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The complete lack of criticism is exactly what's killing the japanese entertainment industry, so what he's doing here should be encouraged.

Sorry, but you just can't twist reality to match your ideology. The Anime industry is a huge success and still continues growth, BECAUSE people overseas are fed up with getting ideology shoved down their throat 24/7.

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Language students (such as myself) are still not allowed to enter the country. Most of us plan to stay longer than a year, so quarantine would not be a problem. Yet we still get treated like tourists while Japan starts to even allow fully packed cinemas.

It is no wonder, when some citizens start treating foreigners like they are responsible for Covid infections. Because the government is validating this behaviour with travel restrictions that only sees foreigners as a risk, while Japanese are allowed to leave and enter the country freely.

Japanese people are allowed to enter most of our countries and yet we se no reciprocal treatment from the Japanese government. Maybe Japan should be banned from our countries too, until it finally stops this highly selfish behaviour.

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Posted in: WHO urges countries to prioritize essential international travel See in context

Keeping the borders closed made sense when there were countries yet unaffected by the virus. Right now it still makes sense when one country has a much higher rate of currently infected.

But there is no logic reasoning behind two countries with similar rates banning travel between them.

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