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Posted in: In Japan, pandemic brings outbreaks of bullying, ostracism See in context

Mirai HayashiToday 06:36 am JST

Japan has really got to get control of its bullying culture.

Is it specifically Japanese? I've heard similar stories out of Russia, Poland, India, Korea, HK and China. In relation to covid-19 that is.

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Posted in: 2 Chinese ships chase Japanese fishing boat near Senkaku Islands See in context

WE created the so called Chinese monster the past 20 to 25 years by out sourcing almost our complete production capicity to China and other so called low cost nations. You should be really naive to think that a nation as China only will keep functioning as the 'production hub' for almost the entire world and not developing itself to the most important economic superpower it now is. More than 90% of all products in the world have some sort of a relation with China. That can be production, raw materials to that of high precision parts or machinery. Think about the Apple macbook, the keyboard you type on or the plastic packaging of your food tot that of oil tankers and machinery of almost all goods.

You want less China? To become so called China independent wil take at least as long as becoming dependent of it the past 20 years ro so.

Oh, and don't blame China for it, but your (corrupt) falsely naive politicians who did everything to keep their industry (share holders) and banks happy by letting them outsourcing the past 20 years almost everything which is mass produced.

GWToday 11:14 pm JST

After this virus thing settles down the rest of the worlds business interests inc China needs to promptly start decreasing & we need to start REALLY calling China on its BS politics & military expansion.

As I have been saying for a very long time we MUST stop feeding the Chinese monster we all helped create.

China is off its frigging rocker & needs to be taken down

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Posted in: Abe defends mask give-out plan; eyes budget submission next week See in context

Masks are a measure which should be used in a combination of measures (see Austria and Korea.) mass testings, central registration and limited social movement (lock downs) for at least a couple of weeks.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 91 new cases of coronavirus infections See in context

cracaphatToday 01:54 am JST

91 infections!! Wow! I'll feel shook when deaths a la Europe and the U.S. start happening if they do.Till then the daily blow by blow of infections does nothing for me.Beyond convince me, the "media" is in cahoots with Abe to scare people and distract from his scandals by using fear. I mean when thousands have died in a day in several countries,you gonna start packing it over 91 infections? It's working though.

Again. these are the official numbers, the true number of infected persons is much higher. In some EU nations the real number is the official number multiplied by 5 to 10. And that will not be different in Japan.

As long as there are no large scale testings done in Japan the official numbers are nothing more than indications if there are new infections or not. As for the death, in many nations people who did not die at hospitals or specific corona care locations (like in Germany or Netherlands) are not taken into the official corona related death numbers. So also that number is much higher. Same counts to some extent also for Spain and Italy.

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Posted in: Japan starts 1st weekend under state of emergency as infection cases soar in Tokyo See in context

RationalReaderToday 12:59 am JST Calm down people. Japan 0.8 deaths per million, US 50 deaths per million, major European countries 120-350 per million. We are much safer here.

That is the number of official death. Not the real or actual number of death. That number is much higher, most countries you can multiply the number of corona related death with 3 and the number infected multiply it by 10.

That is in nations as Germany, Italy or US, and so it also will be in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan starts 1st weekend under state of emergency as infection cases soar in Tokyo See in context

Bruce ChatwinToday 08:13 pm JST

Of 1,224,775 currently infected patients in the world

1,174,862 (96%) are described as being in Mild Condition

49,913 (4%) are described as being in Serious or Critical Condition

Of the 1,710,338 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world

103,512 have died (6%)

382,051 are described as being recovered (22%)

Some posters here would have you believe that that is an acceptable state of affairs.

It isn't.

All these number are at it's most just nothing more than indications and cannot be taken as facts. That counts for the US, China, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan or any other nation. So in Germany and Netherlands patients at elderly homes who suffer of the corona virus (and die at those elderly homes) are not taken in the official numbers. Only those hospitalized. It's similar in Italy or Spain.

For the best example of this 'fake news' number game take a look at the country of Equador. Where the official death toll is not even 5% of the real amount andwith so many dead that they burn the corpses in the streets.

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Posted in: Japan starts 1st weekend under state of emergency as infection cases soar in Tokyo See in context

Welcome to the world of Corona (and get used to it) !

