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They should boost consumption, not make it go down by increasing consumption tax.

“It has been decided (to raise the tax) from next April,” Hagiuda said. “As long as no special situation arises, wouldn’t going ahead as planned be the better way to win the trust of international society?”

Why need trust when you acchieve the opposite effect of what the government wants to achieve?

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Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR See in context

Letting in more refugees could be a good thing for the ageing problem in Japan. However, in order for these people to learn the Japanese language, they need several years. For people older than 30 learning a new language is no easy task, and don't count on your English inside Japan, cuz some places you are nothing with English. So the question is, what will these people do after they immigrated? Except for the few that might relate to terrorism after realising that learning Japanese is impossible.

I'm sure after the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Japanese, who don't know anything but what the media tells them, are quite reluctant to allowing possibly dangerous people into their country. Also, if the goal of IS is world domination, aren't we helping them by alowing refugees in all countries in the world? Just makes you think.

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