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I do not know a single person in america who leaves their shoes on while walking around the house. Is this limited to a specific state or something?

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Toshiko it seems to me that you still regard the emperor as divine, untouched from day to day society in every way possible. Yes he has visited Fukushima 3 times, and? National figureheads do it all the time: they make it seem like they care to appease the populace. In reality the emperor cannot do anything about Fukushima. All he can do is sit back and watch the diet go to work. Yes what he did should not have been done but the point is that people should not be making such a huge deal over it. His punishment should not be entertainment for the populace, the only reason they are doing this is to make an example of those that share his views and nothing more.

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Safe NPP? And he says green energy options are unrealistic

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This article and the comments section are just a pissing ground for old 30-50 year olds to gloat about how their "obscure no name underground band" is 10x better than AKB or SMAP. Its pathetic. If you are going to compare them to anyone compare them to Justin Beiber or Britney Spears or Kesha / Lady GaGa. People here constantly rafting on the lyrics when they're much more in depth than "I'm gonna write a song about how my gf / bf dumped me". If you learned the language you would see that. Yes AKB and SMAP are very popular because it is the thing that Westerners focus on the most when it comes to the music. Since they are based in the most populated areas, areas that most Westerners live that is what you hear about. You don't hear about other groups like everyone has been saying. Its like how in Japan the most known Western pop singers are terrible and some of them aren't even pop stars but they see them that way because that's all they can listen to when these foreigners come here.

Just like Britney Spears and Lady GaGa gets alot of flak so do alot of pop stars in Japan, its no different. To Ben Kim, you sound like you just wanted an excuse to say Japan is culturally lacking, based only on the statistics of a few pop groups? How transparent can you be? The reason Kpop does not have the same amount of success as Jpop is where Japan embraces the cute culture that Jpop exploits, most of Korea outside of teenagers do not like Kpop. That is the way it is, music popularity has nothing to do with how good the music is, only how many people hear and how many times they hear it. Annoying high pitched vocals are so common here the only choice you have is to get used to it. Korean pop is not cultural, you can clearly see how western music influences it. If you go all the back to the early 90s you can see they were influenced by western boy band culture, that is why they are where they are. Japan was influenced by Japanese jazz and traditional enka, so it may not be appealing to most but it is definitely still cultural for them. Korean dramas have more success because they have more dramas in circulation and their production values are top notch. The most successful Japanese dramas were those with high production values because that is what catches the eye. All in all, this article and comments are so shallow its sad. If you like or don't like jpop then that is your personal taste. Instead you have all these people trying to act like music theory gurus.

My favorite : Perfume, perfect blend of cute and modern synths and arrangements.

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