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In the UK, I was vaccinated at a mass vaccination center that had circa 20 booths, so could do circa 20 people every 10 minutes. Volunteers ran the administration - reservation / checkin like with a restaurant booking, giving you the paperwork, then checking and taking the paperwork.

The vaccine itself was administered by the Royal Air Force. There were four in my booth - a nurse who did the pre-medical questions. A second person who gave the shot. A third and a fourth who were observing and learning the process to scale up.

In total I interacted with 8 people before I left.

The system will need many many people to support it in Japan... anyone with a steady hand can give a shot once trained. But it will start with doctors, nurses, dentists, vets, pharmacists volunteering their time. Then the SDF and whoever can be trained quickly; plus retired folk and other volunteers supporting the admin. It requires a system that is self organising at a local level and quickly scalable and quickly learns from mistakes. Fail fast and learn quick is better than constructing some perfect solution too down.

UK massively benefitted from the NHS, a competitive advantage compared to other countries.

Good luck to Japan I hope the September target is achieved as I plan to visit in October!

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