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Posted in: Kidnapped baby, parents, uncle found dead in California See in context

Unbelievable! I hope they catch the scum who did this.

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Posted in: Asia's biggest film festival back in top form in 2022 See in context

I love Korean movies however I wish the film festival was here in Tokyo. Darn.

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Posted in: Putin finalises 'annexation' in Ukraine even as troops flee front See in context

This is like being in divorce court with your wife amid looking for wedding rings.

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Posted in: Opposition steps up offensive against beleaguered PM Kishida See in context

His days are numbered. Bye Bye!

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Posted in: U.S. aircraft carrier to return after N Korea fires missile over Japan See in context

Thanks to America, we must clean up the mess others won't dare do. Again...

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 more ballistic missiles toward sea See in context

He is playing with Fire. Outside is America.

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Posted in: Jolie details Brad Pitt abuse allegations in court filing See in context

I really like Brad Pitt. Angelina too. However, this was years ago and seems to me that Angelina has a bit way too much evil in her heart for Brand. She sold her half of the winery to a Russian company. Now that is evil.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka to publish picture book 'The Way Champs Play' See in context

Who's the book about?

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Posted in: Retreating Russians leave their comrades' bodies behind See in context

Anim@ls do this sort of thing.

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Posted in: English-speaking-only bar opens in Osaka and Tokyo; yellow cards for those who don’t follow rules See in context

Like they are going to speak English for real. What a gimmick. Good marketing!

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Posted in: Jolie details Brad Pitt abuse allegations in court filing See in context

Well, if you think about how they met and how he cheated on his then wife, seems like Karma.

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Posted in: GSDF member arrested for stealing security camera from woman's apartment See in context

Me thinks he was eager to be her darling man.

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Posted in: Body found in Chiba river may be that of missing 7-year-old girl See in context

I always wonder why young children are allowed to roam around alone here in Japan. Sometimes I see the tiniest of children walking around alone in the city.

No parents around.

But I am told, Japan is safe.

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Posted in: Japan to expel Russia consul as ties worsen over Ukraine See in context

Japan never does anything really. Just talk and have meetings for years. Never doing anything outside of Japan.

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Posted in: Kishida asks firms to match pay hikes to inflation See in context

It's all a big show. If Kishida asks companies to give more money to its citizens, he is seen as such a nice, thoughtful, caring Prime Minister. Showtime!

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Posted in: Russia to annex more of Ukraine on Friday at the Kremlin See in context

Putin killed thousands of people and still he lost the war.

How is that?!

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan hold anti-N Korean submarine drills See in context

Nice! ; - ))

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Posted in: Kremlin says referendum result paves way to annex part of Ukraine See in context

This may come as a surprise to some people, however:


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Posted in: Pop singer Shakira to face trial over tax fraud in Spain See in context

If you don't live in the country, why would anyone pay taxes to the said country?

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Posted in: David Bowie's handwritten 'Starman' lyrics sell for over £200,000 See in context

What religion was Bowie?

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Posted in: Kremlin says referendum result paves way to annex part of Ukraine See in context

It's time to Annex Putin.

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Posted in: Complete list of WWII U.S. internees of Japanese descent unveiled See in context

Memories. isn't it nice to look back at negative things instead of looking to the future and the friendship Japan and America now enjoy? And isn't this just the thing Japan complains about when South Korea complains about the past as well? No. Not me. I look to the future of our friendship between America and Japan. Positive Wins! Not negative.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics bribery arrests widens to third Japan sponsor See in context

Keep them coming!

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to raise prices on 60% of menu items See in context

I never eat at this slop shop.

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Posted in: Buying a home in Japan: What you should consider See in context

What you should consider are: Earthquakes. Tsunami. Floods. North Korea bombs. Things like this before buying a home in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan’s newest potato chip flavor: Convenience store fried chicken See in context

With my high blood pressure and heart condition I will still try these potato chips that smell like chicken. I love potato chips.

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Posted in: Abenomics lives on after ex-PM's death, but economy still fragile See in context

Abenomics certainly does live on here in Japan and this is why the Japanese economy is in the red and the general public suffers because of one man.

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Posted in: Putin's call-up fuels Russians' anger, protests and violence See in context

Right. And Putin said if you fight for Russia, you will go to heaven. Crazy SH'T!

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Posted in: Putin's call-up fuels Russians' anger, protests and violence See in context

Putin thinks he is winning. Heh, heh...

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Posted in: Harris calls U.S.-Japan alliance 'a cornerstone' See in context

She is very important to the people of Japan and she knows it. Without America here in Japan, Tokyo Tower would be ShenZhen Tower. And all of the Japanese Nationals would bow to Xi Jinping and the People's Liberation Army.

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