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Posted in: Record ¥333 million paid for bluefin tuna at new Tokyo market's first auction See in context

@kurisupizu not too bright, are you? First oof, that would be an excess of 3 million. Second, he is the sushi king. He owns the sushi chain “Sushi Zanmai” whis has stores all over the country. The man pays his taxes and can absolutely afford it.

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Posted in: The Eagles have No.1 album of all-time, beating Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' See in context

Incorrect. It may have surpased Thriller in the United States, but

1) Thriller is still the #1 selling album WORLDWIDE


2) The Eagle’s album is not evenan album. It’s a greatest hits collection, picking and choosing from several albums, as “Greatest Hits” always do.

If #2 seems too much like splitting hairs to you, refer back to #1.

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Posted in: 40-year-old man becomes 1st Japanese to make unassisted solo trek to South Pole See in context

Are there pictures anywhere? This is a must to make the blood of flat-Earthers boil...

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Posted in: 3 missing climbers die after being found unconscious on Yamanashi mountain See in context

@jansob1 it's because only an MD can declare someone dead. Reporters and police cannot (officially).

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Posted in: Alcohol detected on breath of U.S. serviceman after fatal crash in Okinawa See in context

@gogogo. 3 times the limit is a minimum of .09. More than legally drunk in the states. He could have slammed 3 beers 10 minutes before, and wouldn't have blown a .09.

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Posted in: Mobile phone service operators lift SIM locks See in context

As long as your phone model operates in a compatible bandwidth of the country you're using it it in, yes. For instance your phone MUST support CDMA to work in South Korea (forget that it's kind of hard to get temporary pre-paid SIM cards there...). Most new iPhones (especially ones sold in Japan) will work most anywhere when unlocked.

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Posted in: SoftBank warns droid owners not to try sex with them See in context

¥198,000 is less than $2,000

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Posted in: Mobile phone service operators lift SIM locks See in context

None of you seem to know how unlocking works on an iPhone. If it is locked, the carrier needs special access to one of Apple's servers (called "Fat Albert" (seriously)). They log into Fat Albert and add your IMEI to the white list, then the next time you connect your phone to iTunes, it will get unlocked. The problem is that Japanese carriers have never bothered to get access, so they really can't unlock your phone. I suppose they will order new phones that are already unlocked from the factory...

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Posted in: Shiga police arrest youth who posted prank YouTube videos See in context

Nobody can know the whole story simply by reading an article. Do the police have these packages with toothpicks in them for evidence? We don't know if it was staged or not. He could have easily purchased said items after filming the video.

And yes, they do need to make laws for a juvenile justice system. Not that I agree with the way this individual is trying to get his message across...

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