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Posted in: British Airways to hire 2,000 pilots, cabin crew this year See in context

All Air forces gonna start hurting once the other airlines start hiring again. They are making tons of $$$ with low fuel prices and ticket prices remain unchanged. $ for expansion. Of course its a cycle... in 10 years something will happen that will require belt tightening...

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Posted in: Do you support the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement which is spreading globally? See in context

A lot of what Wall street, and European banks has done is wrong and needs to be changed. On the other side, a lot of what the protesters are demanding should not happen. Regulate the banks, and tax the corporations like they supposed to be taxed yes, give me money for not doing anything, and live life for free, no. A medium needs to be found, Stop enriching the top of society buy such a large margin, and let the middle class live, and survive, and at the same time, don't give people who don't work for anything an easy life and way out, it'll just encourage more laziness.

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