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Michael Jun Sung Shim comments

Posted in: Courtesy call See in context

"So even now, business with SK is insignificant." Really? Then why are the Japanese companies that have had invested money in Korea before bilateral ties got worsened still keeping their business intact?

I live in Seoul,Korea now and I have never heard of even one Japanese company, who had promised to invest in Korea, to announce that company decided not to invest any more money in Korea because if that was ever true then I would have read such articles from Korean Yonhap News Agency!!

I can understand the frustrations that Japanese people have towards Korea and it's both Korea and Japan's fault and they should stop blaming each other.I ask Koreans to try to understand the Japanese psyche that Tokyo is having rough time right now and I also entreat Japanese people to be more mindful that Koreans had to suffer the unendurable pains under Japanese rule and please don't compare S Korea to Taiwan or any other former Japanese colonies!!

I do fear however that Korea maybe focussing too much on negative things with Japan and Korea too should grow up and act more maturely.I personally blame former Korean President Lee Myung Bak for visiting Dokdo Island (Of course I & 100% Koreans think Dokdo is 100% Korean territory) but his visit there was totally UNNECESSARY!!

He could have gone there after his resignation from Presidency.Lee also blamed Emperor Akihito saying if he wants to visit Korea then he should apologize to Koreans.Again that's Mr.Lee's mistakes and I ask Japanese people to get over the difficulties caused by his insensitive behaviour!! But if Japanese people still hate Korea even after that then I say please vent your anger at Mr.Lee not ordinary citizens like me or other innocent Korean citizens!! Thanks and Have A Nice Time!! Peace!!

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tinawatanabe I think you misunderstood my point which is that I merely express my view that I am optimist. Why should I hate Japan even if so many other Koreans don't like Japan? I have my own way of thinking even though I have two passports one Korea and another U.S.A.!!

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Posted in: Courtesy call See in context

Why is everyone so negative on Korea-Japan ties? I have a rather rosy view about the future of their bilateral relations moving forward!! Just because the past relations of both Asian nations was bad doesn't mean it cannot improve in the future!! :)

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Posted in: Monument to comfort women dedicated in Virginia See in context

"Wouldn't Korean-American support for US soldiers who died in the Korean War for South Koreans be a more appropriate monument to be placed on U.S. soil?" I know you hate S Koreans so much but at least it's a good thing that not ALL Americans think like you do about Koreans.Your statement in quotes are fairly obvious.There is a Korean War Vet Memorial in Washington DC if you haven't been there yet.

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Posted in: Monument to comfort women dedicated in Virginia See in context

"Meh. Next, I'd like to see the Vietnamese American community erect a statue beside it to commemorate the thousands of innocent Vietnamese civilians butchered by Korean soldiers during the Vietnam war." Whoever you are I just want to point out to you that Americans also killed innocent Korean and Vietnamese civilians in both Korean War and Vietnam War respectively! So stop blaming Korea at once and look at yourself and your own flaws before you seek to arguments! Get this fact straight! Korean President Kim Dae Jung offered apology to Vietnam for Korean soldiers acts.SO CASE CLOSED! Don't bring this issue up ever again!!

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Posted in: Japan, China to square off at regional security forum See in context

Don't Forget that S Korea is a nation with 28,500 U.S.Army stationed there!

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Posted in: Why is anti-Japanese sentiment remaining from the World War II era almost non-existent in countries like Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, unlike in China and South Korea? See in context

Can we just get this over with? I'm Korean who likes to believe in optimism that despite Japan's brutal treatment of Koreans back in the early ages there still is vast potential for more co-operation between the two! I ask Koreans please give up demanding that Japan must apologize and pay compensation for the damages caused on Korea by the Japanese!

If S Korea persists in anti-Japan sentiment the eventual losers will be Koreans not Japanese.Also Korea should be more friendly to Japanese because after Korean leader visited disputed island Dokdo and demanding Japan's Emperor to apologize to Korea.

Right now Korea is number two tourist destination for Japanese travelers and if Koreans just be more friendly to Japan then more Japanese want to visit Korea.There are plenty of other countries who want Korea-Japan ties to fail notably China and Taiwan both of whom want to win over Korea's industry.S Korea needs to become more foreign friendly and Seoul should reach out more in broader terms to its neighbours especially Japan!

