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Posted in: Japan warns that China, Russia share goal of creating new global order See in context

America has known this for years. Great for Japan to play catch up.

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Posted in: Nissan to invest $1.4 billion to make EV versions of its best-selling cars in UK See in context

It's nice to see that Nissan is still in business.

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Posted in: Japan faces 'friendshoring' dilemma in Asia amid China risks See in context

Jealous about America again. And again...

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Posted in: Tokyo holds first missile evacuation drill in years See in context

Bend down. Got it. Thanks...

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Posted in: Unification Church to hold press conference over donations complaints See in context

Good idea. A great time to ask for more money for the sake of... God. Right...

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Posted in: Actors' union says no agreement on studios' 'final' offer See in context

Normal people are already making Hollywood style movies with AI. It's only time when actors are all AI who do not need to get paid for... acting as it were.

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Posted in: Is a Japanese language school better than self-study? See in context

I need a strict teacher who can slap me when I make a mistake.

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Posted in: Japanese consumers eating more local fish from waters off Fukushima See in context

Japan is a semi free country. Buy what you want and deal with the results later on in life. Good Ums!

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Posted in: Kishida says he is determined to lead world toward cooperation, not division See in context

He can't even lead Japan or bring people together or even help Japanese citizens through this economic downturn and he thinks he can lead the world with anything? Think not.

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Posted in: South Korean DJ Soda reaches settlement over groping at Japan event See in context

I saw the incident myself and think this was not a big deal at all but makes for profitable headlines for the DJ who was not at all harmed and who was the one who placed her two units in everyones face.

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Posted in: Biggest Chinese Antarctic fleet sets off to build research station See in context

Research Station. Right...

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Posted in: Police capture 86-year-old gunman after 8-hour hostage drama at Saitama post office See in context

Funny. Every time something dangerous happens in Japan, so many people start off their post with Japan is so safe.

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Posted in: Japan's new foreign trainee program to be more flexible for workers See in context

Slave Labor at its best.

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

Just a big lie and theft at it's best.

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Posted in: China's Baidu says its upgraded AI bot rivals latest ChatGPT See in context

If it's coming from China, broke.

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Posted in: Britney Spears writes of abortion while dating Justin Timberlake in excerpts from upcoming memoir See in context

I hope she understands what this means for her in the long term. If you know what I mean.

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Posted in: Japan asks Iran to talk to Hamas and try to calm tensions with Israel See in context

Japan is so naive in terms of international crisis.

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Posted in: New Seafood Cup Noodle flavor actually includes a lot of pork content See in context

Pork content? [ red flag...]

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Posted in: Man arrested after injuring, robbing woman during home intrusion See in context

I guess I really care: The number of crimes recorded in Japan in the first six months of 2023 increased by more than 20% compared to the same period of the previous year, due in part to an increase in street crime and break-ins amid an easing of COVID-19 restrictions, police data showed Wednesday.

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Posted in: Man arrested after injuring, robbing woman during home intrusion See in context

Crime rates rise for a variety of reasons in Japan. Some common factors that might contribute to an increase in crime include economic challenges, changes in social structures, shifts in demographics, substance abuse problems, alterations in cultural and societal norms, and adjustments in law enforcement practices.

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Posted in: 68-year-old man arrested after stabbing couple at Nagoya community center See in context

What's wrong with some people?

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Posted in: 4 children, father found dead in sunken car off Mie coast See in context

In Japan, keeping things hidden and not talked about is the norm. Terrible. R.I.P.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's support rate falls to record low 32%: poll See in context

That's pretty good for Kashida san.

I thought it would be much lower.

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Posted in: Nissan to make all new cars sold in Europe fully electric by 2030 See in context

The problem is, no one wants to buy Nissan Automobiles. Especially in European countries where more upscale sporty automobiles are locally created and designed with flair and savvy-ness. But, good job on Nissan to still give it a go!

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Posted in: Gov't considers support for low-income earners in new economic package See in context

So, Kashida san is [just] considering to assist the people of Japan during this time of economic crisis that the Japanese Government created over 30 years ago - however the Japanese Government conveniently have the funds to purchase Tomahawk missiles worth about 211.3 billion yen in 2023.

Does anyone find this odd?

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of woman he shared apartment with in Chiba See in context

Wow! He hits girls. What a ... man.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to set up special zones to boost foreign investment See in context

If Japan wants investments from what they call GAIJIN then maybe the treatment of the internationals in a positive manner should be taken into account. Plus, dumping treated nuclear water into the ocean for the next 30 plus years is no indication of a country that is moving in the right direction. I mean, this is common sense.

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Posted in: A women-only carriage is the last thing I would expect to see in such a free country like Japan. See in context

If you cannot laugh at yourself, something is very wrong with you. What do you think, Japan is a perfect unique country with no social problems?

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Posted in: Musk considers charging all X users monthly fee See in context

So, has anyone ever thought of the prospect that another website better than Twitter / X will spring up? I mean, why all the focus on a sinking ship?

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