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Posted in: After years of promise, battery cars about to go mainstream See in context

I don't think gasoline or diesel are dying anytime soon. Many of the electric cars hitting the market now, and the foreseeable future, are going to be hybrids. Pure battery is still working out its teething issues and wither or not its truly, truly ready for prime time is still up in the air. Its not merely an issue of battery price but also performance, those that need to drive several hundred miles per day find that recharge times and standard capacities are still wanting. The technology has a ways to go before it can beat internal combustion without subsidy. Medium and heavy trucks are a major consumer of fuel, at the current tech they will be internal combustion powered or hybrid at best for a very long time at the current rate of improvement. In cold weather where I live, a battery need only turn over the engine in ICE, a pure battery operated motor needs battery capacity to drive AND heat the cabin. Only time will tell, the tech is still growing but it NEEDS to grow an improve.

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Posted in: Japan to ban physical punishment of children by parents See in context

I warn you, the State will not cease until it has dissolved the family, destroyed it completely. This is a direct assault upon the autonomy of the home and family, to take away the sanctity of the house and all authority and judgement the parent has for their own children, their own family. Necessary punishment and tough love are needed, physical punishment is necessary and works. This is more a move of undermining the family, undermining the authority of the father and household. Children without necessary physical punishment no longer respect their parents, or anyone else for that matter. There is nothing good in this bill, in this change. I am ashamed that Abe is allowing this to happen.

The propaganda, and the reasons listed are even worse. One abusive and insane person murders a child, so now we must take the ability to spank kids away from millions of family and other authority figures? This is insane. One must assume that the subversives seeking to destroy Japan from the inside aren't running the government.

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Posted in: Cold wave grips Hokkaido See in context

People in Hokkaido should be awful tough, used to this kind of weather. Not the first blow of cold northern weather, won't be the last. I'd say the people who live too far south miss out on a great experience, if you've never felt -35F/-36C cold air hit you, its quite an experience. -24C is a good, sharp slap in the face that wakes you up for good day in the cold, so long you've got your long underwear.

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Posted in: 2 given prison sentences for robbery, murder in Saitama Pref See in context

A terrible, premeditated crime. Both should have been sent to the gallows.

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Posted in: Japanese police to use new holsters to prevent disarming of officers See in context

The Nambu 60's were built with lanyard rings, I hope it is still common practice to use them. It is an old means of weapons retention on handguns, and a solid one, although it will not help an officer or any other handgun carrier in certain situations. Retention holsters have been around for some time now, good designs have been proven, excellent draw by the user and difficult draw by anyone else. I'm sure if Japan designs its own it will be a high quality one, I would be almost certain. The greater problem is violence is low in Japan and the police are more used to peaceful interaction, this makes ambush a bit easier. Even in countries where crime is high and police are used to hostile encounters, guile and approach can be used by criminals to get close to an officer to attack him. People must remember it is a dangerous, difficult job wherever they are.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

In the good old days, unruly charges and children were dealt with beatings. Those people learned to stay in their place and be more respectful of others, and even gained respect for themselves. When we refuse to physically punish those who challenge authority, we teach them there is no authority, when those who see how far they can go can walk forever they believe there is no limits, no reason to respect anyone. its the lack of physical discipline that is destroying people's respect for other people. We need to bring back corporal punishment and beatings in school and society because it worked. Non violence is about people feeling good about themselves, spewing platitudes, living in a world of dreams and ideology, not facing what works best.

We need more teachers and authorities to stand up against not only abusive, but disrespect, Disrespect eventually destroys the relationships between all people and eventually hurts society as a whole.

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Posted in: Moscow says Japan must recognize all Kurils as Russian See in context

The evil Soviet empire did many evils. They should return what they have stolen, Japan deserves the Kurils and Sakhalin, Germany should have Prussia and Pommern returned, the Finns should have Karelia. Deportations, oppression of their own people and the people they ruled over, they did many wrong things. They should return what they took.

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Posted in: Japanese version of '24' in production; set to air in 2020 See in context

The new tactic of the entertainment industry, even internationally, seems to be recycling material. Everything is going to be a remake, to recycle old material, to capitalize on the popularity of already strong franchises, to line the pockets of old franchise property holders. I understand that the high rate of television and movies being made has dried up the water well of creativity a great deal, but the giant leap towards replacing new work with old things is a bad practice. We are at risk of watching the entertainment industry go from riding the old horse to give a break to the fresh horse, to the point we are going to be beating a dead old horse we can not longer ride. I hope we don't reach the point where every show is a reboot of a show that was rebooted 3 years ago.