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Posted in: Holidaymakers gear up for Golden Week holidays See in context

"The yen’s relative weakness since last year and Japan’s diplomatic friction with China and South Korea were discouraging some people from traveling abroad this year, JTB added."

What has tourism got to do with diplomacy? Some days Japan gets along well with S Korea while other days are not.All this is media hype and Japanese people have nothing to worry about when they come to Korea! Anyway for those Japanese tourists who made it all the way to Korea! Welcome and Enjoy Your Stay in Korea!

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Posted in: Hashimoto says S Korean troops guilty of wartime sex abuse See in context

Well Said Mr.......NOT

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Posted in: U.S. warns China, Japan, S Korea on currencies See in context

It's all comes to this: Pot calling the kettle black!

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Posted in: Unfriendly relations See in context

Also surprised to hear what former U.S. Marine in Okinawa told me that he thinks back in the old years S Koreans were seen as being far more anti-American than even the Japanese or Okinawan people which doesn't mean both of them are always pro-USA 100% either.Sounds strange even for a Korean like me because I would have thought in logical terms it should be the S Koreans who are grateful to Americans who helped Seoul to fight communists during the Korean War.

What really SHOCKED me was when a Japanese hibakusha A-bomb victim said in his own words "I don't hate America" and nobody in Japan is demanding a U.S. Government apology for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Korean "comfort women" who were raped by Japan's army which included also Koreans whether they were coerced or volunteered constantly demand Japan's PM to apologize to them.The A-bomb survivors suffered far more than those comfort women and yet the ones who were afflicted with great pains such as A-bomb attacks show greater power of endurance than the women raped by soldiers.What a paradox it was!!

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Posted in: Unfriendly relations See in context

Wait you guys are going way too far.In Seoul,Korea I have seen a Korean man wearing a cap with a Japanese flag on it at a subway station on it and not a single Korean bothered him with hinomaru flag on it.And on another occasion again in Seoul,Korea I saw an Asian male wearing a jacket with a Japanese flag on it which was quite visible even to people meters away and also this time Koreans left him alone.I thought Gee!! Koreans have learned how to tolerate the foreigners even the most hated Japanese flag emblem.By the way Koreans say they dislike Japanese and vice versa but I think deep at heart good people from both Korea and Japan want real and genuine peace with each other.Let's Call It A Day Shall We!

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Posted in: S Korea unhappy with Japanese textbooks See in context

Excellent Posts sfjp330!! Well Said!!

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Posted in: Okinawans rally in Ginza See in context

@Bertiewooster! Thanks for the reply!! Have you ever travelled or lived in Korea? Just How much knowledge do you have about S Korea- U.S.A. friendships and military alliance? In recent polls, it said 90% of S Koreans have positive feelings to the United States.

I'm quite certain that those 90% of Korean people favour stationing the U.S.Army in S Korea.So I fail to understand why on earth you think US Armed Forces aren't welcome in S Korea!! Please back up your statements with hard evidence to justify your argument!! Thank You and Have A Nice Day!

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Posted in: Okinawans rally in Ginza See in context

US not welcomed in Japan? Then let Koreans welcome the U.S.Army into S Korea.The threat that Seoul faces Militarily from N Korea seems to become more dangerous day by day! 28,500 US Army presence in S Korea is way Too small number to fend off N Korean military threat so Koreans NEED more US Armed forces to safeguard Itself from N Korea!

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Posted in: North Korea defiant in face of U.S., China pressure See in context

The U.S.A. Participating in both Korean and Vietnam Wars was meant to calculate the intentions of China's role since both Asian nations are on the periphery or next door neighbors of China! The USA has done a good job at diplomacy by engaging the Chinese on the US side thus further isolating N Korea!

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Posted in: Abe pledges to mend ties with China, S Korea See in context

Just as tumultuous island rows are nearing to an end before 2012 closes,we can hope that three new leaders in Asia will strive for more peace in Asia!

