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Geez, what I'm reading right now.

Not to insult, but at this rate these poor soul will never see their pension after working WHOLE LIFE for society...a whole life wasted just to see this kind of goal?

I can imagine the elderly's reactions.

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Yeah, sure, another gift to Japan Inc.'s big firms.

Just keep don't care about taxpayers and middle-class workers 'cause, ehy, it's beneficial to those few people's paychecks.

I appreciate that they want to freeze the hike somehow, but it will never happen after frozen it twice up now.

But, you know, in order to earn more and more, the increase is somehow necessary and who pays? taxpayers, of course.

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Honestly speaking, he doesn't have to give any apologize to the government. I said literally ANY. Why should he?

If the gov't really cares about its citizen in trouble somewhere overseas like Yasuda-san (with mentioning how much important and honorable his job is), it must do anything in its power to rescue them.

Also I need to say that he's not his fault if Yasuda-san got captured by those freaks. That's why I am saying that he doesn't have to give any apologize to the gov't, whatever it is.

His witness about what's happening is Syria is really valuable and must considered as such.

J-gov must learn from what's happened to him, so they will realize what's their role and how they should use the power at their disposal: help their citizens, if they really care.

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Tony G

To be fair, this happens all over the world.First mistake was getting married. It's a bad deal for men PERIOD. Men lose any leverage and power they ever had in the relationship.

Words. You are not 100, but 1000% right.

Especially when it comes to (Dragon)Japanese women, that is the first mistake ever made. But of course, the very real mistake is to make a baby with one of them.

When I say "the first mistake is to make a baby with one of them" DOESN'T MEAN the kid itself is a mistake: they mustn't be involved in parent's issues or fights, in my honest opinion. Kids are the beautiful thing life can offer, and whatever it happens they must be neutral in parents' matters.

But my biggest concern is at the end, those who are brutally demonized are fathers, so they cannot see their kids even once in a while.

For Japanese, the hague convention is kind of "lost in translation" thing...and, among MANY things they OBVIOUSLY DENY, is that Japan itself is a clear VIOLATOR of the treaty and a Kidnapper even worst than North Korea.

Why? because they're too damn attached to the fear of "losing their face" culture ( translated as: they're too attached to their reputation af).

Personally speaking: I am divorced from my ex J-Wife, but fortunately the best thing is that I haven't made a baby yet. Even thought I liked to, but now...I am re-considering my ambitions at the moment.

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