attract visitors once this crisis is over.

A permanent physical reminder of Covid-19 , but who wants to remember it!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 876 coronavirus cases; 1,097 in Osaka See in context

Accordong to another site there we just over 9,200 pcr tests for Tokyo, that's an infection rate to tests of 9.5%. The situation is getting worse day by day and still another 24 to go how many more because of governmental dithering!

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Posted in: Asteroid dust collected by Japanese probe arrives on Earth See in context

Billion of $'s to get a few kilo of asteroid rocks, what a waste of money to polish a few academic egos

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Posted in: Japanese businesses expect RCEP deal to boost Asia trade, investment See in context

RCEP will prove mainly to China's advantage. China should be boycotted, especially as it has no remorse for destroying the peoples and economies of every country whether accidently or on purpose. Personally I now avoid where possible buying any Chinese products, but it seems that many Japanese companies are in the pockets of Chinese manufacturers and there are no alternative suppliers.

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Posted in: Fans rush to see panda cub as Tokyo's Ueno zoo reopens after 4-month closure See in context

I'm boycotting all Chinese products including pandas!

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister, wife arrested over alleged vote buying See in context

Prosecutors seem to be concentrating the facts surrounding buying votes, I think they should investigate the source where they obtained the ¥25.5million they paid out to buy the votes!

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Posted in: Economy minister cancels appearances after contact with virus-infected staffer See in context

A person can be tested positive for the Covid-19 and not have any symptons, they are. asymptomatic, quite common in younger persons

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Posted in: Many pachinko parlors stay open despite state of emergency See in context

I'm not surprised idiots are still going to pachinko parlours, you've got to be brain dead to want to waste your time there!

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Posted in: Olympic flame arrives in Japan amid worries over virus impact See in context

The so called special cannister looks similar to the miners lamp I bought many years ago.

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Posted in: Abe briefs Iranian president on plan to send forces to Middle East See in context

I cannot understand why Japan is having any discussions with the leader of a pariah state. Iran is formenting trouble in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq they should be ostracised. Trump is 100% correct to have sanctioned Iran because of their nuclear ambitions.

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Posted in: Automakers in Japan to probe possible new problem in Takata air bags See in context

Surely this is old news... There have been many deaths in The States about three years ago. Japan is being a bit behind the times.

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Posted in: E-cigs may damage the heart, study says See in context

What a stupid opening statement......May damage your heart! It was been proven without a doubt that smoking tobacco will give you cancer and other respiratory diseases. People vape to help get off smoking. I stopped smoking 30 cigarettes a day 50 years ago, all it needed was will power and a couple of kids who nagged that I smelt like an ashtray all the time.

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Posted in: Nissan's second thoughts on UK-made SUV add to Brexit worry See in context

Tangerene2000 hit the nail on the head.....everything is blamed on Brexit. Nissan states that sales have been falling, as other manufacturers are experiencing, but they fail to also state one of the reasons is that the X-Trail emmissions do not meet strict Europian standards. Unemployment in the UK is less than 5% the avarage for EU$$R is around 9%, and the GDP is also less than the UK.

Is it a plague of locusts or frogs next?

More fake and half truth news by remoaners.

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Posted in: Abe, Putin reconfirm readiness to conclude postwar peace treaty See in context

The islands were overrun by Russia after Japan had signed a peace treaty with America. They are Japan's, it's Russia that has claimed them, not the other way around as per the article.

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Posted in: Paul McCartney to play 3 concerts in Tokyo in April See in context

I suppose if you were an original Beatle fan you must be pretty old, which is perhaps why they go to see a geriatric performer who really can't sing anymore. His performance at Queen Elizabeth's jubilee celebration quite a few years ago was absolutely awful. He reminds me of Frank Sintra who should have stopped singing when he was on a high....the same applies to Paul McCartney!

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Posted in: Woman dies after choking on 'mochi;' 10 others hospitalized See in context

Why anyone eats this almost tasteless inedible stuff is beyond me. My wife likes it toasted under the grill with strong cheese and wrapped with nori, then perhaps worth eating. Its the same old old, with toothless geriatrics choking to death on the stuff.....everybody should know the dangers of this glutinous stuff, and to give it to wrinklies is tantamount to manslaughter.

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Posted in: TPP talks stuck on auto, drug and dairy issues See in context

This is the second good news I've had today, the first being that Abe stated Japan would not be welcoming "gimmegrants" resulting the the influx of the exedos from Syria, Afganistan, and Uncle Tom Cobley and all counties. However he has agreed aid of $1.6 bn.

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Posted in: Abe headed to U.N.; talks with Putin also on schedule See in context

I was shaken to the core to rea d that P.M. Abe may allow Syrians into Japan, out of all the potential migrants that want tocome to Japan, Muslims are the worst. They never, repeat integrate, their Koran is a book full of hate against non-muslims. Don't bow to American pressure on this. Europe is now totally ruined because of Mutti Merkel's stupidity to invite Muslims en-mass to Germany, they breed and spread like a cancer until they have turn their host country into the same kind of rat hole they escaped from. Finally, 50% of Muslim men in the U.K. are on welfare, for women it's 75%. They dont contribute to medical costs, and usually get free housing ahead of locals.......No Mr Abe, think long and hard before you invite any Syrian Muslims to Japan, you wont suffer from them being here, the the tax paying public will.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 8-hour siege in Tokyo condo See in context

After reading the comments, I too was very surprised when he started pointing a gun that the police didn't shoot him. He was fortunate it happened in Japan.

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Posted in: Man's passport confiscated after he refuses to give up Syria travel plan See in context

Let him go I he wants to, just revoke his passport after he has gone, then he cant come back. He will be a citizen of the Islam Caliphate, peace on be upon him, and advise him to apply for a visa from the nearest Japanese Embassy if he wants to come back, just refuse it. One more troublemaker gone from this peaceful land.

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Posted in: Harpoonless Japanese whalers heading for Antarctic See in context

What an absolute waste of money, I don't know what this seemingly pointless exercise is going to cost. So much for this newly elected government stating it is going to cut costs. Additionally one wonders how many houses could be be built to house the families that were evacuated because of radiation following TEPCO's disastrous handing of Fukushima Daiichi

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Posted in: Senior gov't official calls for Abe to delay sales tax hike See in context

You are quite correct to state that sales tax in the U.K. is 20%, however there is no tax on foods stuffs, newspapers or books, nor sales tax on children's clothes and shoes. The everyday costs for ordinary people is food, therefore a 10% sales tax hits the poorest most. Tax luxury items sush as cars, electrical products jewelry etc at say 20%, and the wealthy will pay a bigger share of the sales tax burden.

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Posted in: Video purports to show beheading of second U.S. journalist See in context


Suggest you check out the above link, it makes very interesting reading to the involvement of the CIA, Mossad etc.

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