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Posted in: Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves See in context

Japan was both an aggressor in Asia & victim of 2 A-bombs.Whether A-bombs experience is a good excuse for Japan not to feel sorry to Asians I don't know for sure but A-bomb issue doesn't alleviate the pains that Koreans and Asians had to undergo.But then I can also understand why it's so hard for Japan to apologize to Asia! If our generation cannot solve this issue then nothing much can be done about it.Why can't we just understand each other a little bit more? For example Koreans can stop carping about past so much while Japan makes more effort to understand and soothe Korean people's hurt feelings.Mutual empathy between two Asian countries can go a long way to heal the past wounds!

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Posted in: N Korea says its missiles can strike U.S. mainland See in context

Suggest you guys watch the movie "The Red Dawn". It's about what happens when N Korea invades the U.S.A. Coming to your local screens in November 2012!!

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Posted in: Ex-PM Aso to meet S Korean leader to mend ties See in context

S Korea-Japan relations is actually better than what most international media says about it.I hope S Korean media especially try to find more positive news on their relations.

As the saying goes:Accentuate the Positive & Eliminate the Negative.But should the negative fallout in their relations reoccur again, both sides should talk to each other even more frequently than before.We cannot do much about the past, but we can afford to live in a better future and brighter tomorrow if our both countries open our minds and hearts to each other today.

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Posted in: Nationalism may rise under Japan's next gov't See in context

Japan has apologized more than enough to S Korea!!Enough is enough already!! If Koreans want more apology from Japan then the Koreans too should examine their conscience also and reflect just how good and morally upright the Koreans are.Look we are all human beings and quite frankly speaking, I don't support Korea's anti-Japan sentiment at all to drum up more sympathy from Japan which Korea still perceives as the "aggressor" up till this day!!

Japan is the humblest country in the world because their PMs and even the Emperor have successively offered apologies in profuse ways..How many times have the Europeans and U.S.A. apologized to their colonial victims? Not even once I'd say! And Japan's PMs have said sorry to Korea at least more than 5 times. The British were just as bad as Japanese and England has never apologized to its former colonies and yet nobody has ever burnt Union Jack!!

To be honest with you guys, I am just as sick and tired as anybody else of seeing Korean nationalists burning Hinomaru Flags even as many successive Japanese PMs have offered apologies from the "bottom of their hearts"one after another.The past is over and it's about time Koreans be more generous to Japan and forget and forgive Japan's sins in Korea!!

By the way, I am Korean and I hope my writing here helps peoples of both Koreans and Japanese think more positively of each other & I also want to see stronger bonds of friendships between ordinary Koreans and Japanese people even if there is a political and diplomatic conflicts between Seoul and Tokyo!!

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Posted in: S Korea hates Japan more than N Korea, Gallup Poll reveals See in context

I entreat Koreans to show more love and compassion to Japan.Koreans who show clemency for Japan's past sins committed in Korea during the colonial era will thus be blessed by God above who asks of us to continually forgive Those who wrong on us.If your brother who sins against you seeks your forgiveness then do forgive the sinner. Korea should forgive Japan and forget the past history and just move on!

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Posted in: S Korea hates Japan more than N Korea, Gallup Poll reveals See in context

Mr.Ichiro Ozawa is one of many sanguine Japanese politician who is more flexible on issues like granting the "voting rights" to permanent Korean residents in Japan..S Korea already has allowed some Japanese residents in Korea to take part in local Korean elections(Not The Presidential Elections in Korea) giving the suffrage rights for international residents in Korea especially eyed for Chinese/Taiwanese residents in Korea.So Koreans have made some attempts with tangible results to allow non-Koreans to become a part of the Korean society.I am sure more Koreans will love Japan and Japanese if and only if Japan opens the door for Koreans in Japan to take more active roles that they can do something to make Japanese society a better place for all peoples!!

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Posted in: S Korea hates Japan more than N Korea, Gallup Poll reveals See in context

Why does it matter so much as someone is Korean/Japanese and etc? Look all we want is friendships between these two Asian nations.I won't ask Korea to get over history but I will ask Koreans please genuinely forgive and reconcile with Japan.Shouldn't Korea be the one who should show mercy to Japan especially when the latter has issued several apologies to Korea and Korean people??.I don't like negative things just be positive and something good will come out between Korea-Japan tomodachi=친구(chingu)=friends in Korean.

