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Posted in: South Korea tightens curbs in capital to control virus surge See in context

This report chooses to be silent on the fact that there are only 833 active cases now in Korea.

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More interest to pay from the government budge in future.

Imagine what Japanese government can do without the interest burden.

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According to worldometers.info/coronavirus, Korea has 774 active cases now.

Total cases 11,441

Aadded yesterday 39

Total death 269

Cured cases 10,398

Only 774 cases now.

People in Korea know what they have clearly. They lives free from worry or fear.

They are doing really well.

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Posted in: Japan, faced with criticism, scrambles to do more coronavirus testing See in context

Another big problem Japanese government will face is the criticism other nations will raise over Japan's poor performance.

Soon other nations will control it, And Japan will become problem for those nations to keep it controlled. Most likely Japan will be isolated from many nations.

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Posted in: Japan to revise criteria on symptoms for being tested for virus See in context

From my observations of various ways how countries reacted to this unprecedented crisis, Japan has a unique challenge at the moment.

Realistically, Japan can't start testing as many as she should. Too late.

It will take many months to contain it even if she locks down completely 100 percent.

Prime minister Abe has only one choice but to maintain current level of testing and treatment. Economy won't be able to survive this state of emergency, if it lasts many months.

Reality is that Japan will not be able to control it with this kind of state of emergency.

Open all the businesses. Japanese people will do their best to keep it checked.

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