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Posted in: What do you think are the main reasons why U.S. car sales are so low in Japan? See in context

Free Trade Deal ( Effective this upcoming March 15th) between S Korea and USA could lead to surge of demand for U.S.A. autos in Korean auto market overall..

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Posted in: North Korea to suspend key nuclear activities in exchange for food aid See in context

After they receive enough food aid from U.S.A. N Korea will test & fire missiles and conduct underground nuclear tests yet again!

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea say N Korea must give up nukes See in context

It's not just inter-Koreas tension that plays into this.We should take a look at a larger & bigger picture of Northeast Asia (Far East) security map.Japan doesn't get along well with S & N Korea plus China and that is creating the real tension here in this region.

Both Japan and S Korea should be more "pragmatic" when they approach each other.As a Korean, I want to ask Korean people to cool their anti-Japan emotion and show some warm hearts to Japanese people despite the bitter legacy of Japan's colonialism of Korea.

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Posted in: Six things that foreigners feel are overpriced in Japan See in context

I spent 70,000 Yen in Japan (Tokyo+Yokohama) for one night two days and that was in June 2007 mostly on food and I went there with two people..Although generally prices in Korea is much cheaper than Japan, I heard golf courses in Japan are actually cheaper than Korea.I played golf in other countries like Switzerland,Egypt,Canada,Denmark and visited golf course in UK.I don't understand why Korean golf courses are more expensive than other countries..

Now that $1.00(U.S.)= 77 Yen = 1,480 Korean Won so many Japanese go to Korea not only because Korea is cheaper than Japan but also the Won-Yen exchange rate gives more advantage for Japanese tourists to come to Korea and go shopping.The same can be said about Won-Yuan(Chinese Currency) exchange rate which means more Chinese also come to Korea than previous years for shopping also.

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Posted in: Chinese man held after petrol bomb attack on Japan's Seoul embassy See in context

I am a Korean who although likes Japan and its people firmly believe Japan ought to do more homework in cleaning up the mess it had created in Korea in the first place.Just saying Oh! Korea should get over the past is too much for Koreans who still remember the past pains of Japanese colonialism..How would Japanese people feel if Koreans told them Come On! You Should Get Over the issue of U.S. Air Force A-bomb attacks not once but twice?? Please don't misunderstand me into thinking that all Koreans are Japan-haters because that's simply not true..

I welcome more Japanese and Koreans to visit each other's country.And i commend highly Japan's apologies to Korea many times which their PM offered to Korean people..Also Japan paying compensation money to Korean victims of war would greatly help two Asian neighbours reconcile with each other..Many Koreans want peace with Japan and they want to get along well with their neighbour and I also hope Japan feels the same to Koreans too!!

As for Chinese man who threw the firebomb at Seoul's Japan embassy, regrettably such act is something Japan needs to work out with China..I hope Korea doesn't get entangled in troubled Sino-Japanese rivalry..Remember dispute between China and Japan can have ripple effects on Korea but there is no reason why Korea should be involved in their own business.. Sino-Japan-2 Koreas should sit down and talk about their security situation so that unnecessary arms race among 4 Asian countries can be avoided at all costs..Peace To All from Michael in Seoul,Korea!!

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to compensate Korean wartime sex slaves See in context

Yes some of you guys keep blaming Korea.So it's OK for Japan to get away with heinous crimes committed by Japanese soldiers to comfort women and Korea is the bad guy for being a victim.Next time maybe Korea should invade Japan and inflict major damage on Japan the way they treated Koreans and see for yourself how painful it is to live under a powerful countries controlling weaker nations like Korea.Good Job Japan has special rights to rule over Korea.Wake up you guys do you have any moral conscience.You guys seemed to think it's ok to bully Korea.Yes job well done.Just being sarcastic!

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to compensate Korean wartime sex slaves See in context

Both sides are to blame for current impasse.Japanese are too adamant and Koreans are too emotional.Hey guys cool it man!! It's not the end of the world yet!

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to compensate Korean wartime sex slaves See in context

Thing is OssanAmerica nothing will ever satisfy the Koreans.And I don't understand Korean mentality either since I spent most of my childhood outside of Korea which doesn't mean I dislike Korea.Koreans whether compensated or not they will always seek to stir up anger among Japanese some of whom may not like Korea at all.

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to compensate Korean wartime sex slaves See in context

typo Japan gives money not me

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to compensate Korean wartime sex slaves See in context

I am Korean!! Why not just compensate money & apology to comfort women and call it a day?? Japan gives me money to them and in return Korean comfort women promise not to bring up the apology and compensation issues again.Plus Japan holds trillions of U.S.dollars in its cash reserve..Giving compensation money to them will not be detrimental to Japanese economy since the amount of compensation will not be a large sum anyway!! It would be nice to see Koreans and Japanese reach a broader sense of mutual compromise..

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Posted in: South Korea's parliament pass U.S. trade pact despite tear gas See in context

Japan benefits too a little bit from S Korea-U.S.A. Free Trade Agreement (FTA)!! For example Toyota's Sienna minivan vehicles assembled and made in U.S.A. can enter S Korean auto market tariff free unlike Toyotas made in Japan which are exported to S Korea with tariffs levied upon it..

But foreign autos despite their superior quality than Korean Hyundais will find Korean auto market hard to penetrate because more than 80~90% of Korea's auto market is Hyundais,Kias and other Korean brands..But I do think foreign auto sales in S Korea will defintely increase in terms of market % share although it will be impossible for foreign cars to dominate S Korean auto market at the expense of local Korean car makers..

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