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Posted in: S Korea hates Japan more than N Korea, Gallup Poll reveals See in context

Come on children.I use this opportunity to ask Koreans please stop hating Japan and Japanese..Korea has received more than one apology from Japan's PM both verbally and in written statement saying Japan offers "heartfelt apology" for the sufferings it wrought on Korean people during the colonial era (1910-!945). I actually like Japan a lot and I even have a small Japanese flag in my room just as when most Koreans abhor Hinomaru. But having a Japanese flag in my room doesn't mean I glorify Japanese Imperialism in Korea quite the opposite..Many times in the past did my grandparents remind & tell me how difficult life in Korea was under the Japanese iron fist rule!! I sympathize Koreans who suffered under Japan but now Korea is climbing up the economic ladder and is becoming more modern.The only thing I can hope for is to let time pass and the old generation who hold such bitter memories will pass away..We live in a very international world and Koreans should stop wasting their time lecturing others how badly Japanese behaved to Koreans.In fact,Korea and Japan plus the U.S.A. should join hands and jointly form a triangular alliance to deter & balance the military power of N Korea-China-Russia trilateral military alliance.

Korea should do away with its past and paranoia about Japan becoming more powerful because both Japan and the United States have asked Seoul to join their club to keep an eye on its opponents!! There isn't much I can do to alleviate Korean people's anti-Japan sentiment but I do see some hopeful signs from both Seoul and Tokyo that both countries are back on track to develop stronger bonds of bilateral friendships between them..When I see progress in Korea-Japan friendships I feel very happy and elated to see such improvements between S Korea and Japan.China will always back and prop up its N Korean regime and I don't see any breakthrough in inter-Koreas ties anytime soon so yes starting from scratch with U.S. at the epi-center,Korea and Japan declare new friendships between them and work towards more developing stronger partnerships!!

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Posted in: S Korea hates Japan more than N Korea, Gallup Poll reveals See in context

I am sure there are plenty of Korea haters in Japan too!!! The Japanese right-wingers detest Koreans strongly.But count me out please!! I only hate Japan if a Japanese person hates me FIRST!! I don't feel the need to hate Japan even though I LOVE KOREA+U.S.A.!!!

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Posted in: S Korean rams gate at Japanese embassy in protest See in context

There is growing resentment between two nations that boiled into hot feverish nationalism..I don't care whatever justification japanese and Korean men made in order to justify their deeds..The fact remains there is a deep-seated hatred between the two nations and what these two men were doing is showing that it is merely the tip of an iceberg..I am sure there are plenty of Korea haters in japanese government and right wing activists who want Dokdo island under their jurisdiction.If on the other hand, japan can settle peacefully island dispute issues with both China and Russia, then maybe S Korea and japan can also improve their own ties too by being more flexible on their stances over Dokdo ownerships since it seems the only way for japan to take over Dokdo island issue is through the use of force which will bring world wide condemnation of japan and its people..

Yes I live in Seoul,Korea and having seen Korean TV channels today, they always show negative aspects of Japan..I am sure Japanese media will never admit their own wrongdoings in Korea and elsewhere..However, I don't want to become anti-foreign including anti-japan because even though many Koreans still dislike Japan at heart Koreans are warm people who want to extend a hand of friendships even to N Korean and Japanese people..So guys I ask both Koreans and japanese please remain calm and cool your heads and think of more ways to improve friendships between them rather than doing these kind of things which only creates a vicious cycle..I think more Koreans and japanese should go to Europe and benchmark & learn how Europeans overcame their mutual hostility and learned to get along & accept each other..

I hope strongly that my article can help Korea-japan friendships to move in the right,positive direction.There is no need to raise the tension between the two of them just as when old rivals are making up with each other and making peace in Europe and elsewhere!!So better late than never just forgive and forget japan's war crimes in Korea and just move on for the better & brighter future!!! I hate fighting just want only peace between any two nations and peoples!!

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan to sign first military pact See in context

The signing of military agreement between Seoul & Tokyo has been put off indefinitely.It's obvious that Korean political circle wanted to tear apart the agreement because they are using Korea's anti-Japan sentiment to achieve their political aims in order to cripple the current Korean government.

