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Posted in: Nestle 'hiring' 1,000 robots to sell espresso machines See in context

In japan though you know they'll never fully implement robots cos they always have a worker next to the robot and two more on standby.

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Posted in: Opposition DPJ takes aim at Abe over scandals, Abenomics See in context

Politics is no more than a petty squabble here... Why put all your energy into taking down your opposition when you could put it into doing your job...

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Posted in: Mother holding 1-year-old baby jumps in front of train in Tokyo See in context

I think the word selfish has been a bit overused here peeps Head brings up some good points for discussion How about not getting so heated when someone brings up an alternative argument with some valid points looking at what we could do to improve the situation through different support lines rather than just easily branding people with such simple minded words.

It's selfish to be so damn closed minded.

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Posted in: Driver arrested after car hits, kills 5-year-old boy on crossing See in context

@strangerland it's true eh. They don't stop a lot of the time. Every day I use pedestrian crossings without a signal just stripes and people don't stop. I have to stare them down. Once even at a crossing with lights a car sped through and me and my friends had to run out of the way.

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Posted in: 400-year-old garden in Okayama to be replaced with condominium complex See in context

They'll easily cover a historical garden for an apartment block yet they still defend whaling and dolphin hunting as cultural treasures ... Just saying

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Posted in: Gov't sees delay in restart of world's biggest nuclear plant See in context

Why are they still spending all this money trying to restart the reactors that people here don't want? They could use the time and money building effective clean energy sources like the government was going to work on before Abe came in...

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