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Posted in: Tokyo police take 13 underage girls into custody for 'JK walking' See in context

Respect varied opinions. Not an expert on Japan, but have hosted/ counseled varied international students who’ve stayed with our family and was active with Rotary Club International. Kiev Japanese students were informed of differences between USA and Japan. Not excusing the reported behavior of the girls in the article- but Japanese culture is a paradox of extreme group conformity vs (putting it diplomatically) aberration/fetishism/sexism. Yes, adolescent girls should be studying hard in school, helping parents, and preparing for college. Japanese working parents, materialism, immediate gratification, intense educational pressures at school, different cultural messages re: sexual roles, and the need for social safety valves- this is only a glimpse of this complicated society. It’s acceptable even for middle-aged/retired Rotary Club men who are married, with children, grandchildren, to go out via enjo kosai or pay a minimum of $1500 or more for a night with a quality geisha. Reportedly, perhaps younger generations don’t follow this- but who’re we to judge?

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