But it's Korea who called off the agreement so I don't blame Japan for this.Korea next time you are about to sign an international agreement with any country please save yourself from embarassment by delaying a government promise to carry it out.I think Koreans should try to make more efforts to appreciate Japan because today's Japan is vastly different from Imperial Japan 60 years ago since WWII ended.

The U.S.A. had even a bloodier war with Japan than Japanese annexation of Korea and yet 80% of Japanese show favourable reaction to Washington..If the U.S. & Japan can get along so well why not between Korea and Japan also? Koreans should show more understanding of Japan and show some more empathy to Japan and just forgive and forget Japan's wrongdoings in Korea and elsewhere.

So my conclusion is Korea go ahead and sign the military agreement with Japan.It will do Korea a lot of good to carry out the agreement after signing it!!

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Posted in: New Jersey town's monument to Korean sex slaves upsetting Japanese officials See in context

The Japanese can cry foul and whine about those comfort women monuments as much as they want but since the memorials are in the U.S.soil,Japan doesn't have the right to demand that the US remove it. That Japan actually attempted to do so shows how weak-kneed Japanese diplomacy is..It goes to show how poor minded Japan Government is.Come on Japan You Get Real About This!! Face the truth and just don't repeat this sinful act again and go and reconcile with Korean comfort women and pay them compensation for having inflicted so much damage to those women.

Just apologize and compensation to the victims..Japan has lots of money for themselves but is very stingy on paying compensation to all non-Japanese victims of Japanese military aggression.Relations between Seoul and Tokyo can improve once you Japanese show some efforts for serious contrition and atonement..As I was reading other people's comments, most of them, who were Americans, made perfect sense when they said they backed Korean people's endeavour to tell the world the truth about the behind-the-scenes stories of what was going on regarding comfort women issue.

As to Korean military atrocities in Vietnam,those army people who did such things should offer an apology and even compensation to the victims.But the currently deceased Korean leader Kim Dae Jung(김대중) has already offered apology to Viet Nam on a governmental level which was on a news article written in Korea Times some years ago.I don't care whether the wrongdoer is Japanese or not..Anyone regardless of their nationality who harms his/her neighbour should apologize immediately and never hurt thy neighbour's feelings and emotions again and also pay compensation to the victims..

Please solve this 20th Century issue as soon as possible, I ask to the people and Government of Japan so that we can all move on and put the bitter past to rest FINALLY!! Koreans want peace with Japan and I hope Japan shows more compassion and understandings of Koreans who had to suffer under Japanese rule.I also want to exchange ideas freely with Japanese people on those important historical issues that affect our bilateral relations.My message to peoples of both Korea and Japan is to try to understand each other by opening up your minds and hearts and souls.Europe reconciled its internal wars by opening up to each other and facing the music and there is no reason why China,Korea and Japan cannot do likewise..

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Posted in: Sony ends panel joint venture with Sharp See in context

Sony breaks up with Samsung and has also recently fallen through with Sharp! Guessing which company will become the next guy to have a joint venture with Sony only to see itself in failure.Too bad for Sony but that company needs to do a better job in building trust with other companies!

The only people who praise Sony are the Japanese.Nobody cares about Sony, which is a bygone legend now.blackrock fails to see the reality that the age of Sony is OVER.Of course,I am Korean so I want to see any Korean company win in top positions.

And Japan is so naive to think that Taiwan being so pro-Japanese could be the reason why so many Japanese are investing there and build manufacturing the bases.Taiwanese are very smart and they receive Japanese investments while Koreans are losing Japanese investments due to its stubborn anti-Japan stance.But don't fall into illusion that every Taiwanese loves Japan because they DON'T really love Japan.They want Japanese technology and want to make another "Samsung" in Taiwan version.I have actually talked to some Taiwan people who expressed just as much abhorrence to Japan as Koreans have always been doing.

Japan is the odd man out.Japan likes to think of itself as somewhat pro-Western while both Europe and USA have no desire to accept Japan as a "Western nation".But then is Asia ready to forgive Japan's past misdemeanor during WWII? Not quite.Japan is the one who should untie the knot that has been tied in the first place! Japan has the first class economy with third class politics.How many PMs have been changed over the past few years in Japan?

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