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What kind of border opening? This is an absurd farce !!! Do you really think that crowds of tourists will come? Do you think that a person will pay thousands of dollars to guard him like in North Korea? LOL NEVER !!!!

There are a few dozen people! This xenophobic approach does not pay off ugly for Japan. It is quite obvious that tourists do not want !! Look at the US those canceling PCR before departure! For me? JAPAN NEVER MORE !!!

I will definitely spend money in a country where I appreciate my presence and they will welcome me!

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This hostile attitude towards tourists will return to Japan. just a fool spends thousands of dollars to go in a guarded group like in North Korea. This xenophobic approach is quite obvious. you just don't want tourists there. An alien is an enemy to you. In my country today, there are 300 people. in Japan tens of thousands ...... You really think I can endanger you. Destroy yourself. I don't want to go to Japan anymore. I am going to Egypt where I will be welcomed and entertained. and they will be grateful for every dollar I spend there ............. JAPAN? NO THANK YOU!!!

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absolutely shocking and racist announcement. it simply shows how arrogant Japan is towards the world. I am from the European Union and I have a partner in Japan and I have not seen him for more than two years. I am very disappointed with what Japan is doing and I hope the EU will ban the arrival of Japanese citizens

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This is just a demonstration of xenophobia and intolerance. I only let business and students go. how disgusting to take advantage only. And you know what I'm not going to Japan in my life. I prefer to go to a country that welcomes me and is happy for my presence. ........ As Japan, you are beginning to have a very beautiful picture in the world

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Please be aware that the virus will be here forever. whether in a weaker or stronger version. Will you keep the borders closed forever? Then good luck. I very much regret the families that are divided. I firmly hope that the EU and the US will consider you and will not let Japanese citizens into their territories.

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Posted in: 2nd Omicron case confirmed; Japan to bar foreign residents' re-entry from 10 African nations See in context

so that's ridiculous. we have open borders and normally we travel and we have only one case. you are hermetically sealed and have two cases

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