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Posted in: Japanese TV issues heatstroke alert, says to avoid exercise, but keeps showing high school baseball game See in context

Let’s not change a thing and hope it gets better sayeth the oyaji in charge

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Posted in: Players gonna play See in context


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Posted in: Japan's average gas price rises to 15-yr high on lower gov't subsidy See in context

How about that 2% inflation target, suckaz!

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Posted in: China's Xi calls for combat readiness as PLA marks founding anniversary See in context

The only windows for an attack on Taiwan are April, May, and August.

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Posted in: Japanese high school kids average 12% correct answers in English oral test See in context

I had a first year high school student from Western Europe visit my adult EFL class recently. He could participate 100% , nearly fluent with an accent of course. He said he’s studied 3 hrs. per week since elementary school. And he is average in his class back home.

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Posted in: U.S. announces Taiwan weapons package worth up to $345 million See in context

What most people don’t know is that the 3 Gorges dam is the Achilles heel of China.

All Taiwan needs to do is target that dam and China is done, finished. So the threat alone of having short range missiles , cruise missiles , hypersonic missiles, pointed at it, and saying, “if we are attacked we will retaliate with all means necessary” should be enough to guarantee their security.

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Posted in: In Japan, which bans dual custody, a table tennis star refuses to hand back her son to her ex See in context

As we have seen in high profile cases of Japan’s antiquated laws, what is needed is a person of Aichan’s stature to pull this kind of stunt on a equally high profile British or former colonial personality. Then their media jumps on it and Japan is shamed into action.

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Posted in: Gov't to hold hearings on Bigmotor over excessive car repair fees See in context

Let’s see some criminal charges, not another panel discussion

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Posted in: Markets skeptical whether BOJ will change ultraloose policy See in context

If they raise the rates they have to literally print money and bonds to cover the debt of the bonds coming due. Which is what they are doing now and getting away with it. However there comes a point where the big money will bail out of the bond buying scheme, then the public will catch on as the wheels come off the bus

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Posted in: Markets skeptical whether BOJ will change ultraloose policy See in context

1.6%-2.6%? Not at my supermarket, gas station, utility bill, barber, airline, home center etc etc ad nauseam

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Posted in: Waived indictment allegedly offered to ex-assembly member in vote-buying scandal See in context

The wheels of justice spin awkwardly and backwards in Japan

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Posted in: Japan's core consumer prices rise 3.3% in June on year See in context

3.3 my eye

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Posted in: London's new 'super sewer' to end Thames pollution blight See in context

40 million tons per year, wow, not very 1st world at all considering how rich “the City” is

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant prepares to release diluted radioactive water into sea See in context

Wow, a whole 1km offshore! Spare no expense on the length of that pipeline, thanks again TEPCO and gov.JPN ! U guys R tops

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Posted in: Japan considers raising truck speed limit for faster goods deliveries See in context

This is genius again. So fuel efficiency will drop, with the added cost of more fuel used to be tacked on to the final product of course. And safety will be compromised. Instead of going to the root of underpaid, overworked drivers.

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Posted in: Kyoto merchants want city to install more trash cans to fight litter in historic neighborhood See in context

Let’s invite millions of guests to our country but not provide basic services because of some incident 20 years ago

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Posted in: 83,000 Hawaii homes dispose of sewage in cesspools; rising sea levels will make them more of a mess See in context

Many people don’t realize how much of Hawaii , like much of Japan, is not modern at all and lacks even basic necessities taken for granted in “rich” areas.

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Posted in: Energy sector CO2 emissions hit record in 2022: study See in context

CO2 reduction without the biggest polluters on board, CHINA, INDIA, is a farce

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Posted in: TEPCO says equipment to release treated wastewater into sea is complete See in context

And guess how far offshore this release takes place….

1 kilometer- pure genius, no expense spared, thanks Tepco!

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Posted in: Yen weakening may prove debilitating blow to Japan See in context

For a country that imports 65% of its food, the people are getting screwed,

99% of its fuel is imported, ouch

inflation is 2% right Kishida?

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Posted in: Ocean heat is off the charts: What this means for humans and ecosystems around the world See in context

The sea is covered with jellyfish 2 months early, enjoy

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Posted in: Awa Odori dance festival to sell premium seats for ¥200,000 See in context

Let the gouging begin…

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Posted in: Carp streamers for refugee children See in context

One streamer for each refugee child in Japan

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Posted in: Record 3,506 people stranded on Japanese mountains in 2022 See in context

Yeah thats 10 per day, lets tax them quick

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Posted in: El Nino is back – that's good news or bad news, depending on where you live See in context

Hey how about how it effects Japan……?

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Posted in: Kishida unveils new measures to reverse declining birthrate amid election rumors See in context

Let’s throw more money at the problem which will cause raising taxes on the very people we wish to encourage to have children, without addressing the roots of the problem at all.

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Posted in: Food prices are squeezing Europe. Now Italians are calling for a pasta protest See in context

And very few are getting salary raises to match this constant inflation

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Posted in: 4 Chinese arrested by Japanese police for smuggling 700 kg of drugs See in context

DEA head, Chuck Fina agrees with this headline

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Posted in: China warns 'NATO-like' alliances could lead to conflict in Asia-Pacific See in context

US admiral Chuck Fina asked who the Chinese allies are then……crickets

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Posted in: Japan, China agree to operate defense hotline properly See in context

Hello China? This is Japan, stop flying into our airspace. Have a nice day.

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