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Posted in: Gov't unveils action plan to lower mobile phone fees See in context

I do not have a mobile phone. Don't need one. If you all take a moment to think of the full cost of owning a mobile phone ~ maybe if you do the numbers ~ owning a mobile phone is not necessary. I have never had one since I have been in Japan and I laugh when I see the bill of my friends. I have no bill. None. There are other ways to communicate. And the other ways are free of charge. I do business with my laptop. And there are so many free apps that enable you to communicate free of charge. How much do you pay to own a mobile phone on a yearly basis? After five years, what do you need to pay? Do the numbers and free yourself from mobile phones that you really do not need.

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Posted in: 13,670 bear sightings reported in Japan in April-Sept period See in context

I can't bear to read this. : - )

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Posted in: Japan gov't OKs bill to offer free coronavirus vaccines See in context


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Posted in: Takeda-led COVID-19 plasma treatment enters clinical trial with first patient See in context

I wonder if you can get the same thing at a discount in Mexico? :-)

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Posted in: 51-year-old man arrested over murder of wife, mother-in-law See in context

As long as I live, I will never understand this. And I guess it is not meant to be understood by normal people. I have written this before here on JapanToday, if you feel you want to kills someone, buy a one way ticket to Hawaii and live on the beach. No need to kill anyone.

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Posted in: Mizuho to offer employees 3-day or 4-day weekends See in context

James, good one! Spot On!

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Posted in: Trump returns to White House See in context

Thank God! Now the world can feel safe again! Rolling eyes : - )

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Posted in: At least 5 Kindai University soccer players used cannabis See in context

Funny. Like ~ this is newsworthy.

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Posted in: Pompeo calls Suga 'force for good' during visit to boost solidarity against China See in context

America is much stronger than China. We are allowing others to join in on the fun.

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Posted in: Suga won't visit S Korea without guarantee on wartime labor dispute See in context

Didn't he first indicate that he would not impose any pre-conditions?

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Posted in: Fewer infections lead Japan to study relaxing rules on eating in cinemas See in context

Relaxing the rules of COVID ~ 19 is like going back in time.

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Posted in: Foreign students in Japan face bleak job outlook due to pandemic See in context

It's not only international students, it's international professionals as well.

As a 20 year experienced American professional living and working in Japan ~ the Japanese system takes care of Japanese professionals first.

Understood, this is Japan. However in the long run, this system will hurt Japan domestically and globally as well.

There are so many layers of backlash that the Japanese Government does not understand is coming due to this obvious treatment of international professionals.

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Posted in: Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters See in context

Not all white voters are in love with trump and not all white voters are klan members. As a matter of fact, its a very small proportion of white Americans that are racist. The core of the American people is good. What trump is doing is raising fear of each other so that the scared klan members vote for its grand pu ba.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted rape of teenage girl suspect in similar crimes See in context

This is interesting. Rape is not love making, its violence. Some guys want to control girls. They get off on the violence. Control. Girls in Japan are much more stronger now than when I arrived here 20 years ago. Japanese guys cannot control the women here anymore. So, they get frustrated and become angry and hence, violence occurs.

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Posted in: Suga reshuffles LDP leadership; likely to retain key ministers, except Kono See in context

Suga is a winner! I must say this for the censors.

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Posted in: Trial of former Nissan exec Kelly to start Sept 15 See in context

The Japanese System was created by Japanese people. Stop blaming the system.

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Posted in: Virus, delayed Olympics: Tough tasks for Japan's next PM See in context

If Abe san was a CEO or Vice President of a private company ~ based on his results, he would have been fired. A long time at the office or in office does not mean a job well done.

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Posted in: Japan considers offering COVID-19 vaccines for free to all residents See in context

I would not take it for the first year. If there are survivors, then I might take it.

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Posted in: Japan considers tax reform to lure foreign financial firms, annual policy says See in context

They are trying to obtain the Hong Kong Financial Firms that will be exiting very soon. Go to Singapore as Ghosen might suggest.

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Posted in: Annual dolphin hunt starts in Wakayama whaling town See in context

Tradition does not make it right. We need to look at our traditions and re-think its place in society.

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing sand on woman who rejected his advances at beach See in context

What a great story! Finally, a story with a happy ending. Im happy to know that there are women in Japan who reject these baby boys. I give her two thumbs up for knowing who not to hang with. Good for you girl! However the headline should read: A baby boy arrested....

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Posted in: Abenomics failed to deliver as Japan braces for post-Abe era See in context

He did deliver the tiny little bitty masks.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested over fatal stabbing of woman in shopping mall See in context

Where is the entire story? This is the end of a story.

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Posted in: Japan, with eye on Olympics, lines up half a billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

"We will do our best...."

Famous last words.

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Posted in: Leaders, gov'ts around world react to Abe's resignation See in context

Other Leaders Re-Act? Like: Abe who?

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Posted in: Abenomics failed to deliver as Japan braces for post-Abe era See in context

He did have an excellent exit strategy. Standing ovation for that Abe San!

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of common-law husband See in context

She should have left him. Why kill him?

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Posted in: Man arrested after his father’s skeletal remains found in apartment See in context

@james 2 + 2 always = 4 Hence the Father died, the son has no idea what to do, pension checks arrive. Son is 40 years old and no job. You do not need to be a top official Police Officer of the World to make an educated guess as to why the son did not call the police when he found his Fathers body un-alive. At 40 years old the son must have watched enough TV shows where the actors would call the police [ on a crime show ] when they found a dead body.

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Posted in: Plastic bag usage at Japanese stores down by 50%, but plastic bags sales through the roof See in context

I love to pay for bags. I hope to pay for the use of the buggies next. And the lights. And the music in the store. And.....

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