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Micheal Rhian Driscoll comments

Posted in: Trump goes after Bill Clinton See in context

Trump is a serial monogamist going after a philanderer because he can't match Bill Clinton's wife face to face. He is a corrupt and compulsive sloppy liar, a bully, hypocrite, fear-mongering coward whose greatest achievement is to make Dubya look better by comparison.

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Posted in: What to do about mindless smartphone zombies? See in context

tie their shoes together while they are playing candy crush, then let off a firecracker behind them

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Posted in: Trump rips into media, not Clinton See in context

It's ok Donny. You just keep doing it like like you do. (says every Democrat ever)

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Posted in: How decadent doughnuts can be made healthier: Bake them See in context

what is the point of indulgence if its healthy?

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Posted in: China determined to battle on two fronts as North Asian tensions spike See in context

In the last war PRC was with VN against US .... now it will would be US & VN against PRC, along with Japan riding to the relief of the Philippines. What a political black comedy.

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Posted in: Foundation gives $3 mil to tell Bob Hope's story at WW2 Museum See in context

thanks for the memories

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' to end after season 8, but 7th still ahead See in context

If Tyrion dies, we riot!

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Posted in: British stars complain about Trump's use of their music See in context

For Trump, I suggest something by Wagner, or more recent ditties like the Horst Wessel Lied, or Wir Farhen Gegen England?

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Posted in: Death of Islamic State's Shishani may damage foreign recruitment See in context

If memory serves, Hercules started burning the stumps, & that did the job. I shudder to think what our equivalent might be.

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Posted in: Kewpie Mayonnaise censors logo of angel wings and nudity for American consumers See in context

I don't like mayonnaise anyway, no matter how it's packaged.

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Posted in: GOP to Trump: Move on from Judge Curiel's Mexican heritage See in context

Stand firm ya big twisted orange freak! Don't check yaself! Just wreck yaself! Then the GOP can be done with you & rebuild .

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Posted in: Mountbatten’s Samurai: Imperial Japanese Army, Navy Forces under British control in Southeast Asia, 1945-1948. See in context

It was a pragmatic choice. I can see it.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors want Obama to meet them, apologize in Hiroshima See in context

For me it's simple. Let Japan & the other Axis nations own their own actions that led to the creation & use of this horrible weapon..... FIRST. Then we can talk.

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Posted in: Obama's Hiroshima trip stirs debate on Truman's fateful choice See in context

As I understand it, even after the bombs had dropped, & the Emperor made his surrender recording, there was an attempt to destroy the record, capture the Emperor, & continue the war. This would have resulted in an invasion & the annihilation of Japan. Odds are, tactical nukes, gas & CBW would been employed, based on the ferocity of the fight Japan made elsewhere. But there were enough sane men left in Japan to protect the surrender process, The bombs were horrible weapons, but they helped avoid far worse, & saved what was left of the country. War is so often about horrible choices. This time it was a choice between horrible & terrible beyond measure means to end a war begun by the fascist powers.

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Posted in: South Korea to fine Nissan for alleged bogus emission data See in context

Nissan learned nothing from Volkswagen

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Posted in: Lady Mary an ex-con? After 'Downton,' stars seek challenges See in context

Good for you guys. Change is life!!

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Posted in: Takarazuka all-woman troupe producing musical about Abe Lincoln See in context

Abe Lincoln? Well, if that don't beat all. I wish I could see how it all turns out. I bet in the next world, he's smiling at this.

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Posted in: Trump demands apology from Clinton on debate remarks See in context

oh the ironic fragility of bullies

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Posted in: What do you think the world will be like if Donald Trump becomes U.S. president? See in context

Well, he would learn that being POTUS is somewhat like being the King on a chessboard. Both powerful & impotent at the same time. After all, the other two branches of government can be quite jealous of their pieces of the pie.

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Posted in: 'Nothing to forgive,' says U.S. vet on crashed plane See in context

Maybe Zamperini's captors were unable to forgive themselves? Letting someone off the hook is often easier than doing as much for yourselves.

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Posted in: Laser beam directed at cockpit of landing aircraft See in context

shouldn't the charge be "attempted murder?"

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Posted in: Terminally ill 'Star Wars' fan gets early screening See in context

I'm glad Disney did this thing.

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Posted in: Japanese group returning to Pacific island to search for U.S. World War II MIAs See in context

This is a gracious act & much appreciated.

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Posted in: Former American POWs visit Japan, recount memories See in context

Meiyouwenti --- There was an effort to take Japanese prisoners at first But their unfortunate habit of suicide outright, or waiting to take at least one American with them, tended to discourage the practice. Then too, finding American & other Allied soldiers tortured to death was a poor way to encourage the taking of Japanese prisoners. Now from time to time, Japanese soldiers did surrender, a few at first, but more towards the end. They were treated properly for the most part, though I imagine that, as in "Letters from Iwo Jima," attempts to give up were met with a bullet but I refer you to the above Japanese practice of false surrender. It was a hard & bitter war but Japan made it far harder than it had to be.

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Posted in: Former American POWs visit Japan, recount memories See in context

I'm glad for these men at least, their war is finally over

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Posted in: How Volkswagen set the pace for new era of 'smart fraud' See in context

more clever than smart, cause they got CAUGHT!

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Posted in: 'Pan' taps origins of Peter Pan's 100-year pop culture adventure See in context

you forgot fassbender

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Posted in: Meet the angriest man running for president - no it's not Trump See in context

I don't think the Donald is angry. I think he's an arrogant, rude bully who is having fun pandering to people's frustrations or enraging others. Of course, after the last GOP debate, he might not be having quite as much fun as he'd like, since the other kids on the playground all got together & pushed back. Bullies hate when that happens. It hurts their feelings.

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Posted in: CEO of cheating website Ashley Madison says he's faithful husband See in context

"It's just business," as they kept saying through the Godfather movies. Or as Tony "Scarface" Montana might have put it, "Don't get high on your own supply."

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Posted in: 7 decades after WWII, many praise Germany, scorn Japan See in context

The Germans have manned up & taken ownership of their mistakes. Japan has not. It's a damn shame & a stain on the character of this otherwise extraordinary ancient culture.

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