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Posted in: Roman coins ID'd in Okinawan ruins, but how they got there remains mystery See in context

They were found with Ottoman coins, therefore they came over at the time of the Ottoman coins, not at the time of the Roman Empire.

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Posted in: New allegations of sexual misconduct rock Trump campaign See in context

Not defending trump, think he's a hole. But it goes to show a self funded outsider will not be tolerated by the establishment. Look at Bernie as well, he was more popular than the neocon he faced.

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Posted in: Koike says now's the last chance to rein in Olympic costs See in context

Hey the Fukushima accident is 20 years from being cleaned up. Let's waste money on vanity projects.

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Posted in: Market won't play ball with BOJ's new rate regime See in context

Very good article! Tell me again it's not money printing, it most certainly is.

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Posted in: A look at rising costs for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics See in context

Hey Fukushima is far from safe and let's build some stadiums for our grandchildren to pay for, good idea.

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Posted in: Canadian YouTuber explains why she quit working on Japanese TV See in context

After years of living in Japan and agreeing to be on tv non paid many times, and she doesn't like it, umm..

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Posted in: BOJ adds long-term interest rate target to massive asset-buying program See in context

Such wonderful and glorious news from out maximum leader Abe and sidekick Kuroda. I foresee a quick turnaround in the multi decade downward spiral. Either that or hyperinflation, hold on to your imported goods (food) prices.

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Posted in: Aoki traces father's shadow in path to DJ stardom See in context

Son of millionaire Major in women's studies Rebels, turns DJ

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Posted in: Putin: Japan once passed up chance to take back two disputed isles See in context

Yes back in the 80s the USSR was struggling and signaled to JAPAN they could have the islands back for I believe it was 8 billion $ in GOLD! JAPAN declined stupidly! What a bargain it would have been, the fishing grounds, maybe minerals and timber, tourism, national defense. Japan blew it unfortunately, the price tag is now much much higher and Putin is not begging with hat in hand, and he won't accept printed yen.

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Posted in: Consumer prices fall for 5th straight month See in context

The helicopters are coming , I can hear them in the distance, loaded with freshly printed cash from Kuroda, please drop the first load on my house so I can run to the shops and get things before prices skyrocket.

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Posted in: Short-sellers smell blood as Japan Inc wounded by accounting scandals See in context

Tip of the iceberg

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Posted in: Electronic Marlboro sucks smokers away from Japan Tobacco See in context

You can import your own ejuice in small quantities. Beats smoking for sure.

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Posted in: America seen from abroad: Arrogant, nice, tech-savvy, free See in context

Every single state has fantastic beer now.

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Posted in: BOJ could wipe out bets on July easing See in context

The BOJ has already implemented negative interest rates and is printing 80 trillion yen ($750 billion) a year to stimulate inflation after decades of deflation and stagnant growth, yet inflation

When do I get a slice of 62.5 billion USD per month?

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Posted in: No chance Japan will adopt 'helicopter money,' say officials See in context

Why do you think Abe is trying to digitize the currency and get everybody on a suica card and a waon card. This way they can control the yen implosion. However the older generation who can't handle more tech than a fax machine stand in the way. My kids school doesn't even have a homepage where you can see events or schedules or emergency info and they want virtual currency, good luck.

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Posted in: No chance Japan will adopt 'helicopter money,' say officials See in context

The Nikkei 225 peaked in August 2015 at exactly the same time the yen devalued most. Since then the NIkkei is down 4000 pts, 20% and the yen strengthen by 20% . Wages are flat or declining, food prices have surged, fuel price is not getting any benefit of the strengthening yen. 3-5% of the population that own stocks have benefitted , but the masses haven't, face it japanese don't complain much, but they will when the time comes. Consumer spending on services is what drives our "modern" economies and everybody is cutting back on shopping and starbucks, cept maybe the tokyo, nagoya, osaka corridor. That 50% of the economy cannot drive 100% of the economy.

Danalawton1 is righton btw

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Posted in: No chance Japan will adopt 'helicopter money,' say officials See in context

What a joke, helicopter money is already here, these articles are to calm the steeple so that they don't understand it and pull ALL their money out of the already zombified banks, thus causing a total liquidity freeze-up. 40 billion USD is printed per month by Abe just to cover the tax shortfall so that the guv can pay its bills, but they want US to turn down the aircon or lower the heat! What a load of junk. Yes the yen will implode Zimbabwe style, it must as tax revenue does not equal spending and the excess printed money has to go somewhere. It will come home to roost eventually, that is the point, eventually. Look at all the stimulus, giving retirees direct deposits= helicopter money, "premium coupons" where you buy coupons at the city hall with cash for 100,000 yen but they give you 120,000 in coupons good at local businesses=helicopter money, wake up people, it's here already, look at the gold price in yen.

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