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Michael Kelsall comments

Posted in: It's easy to get vaccinated in Japan – if you have 'connections' See in context

Why throw away a left over dose, think the doctor did the right thing? But it is good the media is watching this like a hawk and looking at it in a cynical way.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Yoyogi Park to be used as COVID vaccination site See in context

Nice bit of ass covering there.... when in doubt say it is for vaccinations.

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Posted in: Yes. Tokyo Olympics are still on, despite opposition, pandemic See in context

Cancel and refuse to pay them; the UN says the pandemic is equivalent to a war; so all bets are off.

Do a crowd funding for court costs if necessary..... I expect there would be more public support for that than going ahead with the Sacrificial Games!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 487 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,036 See in context

Testing for Tokyo is located here: https://www.fukushihoken.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/hodo/2021/index.html

Look for the daily report called: 新型コロナウイルスに関連した患者の発生

It contains the previous 3 day test figures, but they update over those three days. Currently last weeks tests were down around 11% week on week; so based on that the Tokyo +ve results are the same level as last week ( actually 101 less at 4452 ), +ve ratio 8.1% last week, 8.2% week before that, 9.7% three weeks ago.

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