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michelelisa comments

Posted in: 7 slightly injured after Qantas plane plummets due to turbulence See in context

Beerplease - this will probably turn out to be a case of clear air turbulence, rather than any mechanical problem on the aircraft's part. And as almost everyone else has commented, always wear a seatbelt while flying!

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Posted in: New graduates show lack of zeal for jobs and job-hunting See in context

And this is a result of a change in school curriculum that was to address "Problems ranged from bullying to social withdrawal to an inability to think beyond the regurgitation of memorized facts".

Hmmm, seems the change only affected people's work attitudes....

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Posted in: Companies offer special benefits to bicycle commuters See in context

mmwk2008: My co-worker is a cyclist who's live here for over 30 years and he concurs with gogogo - the car is in the wrong no matter what. You should see a lawyer because you are entitled to compensation!

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Posted in: No-bra gear may gain ground this summer See in context

um, I don't see how this can be a 'good thing' for men in Japan. As a woman I do like this shirts with built in cups, but you can't get the same lifting/shaping/extra cleavage/padding as a regular bra. If this catches on, you'll see just how much 'false advertising' there is in Japan.

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Posted in: Trade-in coupons increase sales at department stores See in context

I would like to know too what they do with the collected clothes...

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Posted in: Twitter a global sensation: Hitwise See in context

in reply to gogogo - actually, it depends on the celebrity. Stephen Fry writes his own tweets, among many others. Although I know some celebs' twitter accounts are updated by their PR people, there are quite a few that do it themselves. The hard thing is picking the real celebrities from the fakes.

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