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Posted in: Japanese firm to mature whisky in space See in context

I volunteer to taste test the samples

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Posted in: Morrissey claims sex assault at US airport security See in context

I'm ashamed of the TSA

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Posted in: Comedian suggests using Japanese with American accent to stealthily broach uncomfortable topics See in context

Dialect done, done right, is funny. It's not racist. It's just teasing. Now, as I don't speak Japanese a lot of this bit went over my head but I liked the idea. It made me smile. So well done Ishii-san.

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Posted in: Syria regime to accept de facto partition of country See in context

The US position improves the closer we get to the day we GTF out!

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Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules See in context

He's lived in Japan for 30 YEARS & is FLUENT. The fault is not on his side. & we ALL know this. ----- PS I am aware of the USA's "sterling" record on race. If it's wrong in one country it's wrong in the other.

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Posted in: Nuclear attack survivors, 70 years later, fading away See in context

It was a horrible weapon & a horrible thing to do. But the other inevitable choice was an invasion which would have made Japan a nation of corpses. They were training civilians to fight a modern army with spears or to run at tanks with explosives!!! Invasion would have been the other horrible choice. As it was, Japan was cauterized, a war ended, & a nation got to survive. There were two horrible choices, & the one less horrible taken.

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Posted in: Russell Crowe finds his roots with 'The Water Diviner' See in context

I had only thought of Russell as a whirlwind, passionate about what he is doing of course. It is a wonderful revelation to learn that he thinks about all the aspects of the business.

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Posted in: U.S. hopes Japan's navy will be more active in Pacific See in context

Historical irony much?

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Posted in: High-end compact digital camera STYLUS SH-2 See in context

does it do HDR?

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Posted in: Champagne sake is a bubbly glass of East meets West See in context

I feel "sparking sake" is a prettier name. Like liquid fireworks.

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Posted in: Kevin Spacey revels in his anti-hero president in 'House of Cards' See in context

at serrano ..... no because kevin spacey's character is more interesting. boner is just nasty. (as cleveland would say)

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Posted in: Testing Beijing, Japan eyes growing role in South China Sea security See in context

Good point OssanAmerica. I think the Gods love irony.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist wanders into queen’s private rooms in Windsor Castle See in context

accidents happen. the tourist is not to blame, but i'm sure there's going to be a rather uncomfortable conversation at someone's next performance review.

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Posted in: Have you ever experienced racism or sexual harassment? If so, what did you do about it at the time? See in context

When I lived in Japan as a child, I had friends of all shades & hues. We were all Americans together. Then the family moved to Hawaii. There was a boy named Harold Harada. I learned his name later on, byt my first day of school, he ran up to me & said "Get [out] of here, white trash." It was the nicest thing he ever said to me, over the next two years we were in the 50th state.

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Posted in: U.S. judge dismisses lawsuit over U.S. base in Okinawa See in context

Harming these gentle creatures would be an unforgiveable atrocity. I hope those folks making the case will appeal as far as they can, even to the Supreme Court. In the mean time, perhaps they can get some sort of stay, to suspend construction for the time being?

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Posted in: DSLR camera for shooting Astrophotography See in context

fair point 1glenn

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Posted in: Sony to cut 1,000 jobs in smartphone business See in context

why dont they axe this hirai person?

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Posted in: Birthday girl See in context

I wish you much joy **

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Posted in: How do you successfully end wars? See in context

how about ..... DON'T START NONE, WON'T BE NONE!

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Posted in: If The Avengers could have one Japanese superhero, who would it be? See in context

The Otaku!

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Posted in: If The Avengers could have one Japanese superhero, who would it be? See in context

I vote Musashi, because he knew how to win without fighting sometimes.

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Posted in: Secrets of the world's top whisky: Japanese water and Spanish casks See in context

works for me! i'll take a double with a hint of soda (to bring out the nose) PS NO ICE!

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Posted in: Google Glass future clouded as some early believers lose faith See in context

It's a question in search of an answer.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic stadium dull, looks like turtle: architect See in context

I hope the venue for swimming looks like a kappa

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Posted in: Did you know Ayumi Hamasaki released a new single? Apparently neither did anyone else… See in context

well good for you, you little minx! ;-)

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Posted in: Manhattan Transfer singer, founder Tim Hauser dies at 72 See in context

The afterlife has become a hipper, more swingin' place now

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Posted in: One in four Americans want their state to secede, but why? See in context

Take a moment to savor the irony of Republican support for secession.

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Posted in: Microsoft to introduce new Windows software September 30 See in context

start it up

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Posted in: Women who attract 'chikan,' and women who don’t: An illustrated guide See in context

It's NOT the woman's fault. It's the man's fault.

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Posted in: Gene Kelly inspires short anime from Japan See in context


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