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Posted in: Koike asks Tokyo restaurants, pubs to shut by 8 p.m. See in context

GWApr. 10 04:20 pm JST I don't know whether to laugh or cry!!!

Well, this idiocy happened exactly the same as in many other nations (Italy, Germany, Netherlands) It's part of the step by step 'plan' of governments. So in a couple of days they are not allowed to be open anymore, as will be hairdressers, pachinko halls etc. And from next week (or maybe a bit later) only grocerie and drug stores are allowed to be open.

Personal movement in public spaces will also be restricted within 1 or 2 weeks. No flogging anymore in parks, 2 meters distance, only entrance with mask etc. etc. etc.

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Posted in: Fujifilm to start phase II clinical trial of Avigan for COVID-19 patients in U.S. See in context

MarkApr. 9 09:43 pm JST Great , but what the world really needs and I mean very desperately needs is the Vaccine, let's all pray to whatever GOD you wish that it happens soon.

Even if a vaccine will be found which offers for all (world wide) enough protection we still will be 1-2 years away of it. And then there should be large scale production, production which has to be free of patents to make it as quickly and cheaply as possible available.

I don't want to sound depressing but it's reality and it's explained by many scientists (not populist politicians) worldwide. So the best hope in the short term is a/many proven medicines which can help to cure quicker or to reduce the life threatening symptoms of this virus.

The biggest problem now is that severly ill people have to stay on average 3-5 weeks in intensive care units.

If that already can be reduced to half will be enormous effect.

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Posted in: Japan coronavirus cases pass 5,000 as state of emergency fails to keep people home See in context

oldman_13Today 07:03 am JST People around the world are ignoring social distancing and stay at home guidelines. Sometimes they luck out, sometimes they don't as with what's happening in Japan.

Well, it depends on the nation or even state or city.

As I wrote before, most nations build up strict measures in 1-2 weeks. Japan will be no exception. To let people get used to 'freedom restrictions' especially in democratic nations.

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Posted in: Fujifilm to start phase II clinical trial of Avigan for COVID-19 patients in U.S. See in context

commanteerToday 06:46 pm JST

I have heard some amazing test results with Ivermectin, another Japanese drug. Hopefully we will have many options soon.

Almost every nation has now it's 'own' drug with promising hopeful results. Belgium an old Malaria medicine, Netherlands is busy with an antibody medicine, numerous countries are busy with a medicine based on chloricine and favipiravir (Avigan) is a hopeful Japanese drug.

All these are drugs not a vaccine. A vaccine will take at least 1 to 2 years.

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Posted in: Countries start thinking about easing restrictions, even as virus death toll rises in Europe, U.S. See in context

Burning BushToday 06:51 am JST People who have recovered and are immune should not be subject to lockdowns and social distancing. They should be back at work so they can help make up for those who can't work.

Unfortunately those who suffered mild symptoms (light fever) and recovered are not immune. That is if German and Dutch research is correct.

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Posted in: Countries start thinking about easing restrictions, even as virus death toll rises in Europe, U.S. See in context

Mr. NoidallToday 07:52 am JST liberal with it's tallying. Someone with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, for example, catches covid19 in their final moments and then dies, they mark it down specifically as a covid19 death.

It might be in Trumpcountry, in many nations (Germany, France, Spain, Italy) it's the opposite. People suffering from life threatening diseases like cancer or severe heart problems, other patients in their terminal stages (ALS) are not counted as corona related death. Thats why the offcial numers are nothing more than an indication. Italy is a sad example of it where the real number of corona related death is much higher than the official number.

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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context

As I have said from the beginning, the numbers have always been higher than the media is posting. This is due to the lack of testing, and the difficult criteria that needs to be met to be able to test in the first place.

The numbers are indeed much higher. Reason is that many who are infected are not even recognized as being infected. Especially children and teenagers will not get ill (that is something else than being infected) but can spread the virus to others who can get ill.

I am convinced that there are A LOT more than even this new number. There are asymptomatic people out there, who will continue to spread this.

In many nations the real number is the 'official number' multiplied at least by 10.

They will sit next to you on the subway, they will serve your food, they will touch and infect the same things that you will touch.

Also, they will stay with you at home, share the toilet and bathroom eat and make food, laugh and play closely together etc.

