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Michael J Cassidy comments

Posted in: 'Dragon Ball' creator expresses frustration at TV anime’s periodic quality issues See in context

I understand, quality is being ignored worldwide for price, too many MBA's in the world, all trying to impress the boss. Here is the USA some cheap imported products do not even work The 1st time used.

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Posted in: How women can manipulate clueless men See in context

As long as men have penises, they will be manipulated by women.

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Posted in: Bad behavior by teachers a growing problem See in context

12,000? That is 600 a year, sounds like a Texas size lie.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for intruding into woman's bedroom See in context

Every heard of computer dating?

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Posted in: Man sues women's university over rejection See in context

Some women are very shy, but they can succeed at an all women's school and blassom to their full potential.

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Posted in: Sankei newspaper apologizes over ad for anti-Semitic books See in context

He is little known in the USA too!

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Posted in: Police crack down on bar, adult establishment touts during year-end See in context

Reminds me of 42st & 8, in the bad old days. Zoot suit, trying to get me to see a grandmother naked. If I am Looking for women, I will find them.

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Posted in: Police report surge in online banking fraud cases See in context

Get use to it; here in the USA bank fraud is wild; junkies printing fake credit cards in the parking lots of banks for ATM use. Just hang'em high as a warning to others!

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Posted in: Can we really do without coal? See in context

Who will find all the coal miners jobs and what about the million other jobs that revolve around the coal industry? These people have keep us warm for hundreds of years. My grandfather mined coal in Scotland to feed his family in N.I.

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Posted in: Nuclear to remain key Japan energy source, gov't panel says See in context

You have to step up your game. I expect more from Japan.

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Posted in: Fukushima remains very complex despite progress: IAEA See in context

@gogogo - your pic is hot, if we are going, lets hook up! But seriously folks, I just moved to California and I'm starting to glow in the dark. Now people are telling me not to eat local seafood or swim in the Pacific. What is the fun of being in Cali without the beach or health seafood?

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog says TEPCO failed to properly monitor tanks See in context

They seem to lack the precise planning that Japan is know for. It is like the "Three Stoogies" opened a power plant,

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Posted in: 2 men tie up woman, steal nothing in home invasion See in context

"White Punks on Dope"

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Posted in: U.S. intelligence chief: Surveillance programs disrupted attacks See in context

Of course we are spying on you, there are many lunitics in the good old USA. Also, we admit many foreign nationals that do not have the USA's best interest at heart. Grow up and act like an adult, the USA is a big target.

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Posted in: Japan to hold unprecedented military exercise in U.S. See in context

It is ironic the the skill used by the USA in WWII is the the one being taught . It is also China's major weakness, exposed coastline. They can move troop quick enough to responsed to multiple water Bourne attacks. They lack that air and navy to prevent a strong attack at any one point. Their Amry is big but slow.

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Posted in: Japan to hold unprecedented military exercise in U.S. See in context

Fun in the sun in So. Cali!

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Posted in: U.S. hedge fund boss lobbies for breakup of Sony See in context

Do not like these people ruin your country, look at what they did to the USA!

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