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Posted in: Abe aims to double number of tourists by 2020 to boost economy See in context

I hope it works for Abe san because he needs a win at this point. Let's call this one the 4th arrow.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for suffocating 2-year-old son See in context

Depression can take over the mind quickly and people do things that they would not normally do otherwise. In Japan, there are not many ways to get help if suffering from depression. I hear.

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Posted in: Mother dies after jumping from 8th floor with 3-year-old son See in context

...the husband was cooking in the kitchen. Mmmmmm. Sounds like something is wrong with this story.

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Posted in: Japan worried about 2020 problem, or life after Olympics See in context

I think that Japan needs to worry about winning some of the sporting events

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Posted in: Twitter woes deepen as user base fails to grow See in context

Does anyone use twitter for anything useful?

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman torches her son's room for not cleaning up mess See in context

The first 50 years of childhood are the hardest

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Posted in: Man assaults ex-wife, fatally stabs her mother in Sapporo See in context

He should have just went his own way. But his ego and anger got the best of him. If he indeed have a " BEST ".

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Posted in: Manager attempts to rob his own restaurant in Saga See in context

I wonder what was in this mans mind? I mean, did he thing this through to the end? I mean, what would happen if I attempted plan A from beginning to end? What is the end result? It's basic MBA stuff for any person in a management role. Am I right?

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Posted in: No. of flu patients nationwide tops 1.7 million See in context

I have talked to a few doctors and they all say that the mask does not work 100% but it is just a layer of protection that they hope will work. You know how it is here. If you look like you are doing something then everyone thinks you are doing something. In this case, if you wear a mask, you look like you are either sick and trying to protect others or you are trying to keep from getting sick. I have NOT ever worn a mask and I have not been sick in over five years now. Why? I eat fruites and vegetables every morning. Have not been sick in over five years now.

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Posted in: Osaka city to ban human pyramids at school sports days See in context

That's a good idea. We don't want any risk in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan announces new sanctions against North Korea See in context

It's all SOUND BITES because Japan and all the countries who are worried about NK can not do anything about what they are doing. Sanctions have not worked with NK since the beginning. So, to keep the constituents happy, the leaders have to say something to make it appear that they are indeed actually doing something. Which is nothing.

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Posted in: Elderly man found dead with face wrapped in duct tape See in context

OMG! Poor man. That must have been very scary to say the least.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing girlfriend to death in Ibaraki See in context

Love. It is a beautiful thing. Or, it kills you.

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Posted in: 24-yr-old policeman apparently commits suicide near mountain road See in context

Wow. RIP ! He must have had a lot of problems that he could not see a way out. I have nothing to say but this is sad.

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Posted in: Police investigate theft of over 330 hand straps from Tokyo trains See in context

My guess is who ever is stealing them thought of a way to sell them in some way.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested over fatal abuse of girlfriend's 3-year-old son See in context

He was a member of a criminal gang. He beat up a child. What kind of gang goes around beating up children? I never heard of this before.

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Posted in: Man arrested for strangling girlfriend in Sapporo See in context

I am not sure that the young lady tried to commit suicide. But he will now have a life full of misery.

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Posted in: EU slaps $150 million cartel fine on car parts producers See in context

The headline should read " Japanese car part producers

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Posted in: Sony moves PlayStation business to Silicon Valley See in context

I heard that Sony could not find enough talent in Japan so they had to go to America.

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Posted in: Accused groper hit by train after jumping off platform onto tracks See in context

He jumped onto the tracks. So, his decision. What's the problem?

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Posted in: Panel wants TEPCO execs charged over nuke crisis See in context

But the Japanese government will not allow this. They are, ya know, part of the good old boys club.

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Posted in: Japan provides Vietnam with 6 vessels See in context

I'm confused. Provides? Sells? Arm Sales? Anyone?

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Posted in: SMAP announces dome tour of Japan See in context

SMAP has no talent whatsoever.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 3-year jail term for woman over fatal abuse of her daughter See in context

In Japan, the lawyers do not work cases like they do in America. In Japan, the lawyers are really good with paperwork. Not much in terms of trail law.

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Posted in: 71-year-old man held for slashing 4 family members in Nagano See in context

Not all, but most Japanese families do not really like each other very much. They are distant from each other and do not talk to each other about what is really on their minds. I've been here for 15 year now. I have seen it. Heard it. And been involved with it.

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl arrested for beheading classmate in Sasebo See in context

Her mother died recently. Her father remarried recently. The 16 year old girl came from a very rich family. She lived alone. Was she spoiled by her parents? Did the fact that her mother die and her father remarry so soon have anything to do with this? Probably. However, I call her a bad seed.

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Posted in: Police arrest man who tried to get 9-year-old girl into his car See in context

Japanese guys love cute and young. The cuter the better and the younger the better. I like my women around my age. Call me old fashioned, but that's how I was brought up to think.

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Posted in: 3-month sentence for Japan-Hawaii flight assault See in context

I hope that he enjoy's our jails. I wonder if he lost his job?

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Posted in: No. of reported stalking, domestic abuse cases in first half of year highest ever See in context

I would think that after hearing about how ineffective the Japanese police are, the women who are being stalked do not go to the police for help. If you read the news out of Japan and how many women were killed even after reporting it to the Japanese police, you will see that there is a large number of victims who depended on them and the Japanese police did nothing to assist them. So, this in my mind and in the minds of many other people here in Japan, is not true.

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Posted in: Japanese practice amphibious landing in Hawaii See in context

It's funny. Japan bombed Hawaii. Now they are storming the beaches of Hawaii with Americans. Well, either you are with us or against us. Heh Heh...

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