Even when they make "new" Star Wars films, they are simply reusing the same exact stories and scenes from the original movies from the 1970-80's. Its getting so bad that even sequels are just poorly made, hack job reboots. No new stories, no continuity, nothing. Just expect people to rebuy the same worn out things that were once good. Don't be surprised if people get on their streaming services and watch the old versions of the show or movie instead of the hack new ones.

Although it would be really interesting to have a black candidate for the Prime Minister of Japan, they are unfortunately going for the more likely scenario of a female frontrunner this time.

If a foreign president is the plot line of the new show, the story should center around the Japanese people revolting to take their country back.

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Posted in: Japan approves measures to help make life easier for foreign workers See in context

The empty seat on the train is still the one next to the foreigner.

Good, and let it always be this way. You sound like the typical invader, everything should revolve around you and the host nation you live at should be FORCED to accept you, when you will never belong, and you should never belong. Everyone should learn your language, learn to act the way YOU want, everything is about you. If you don't like it, leave. If you wish to stay adapt to the culture or language, because its YOU that's wrong. All these people making comments that Japan needs to accommodate them instead of them adapting to Japan are 100% wrong and the worst type of travelers and temporary residents.

One thing that needs to be made clear with every interaction with these foreigner assistance stations is that these people need to be reminded they are temporary guests and not living permanently, they are here on behest of the nation and people and should behave until the day they are returned home.

I would also add at some point the real world economy is one thing, and theoretical ideas on economic growth and monetary size are another. Are the Japanese people better off at some point taking a small decline in their standard of living to defend and keep its people and nation safe and independent? Are we willing to sacrifice nations and hurt people to keep up economic plans on paper made of money that are less important than the nations and people these paper economies are created to protect and serve? Perhaps stagnation and a stable economy that shrinks with its population is healthy, not unhealthy, perhaps importing bodies into the countryside is a worse situation and a "solution" worse than the problem.

Back to topic, there is a saying I've heard. "It is the responsibility of the host to make his guest feel at home. It is the responsibility of the guest to know that he is not home". You read comments on these stories and elsewhere and you see how many guests in Japan and elsewhere do not know their responsibility to know they are not at home.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for murder of 2 children in 2015 See in context

"The defense team also said Yamada had a mental disorder and was in a state of diminished capacity at the time." Stating that he was of diminished mental capacity at the time so he did not know that what he did was wrong.

With any luck, the executioner will diminish his physical capacity to murder innocent people down to 0% forever.

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Posted in: 65% against Diet passage of foreign worker bill: poll See in context

The State must remain firm in reminding these laborers they are temporary, and to only take in as many as felt is needed. Do not make the mistake of allowing them citizenship or allowing them to stay here, if they lose their job they should be deported immediately. Anyone who makes trouble should be deported immediately. Whenever the quota numbers can be lowered, they should be lowered to the lowest amount possible.

We must also discuss the destructive effects of the democratic socialist welfare state. It seemed to be perfection at first, but as its effects and modern societal decline have set in we see that there are many young men who try to avoid work and find alternative ways of living. The west has a problem with young people being "too good" for so called "blue collar" work, an attitude often stuck into their heads by an overly optimistic society, but avoiding work is made possible by these programs which undermine the necessary labor market. It is unfortunate.

Then the liberals say "Let the women work, they will fill in the labor shortage!". Well, guess what? The women were too busy working and making money to have children and raise them, now we have even less workers and and even larger labor shortage than before next generation! Hooray! We dig the pit deeper trying to dig ourselves out. We suffer a demographic crisis all across the west, heavily from liberal anti child, anti family policy, we have made our bed to rot in. More pushing women into work and away from the home will only make the next generation of problems worse!

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Posted in: Police holding cells evolving to meet Japan's changing demographics See in context

Look at the number of foreigners in the jail and prison system, its sickening! Guests should behave with honor and respect in foreign lands, not act like hooligans and thugs! Yet they come and misbehave and cause all sorts of problems, bother the police, the public, cost everyone with the money spent to jail them and feed them, put them through the system. The public suffers first from their crime and disorder, than the cost to deal with that problem. Truly terrible. Japan should stop being so friendly to such hostile foreigners, stop letting them make such problems. Anyone who makes trouble should be beaten and deported. Remind them that temporary residence is just that, temporary.

There is a lot of bellyaching and whining about the Japanese police service. I disagree, Japan is a healthy and relatively crime free place, first from its superior people and culture, but also from an efficient police force that does its job very well. Perhaps its hard line and more "feudal" ways of doing things are correct, they work, they protect the public well. People who complain about it are usually criminals or uppity foreigners making trouble, or the ever loving liberals who MUST ruin everything they tough with their ideology.

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