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Posted in: Does the arrival of Costa Coffee spell the end for Japan’s independent cafes? See in context

Not if Nagoya is anything to go by. I have lived in Japan for thirty years, but I am British, and I would like to be proud of Costa Coffee.

Sadly, the service was rude and incompetent, and possibly racist. Today I was ashamed and embarrassed.

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Posted in: Man tells girlfriend to sell her organs to pay him Y1.5 mil See in context

@Haa Nemui If a guy owes the Yaks momey, they not infrequently home in on a woman he is closely associated with, because they can force her into prostitution to pay off the debt. Totally illegal of course, but not uncommon. So yes - she does need to watch out. Her parents may be forced to cough up through threats of what will be done to their daughter. The Yaks will not get their money back by breaking the man's legs - although they may do this as well.

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Posted in: The business of 'omotenashi' See in context

@presto345: It did. Irezumi. DUH.

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