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"Security" HAH! Give me a knife, a plastic eraser, and 30 minutes and I can make you any hanko. Fax it in black and white and even if it's not made well nobody can tell the difference. Faxes and hankos suck and are two of the many creaky joints in the Japanese bureaucratic system that badly need oiling.

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@Wc626 that's what we call "mottainai"

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Once again, Japanese law punishes benign enthusiasts without affecting malicious agents. Does anyone actually think that requiring drone licenses or banning their use in parks is going to prevent malicious users from committing crimes with them? Drones can zip in, do "damage," leave some payload or take photos, and fly off far faster than any law enforcement can react, and their "hazards" to the public, especially in open areas like parks, are grossly overstated and sensationalized. Just another brainless Japanese law sinking its teeth into the wrong targets and strangling a fledgling interest.

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