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Posted in: Man turns himself in over fatal hit-and-run See in context

Thank goodness.

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Posted in: Two men arrested for assaulting, confining man at bar See in context

This is a bad thing. Thanks Japan Today for this story. Appreciated.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for injuring passerby who caught him filming up woman's skirt See in context

Maybe I am wrong, but aren't the Police suppose to protect us from this kind of crime?

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal abuse of 82-year-old mother See in context

Let me Take a chance on this. Maybe he, the murderer was insane at the time of the killing?

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

Toasted Heretic Give me a break. This is a story about what is happening in Japan. Your country is becoming the same as America. Do not deflect. This story is about Japan.

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Posted in: Abe gets middling marks on his economic performance from analysts: poll See in context


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Posted in: Ex-Morning Musume singer Yoshizawa admits drinking more than 3 cans of ‘chuhai’ before hit-and-run See in context

Chu hai will kick you in the A$%. I do not drink it.

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Posted in: N Korea calls Sony, Wannacry hack charges smear campaign See in context

Like NK needs a smear campaign. They do it themselves with perfection.

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Posted in: Police officer loses loaded gun while guarding Abe's motorcade See in context

I feel safe.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing university student in his car See in context

Help me with this. She was stabbed at 2:45pm and showed up at the police station at 9:30pm. Wouldn't one go to the police station very soon after the incident? Unless there is more to the story? There seems to be a lot missing to this story.

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Posted in: Tokyo riot police officer arrested for molesting woman on street See in context

The officer is human as the rest of us, however they are held to a higher standard. Don't' ya think?

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Posted in: Russia says more trust-building needed for Kuriles deal with Japan See in context

Who trust Russia?

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Posted in: Police on lookout for Arashi 'fan' who stole articles about group from public library See in context

Police on lookout for Arashi 'fan' who stole articles about group from public library

But you do not have a face to look out for.

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Posted in: Trump threatens gov't shutdown over border wall See in context

He said Mexico will pay for the wall.

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Posted in: Police on lookout for Arashi 'fan' who stole articles about group from public library See in context

This is terrible. Thank you for reporting this. Such an important piece of news.

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Posted in: AI robots to help teach English in 500 classrooms next year See in context

It was just a matter of time. I think this will be the thing in Japan and human English Teachers may be a thing of the past. AI is getting more and more advanced very quickly.

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Posted in: Western Japan braces for 2 typhoons this week See in context

This explains the heat returning to Tokyo.

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