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Posted in: Secession is here: States, cities and the wealthy are already withdrawing from America See in context

America is very united. We debate everything. Japan, not so much.

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Posted in: Hugh Grant: Romantic comedies are a 'big fat lie' See in context

"... I mean, how many really happy relationships do you know? "

I know many. You Sir, damaged your relationship years ago when you flew to the United States and met up with a women and all the while you were married.

Remember that?

[The actor revealed he was in a 'poor frame of mind', which is why he had cheated on then-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley with prostitute Divine Brown]

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman who gave birth in toilet arrested over infant’s death See in context

If this adult were to have her baby at a hospital,

then fine - maybe the baby this was a still born.

However, there is no truth when she has a baby

...at home in private.

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Posted in: Russia presses along Ukraine front after reports of Bakhmut slowdown See in context

"...It is sad to see how people survive there who do not want to leave, they are mostly elderly people."

So Putin does not like elderly people?

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Posted in: North Korea tests new underwater nuclear attack 'drone': KCNA See in context

Russia already has these. North Korea just copied it.

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Posted in: Japan, South Korea drop export claims against each other See in context

Good news. It's about time peace arrives.

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Posted in: China diplomatic offensive lays down new challenge for U.S. See in context

"Beijing will have already concluded that Washington will dismiss any Chinese diplomatic activity as performative -- a kind of Peking opera," he wrote. "But the Americans are not China's audience, so Beijing likely does not much care what Washington thinks."

Thing is, no one trust China. Even Putin.

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Posted in: U.S. amphibious assault ship joins drills in South Korea See in context

"U.S. amphibious

assault ship joins

drills in South Korea..."

All this seems exciting at

times however the reality

of war is horrible. I do

pray this is merely a dream.

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Posted in: Official campaigning for nationwide local elections begins in Japan See in context

I wonder what they think when they are in their vans looking out of the window at the people on the sidewalks who are giving them stink eye and placing their hands over their ears as to not hear the blaring noise they spew out of their campaign automobiles.

Can't they see our faces of disgust directed at them?

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Posted in: LGBTQ activists to hold inaugural Pride 7 summit in Tokyo See in context

That was fast!

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Posted in: Russia boosts defenses near Japan; accuses U.S. of expanding Asia-Pacific presence See in context

I believe the Russian War against Ukraine = War Mongering.

But maybe you are right.

Maybe it's America in the Kremlin?

You maybe onto something.

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Posted in: 50-year-old man gets 6 years in prison for sexually abusing girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter See in context

Given that he is a 50 year old man, he should have added another 100 years onto his sentence. And the Mother, good God! both monsters!

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Posted in: LGBTQ activists to hold inaugural Pride 7 summit in Tokyo See in context

"Japan is the only member of the Group of Seven advanced industrialized nations that lacks a law protecting the rights of LGBTQ people."

This makes it sound like it's something to be ashamed of.

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Posted in: Tokyo cherry blossoms in full bloom, matching 2nd earliest record See in context

I saw the cherry blossoms last year. Are they somehow different this year?

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Posted in: Kishida promises aid to help Poland with Ukraine refugees See in context

Promises made...

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Posted in: Russia boosts defenses near Japan; accuses U.S. of expanding Asia-Pacific presence See in context

America would not be here if Russia, North Korea, and China were not so Dictatorial.

You all brought us to your backdoor.


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Posted in: 50-year-old man gets 6 years in prison for sexually abusing girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter See in context

"According to the court ruling, Kentaro Minamino conspired with his girlfriend..."

How is this even possible?

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Posted in: Kyoto to introduce Japan's 1st empty homes tax See in context

I wish we could tax the government.

That would fix them.

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Posted in: Russian drones, missiles hit Ukraine apartments and dorm, killing civilians See in context

Russia is shelling the city with bestial savagery,” 

And Russia and China are besties now.

We are all witnessing evil at play.

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. 3-2 to win World Baseball Classic title See in context

I watched the game. Japan did well. Congratulations!

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Posted in: Some Americans return to cash to curb spending See in context

I have not used a credit card since I relocated to Japan and that was in 2000.

Cash is best to measure your spending.

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Posted in: Model Jessica Michibata, friend arrested over MDMA possession See in context

Best to choose your inner circle more carefully.

She is guilty by association.

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Posted in: Japan-led maglev project in U.S. east faces cost, regulatory hurdles See in context

"Private companies in the United States tend to view passenger rail in the U.S. as unprofitable so it will not be easy to attract investors."

This is true.

Americans love their cars as well.

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Posted in: 'Winnie the Pooh' film pulled from Hong Kong cinemas See in context

Pooh looks too much like Xi.

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Posted in: Putin hosts Xi in the Kremlin with imperial palace pageantry See in context

We can all rest assured where China stands on the war in Ukraine now. Russia and China are going to decrease in power over the next five to ten years due to their partnership.

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Posted in: Kishida, in Ukraine, assures Zelenskyy of continued support See in context

Happy to see Japan giving support to Ukraine. Now America and Japan has visited Ukraine to give much needed support that they will need given the China Russia meeting. Good on Japan!

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Posted in: Japan, South Korea renew ties at Tokyo summit See in context

Russia China & North Korea must be sad. Things are not turning out the way they planned. They did not think Japan and South Korea would ever become friendly with each other and join America in the fight against the evil in this neighborhood.

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Posted in: Australian PM defends AUKUS submarine deal against critics See in context

This is an extension of America's power across the world.

Their Great!

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Posted in: Yoon seeks common ground in Tokyo amid N Korean missile threat, weight of history See in context

I hope this works. Ignore the past and focus on the future. It's the only way things will workout in a peaceful way. No more wars unless it's needed to save the world from dictators.

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Posted in: Trout powers USA into World Baseball quarterfinals See in context

Go America! Go all the way!

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