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Israel has announced they have nukes I though? Not like they hide the militaries experimental nuclear power plant. You can see it from the road, it’s just fenced off.

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Wasn’t there a reason The Japanese Constitution had an “article 9” in the first place? If Japan ever gained real military power (and screw over any chance of avoiding a new recession), considering the fact the country has let alone never admitted guilt, it actively denies wrongdoing. If a person acted like that with their history, would you be wary about him repeating similar mistakes?

Seriously, because it’s unpopular with the voters you still want to make your constitution into puddy in order to get your glory. Study showed that most leaders are sociopaths, just not the violent sort.

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Why is it that Germany can take responsibility and yet Japan and of the Japanese people feel the atrocities never happened? Student textbooks teaching lies or avoiding the subject just makes me feel the country has no repentance. If I were China, I’d see the action of Japan equivalent to spitting in their face. To that extent the meager money simply thrown at China without admission of guilt, yet another slap in the face.

As a Chinese Jew, I can “see” both sides and not even the Nazis went only beheading contests publicized in National Japanese newspapers. Japan has payed less than 10% compared to Germany and Japan raped China even before the Great War if I recall correctly. Even today Chinese scholars are unable to visit Japan via diplomatic means to discover in greater details due to past instances where radicals would assassinate said scholars.

And today Japan claims jurisdiction over an Island they conquered from China even if Japan ultimately relinquished it after their unconditional surrender. China will not back down, Japan want the United States out, and if Japan develops nuclear munitions considering the military discrepancy (think M.A.D.) it will be a disaster.

Well, on another note if Japan’s population growth maintains its pace, the country will be nonfunctional in around 50 years I believe. I say: “Just deserts.” Seriously, taking advantage of the cold war just so they can deny their sins.

“Manifest Destiny” So beautiful, yet so evil.

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Zero fighters never evolved no armor, poor, poor armaments and lack of firsight im pilot training.

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Japan needs to remember its history and refrain drom militariwm. These acts will alienatw thrnselves anf provoke all of Asia.

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