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Posted in: McDonald's Japan unveils 'tofu nuggets' after China meat scandal See in context

You have to hand it to the people at Mc Donald's. They really know their marketing well.

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Posted in: Airbus says no room for more talks in cancelled Japan jet deal See in context

The days of Gung Ho are over Japan. China is the mighty oak that was once a nut. The party is over Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor defends venue relocation plans See in context

Japan did a bait and switch it seems. Anyone can see that Japan had already thought of everything before they entered the bidding process. Let's see how this plays out.

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Posted in: Japan's smoking rate drops to record low See in context

When I go to the station, I see many Japanese people smoking in the corals. I do not see a drop in numbers inside of the smoking corals at all. As a matter of fact, it seems that they are increasing in numbers.

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Posted in: Father arrested after 14-year-old son commits suicide See in context

Well. Now his father knows that it did not make him stronger. Only sadder.

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Posted in: Crown prince says Masako feels better since Netherlands visit See in context

I am happy she is okay now.

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Posted in: Former soccer star arrested for threatening to kill wife See in context

I guess this story is sad.

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Posted in: Former soccer star arrested for threatening to kill wife See in context

May I venture to say that maybe he did not actually threaten her? Maybe she made it up? I have heard that happens a lot here in Japan and other countries as well. Food for thought?

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