Especially in Japan where often three generations in one house are living, often in relative tight spaces might be an extra risk.

And unless the government starts taking this seriously and enact a state of emergency in all prefectures, the numbers will continue to go up, as people start moving out into the countryside to avoid the restrictions imposed in the seven prefectures under "lockdown".

They will take a step up strategy as is done in many EU nations, within 1-2 weeks measures will be strict.

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Posted in: Japan's state of emergency is no lockdown. What is it? See in context

@ Burning Bush

The city of 14 million had 1,196 cases as of Tuesday, up from about 600 a week earlier.

To be accurate, this is the accumulated total from the very beginning, without recovered cases being removed from the figure. Most people infected in February have long since recovered and should be removed from that figure.

JBirdToday 05:57 pm JST

Sorry, but most people infected in February haven’t recovered, though nearly 30 have died.

Tokyo had only 52 COVID patients recover and be released. Subtracting both the recoveries and the deaths still gives 1,114 active cases and STILL shows an increase of nearly 600 new infections since last week!

The recent steep increase is what’s most troubling yet you still insist on down-playing the seriousness of this virus!

Exactly. In nations around the world the recovery time of hospilatized corona patients is between 3-5 weeks. And that is exactly the reason why this virus is so disastrous for modern well equiped medical centers, like hospitals. It's not the treatment itself, it's the amount of patients and the time it takes and the enormous pressure it gives on medical staff.

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Posted in: Japan's state of emergency is no lockdown. What is it? See in context

YubaruToday 04:02 pm JST

No, Abe and officials say Japan cannot legally enforce European-style hard lockdowns.

European? Not a good example!

Actually there are no 'European' (EU) lock downs. Almost every country has it's own way to counter the spreading of the virus. Take for example how it is dealt with in Sweden or Spain, totally opposite.

It looks like Japan will follow the line of countries as Germany or Netherlands. Impose stricter measures little by little in a period of 2 weeks and giving society as a whole lots of responsibility in following up the measures with some legal pressure.

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Posted in: Trains run as usual, some retailers shorten hours during state of emergency See in context

ianToday 08:08 am JST

Unfortunately despite the vaccine, flu still has killed more people.

Again, and still many people seem to not willing to understand it. Flu is not comparable with Covid-19 with the exception of some symptoms.

Corona is much more contagious

Corona causing also for people at middle ages a much higher health risk, especially those with overweight, smokers, heart decease, diabetes, cancer or other health issues.

Corona is much more infectious, causing pneumonia in much more cases than flu

Due to the above the whole healthcare system is getting into problems. All kinds of treatments are not able to be proceeded and all kinds of medical shortages will happen, including that of enough medical staff.

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Posted in: Trains run as usual, some retailers shorten hours during state of emergency See in context

FuzzyToday 07:39 am JST

So, basically a doubling of infections every 4-5 days.

Britisch research showed that every person who is infected - infects 3 - 5 other persons. By that alone it's not comparable with influenza

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Posted in: Trains run as usual, some retailers shorten hours during state of emergency See in context

Kobe White Bar OwnerToday 06:41 am JST These measures are way too weak

This is done intentionally, as was done in many EU nations (Germany, Holland, France etc) The Japanese government will step it up - step by step. The reason for it is a mixture of political, historical, cultural and social.

So within a max. of two weeks from now the measures will be (much) more stricter with probable also legal penalties if not followed.

Unfortunately I'm a corona lockdown veteran and 'enjoyed' it in three different EU nations now...stuck now in Netherlands with as here is called an 'intelligent' lockdown by our Abe version.

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Posted in: Abe declares state of emergency until May 6 for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

JCosplayToday 05:29 am JST

To explain to some of you who don’t understand why they don’t make these restrictions legally binding.

As in many other nations with similar 'lockdowns' there is a mixture of historical psychological reasons (in remembrance to war times and not being allowed to move freely) and legal reasons.

There is a strong group authority in Japan for sure, but I'm almost certain more stricter procedures (with legal penalties) will follow in Japan within a week or 2 (similar was done in many EU nations.)

So the Japanese government will build up stricter regulations step by step as is (was) done in many other nations.

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Posted in: Tokyo running out of beds and gear, medical staff say See in context

macvToday 03:07 pm JST

why not put all the facilities made for the Olympics to use - turn them into clinics and so forth

If I'm not mistaken, Japan (Tokyo) has one of the highest number of hotels in the world. They are better spread all over the city...and it might be some love hotels have already some 'hospital theme' rooms ;-)

Seriously, all will not be suited for intensive care but many can be used for less seriously ill patients who need serious care but not to be incubated. In Netherlands and many other EU nations hotels are already used for this purpose with good succes.

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Posted in: Abe declares state of emergency until May 6 for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

Happily I don't see that idiotic panic buying of large quantities of toilet paper as in many western nations.

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Posted in: Many schools in Japan reopen after monthlong coronavirus shutdown See in context

carpslidyToday 05:20 pm JST

My kids have going to whole time and are FINE, maybe they caught it either way their fine.

Yes your kids are fine. But the problem many can't seem to understand is that ther might be a chance they carry and spread it to other children, their parents and grandparents. Those who do not have such selfish thoughts.

Maybe they will eventually pass it me or their grandparents, but thats a risk of being a parent and grandparent.

Exactly, and due to that many others think so a tight lockdown has to be carried out as quickly as possible in Japan.

You probable can't imagine how hospitals look like at the moment in many nations which have a reasonable to excellent working healthcare system. Patients with serious non-corona related health issues are in risk too and/or can't get any treatment anymore. A large outbreak cause huge poblems for the whole healthcare system, it will not be any different in Japan.

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Posted in: Many schools in Japan reopen after monthlong coronavirus shutdown See in context

kurisupisuToday 05:07 pm JST

The schools will be closing again then...

That would be a logic conclusion. In Netherlands for example the schools are closed for almost a month now but school periodic exams in April and May will continue with precautions (students sit at least 1.5 meters apart) It's for a large part also up to the school itself how to and when. Might be in Japan they do a similar thing and schools can choose.

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Posted in: Fewer people on streets of Japan's major cities amid stay-at-home requests See in context

As as is proven again above in the comments by others, Japan is no exception of other nations. The public in general is taking the risks way too lightly in the beginning.

That will probable continue till images appear of people flocking the hospitals and that of dozens of body bags. People seem not to understand that the whole Japanese medical system will get a huge kick when the number of serious ill patients run into the 10.000's.

So lets hope that the learning curve is getting soon much higher than that curve of infected persons.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 143 new coronavirus infections Sunday See in context

rgcivilian1Today 07:34 pm JST If only the entry ban would have been fully enforced back in Dec

There wasn't any country back in December which took such drastic measures. Till in the beginning of February most nations did not take any serious travel restrictions.

I've to back in Osaka in May, so I wonder if there will be travel ban by then....that is if EU lies fly again on Japan by then.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 143 new coronavirus infections Sunday See in context

ianToday 06:37 pm JST

Where are the severe cases and deaths associated with the imaginary number of infected?

Lets wait 1-2 weeks from now and discuss it again.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 143 new coronavirus infections Sunday See in context

Fanny GreeneToday 05:40 pm JST

Abe is going for 1000 a day. Then he'll send 1 more mask.

Japan is no exception to other nations. The real numbers of people infected is already much higher. Multiply it by 10 and the number is more realistically.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 143 new coronavirus infections Sunday See in context

towingthelineToday 05:47 pm JST

Remember...Japan is only testing people who have both 'fever and pneumonia'.

That is exactly the same in many nations where they testing at all. Here in Germany we'ere an exception in the EU and since last week they started large scale testing, all people - not only those with symptoms.

In Niederlande they only test you when you're critically hospitalized and in Sweden they don't conduct any kind of tests, they don't even take many social measures

Ergo, many infected are walking amongst us with mild symptoms, yet they are still able to infect the vulnerable.

Especially young people will not show any kind of symtoms at all - like children. Living together with elderly in tight spaces, like with elderly family members makes it high risk (see Italy.)

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 143 new coronavirus infections Sunday See in context

Kitchener LeslieToday 04:34 pm JST

Maybe when it his 1,000 per day the dinosaurs running this country might actually do something?

Closing shops on weekends only is just delaying things when they are up and running again on Monday.

Actually (as in many other nations) the real numbers are at least a factor 10 higher.

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