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Posted in: Proponent of Abenomics blasts tourism campaign as pandemic rages on See in context

Absolutely not. That money should be used to help businesses that rely on tourist trade.

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Posted in: Mother dies, 7-year-old daughter injured in leap from building See in context

So sad. On top of any physical scars / disabilities she may now have. Its likely the trauma would have resulted in some dissociative symptoms to protect herself. Who knows what traumas she faced before this even. Childhood trauma like this tends to cause life long health and mental wellbeing issues as their whole foundation of trust and nurture, belonging is broken replaced with sense of abandonment, emptiness, defectiveness and shame.

Ofcourse people can thrive after trauma but childhood trauma is when the brain is still developing and it has more significant impact. Her progress also depends on who takes her next.

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Posted in: Father gets 16 years in prison for fatal abuse of 10-year-old daughter See in context

Very leniant with semtence and explanation. This girl was murdered with torture.

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Posted in: Confirmed new coronavirus infections in Japan now 1,528, including cruise ship cases See in context

Great picture, really terrific.

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Posted in: Japanese company that will quit your job for you sees rush of clients to start 2020 See in context

I love Japan, so innovative in business ideas. I wish this and many others would expand to Australia.

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Posted in: Australian firefighters race to contain blazes as another heatwave looms See in context

Last year scientists reintroduced the tiger quoll back to South coast and blue mountains. A species that had become extinct from the main land. I think they will be gone again. Along with the critically endanged Leadbeater possum in East Gippsland Victoria. There is dire concerns about the woolami pines that (dinosaur tree) which the original trees only in one secret gully , that park has been on fire for months. Those trees themselves are 1000 years old. So many other rare species to name

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Posted in: Australian firefighters race to contain blazes as another heatwave looms See in context

The number of wildlife you are referring to is accurate number from a scientific study based on logging. The intensity of this fire has left no gully's unburn which used to be safe havens for small slow moving marsupials. Also that number you quoted below is for NSW not Victoria. So once the fires are over its probably going to be double that he said.

Btw wires NSW wildlife has been receiving unprecedented donations from us celebrity types while wildlife victoria is not getting many at all and now getting just as many call outs. So please help them if you can


So the figure of 480,000,000 animals affected may be exaggerated?

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for slashing girl says he wanted to kill someone See in context

Zichi I had no idea the justice system in Japan put kids on death row. That has got to be one of the harshest systems in the world then.

The case you talk about sounds very extreme. Obviously a dangerous psychopath or sociopath with likely a very unstable childhood.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for slashing girl says he wanted to kill someone See in context

If the boy is indeed a psychopath he would have shown other signs, hurting animals etc.

Otherwise he be experiencing pychosis in which he needs to be hospitalized for criminally dangerous minors.

Its speculative at this point. Really no point in ranting about him, I hate when people rant about young offenders the whole moral outrage of "double deviance".

The thing is is most young offenders of violent crimes, have been victims of horrific crime themselves. The trauma presents in one personality disorders including dissassociative and violent symptoms. Not saying this kid fits that description though.

Im just glad the girl is ok.

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Posted in: Waitress explains a baffling, annoying part of kimono dress codes at many Japanese restaurants See in context

Better than losing a contact lens in someone's food.

I have seen plenty of people wearing kimono and glasses. This is really an equal opportunities issue.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

Why bring up such unpleasant politics, Olympics is about international peace and cooperation in pursuit of sport (or something like that). Anyway it's a good idea to scatter events over the archipelago both to promote Japan's beauty and avoid over crowding.

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Posted in: On the go See in context


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Posted in: Ivanka Trump calls on G20 leaders to prioritize women empowerment See in context

Her message is on point, but its lost in the nepotism of what she represents of Father that is facing his 22nd credable sexual assult complaint.

If only she spoke out against her father and actually regained credability.

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Posted in: Do 'mechanical trees' offer the cure for climate change? See in context

Just plant trees people

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Posted in: Japan's whalers back treaty withdrawal See in context

Whereas, if this new whaling approach is truly commercial and must survive on actual supply / demand economics, without subsidies, and is limited to whaling in Japan's coastal waters, I have to believe that, with the passage of time, whaling will disappear.

Domestic demand will continue to drop in the coming decades and, just as importantly, there will be fewer and fewer people in the whaling industry in these small towns.

Of course, the caveat being that the whaling industry finds a new source of demand, whether for non-human consumption or export related.

Totally agree @zones2surf with your entire post especially the reason which leave IWC is good idea.

As an Australian where there have been heated discussion regarding this especially around hunting in Antarctica's international whale sanctuary for years. I welcome this decision and the implications it will have on the industry.

No one in there right minds these days wants to eat contaminated meat, except a few nostalgic old timers and locals to keep their economy going.

Banning it would be political suicide but cutting it's funding and most contraversal hunting grounds is like feeding them mercury haha.

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Posted in: Australia recognizes west Jerusalem as capital of Israel See in context

As an Australian, Scott Morrison or his right wing government does not represent me or most people I know. He is a Racist, climate change denying, homophobic moron. This whole idea of the embassy moving was a cheap tactic started to try and win the vote of the Jewish people in one small district a bi-election few months ago when Malcolm Turnbull was booted out on a mutanty.

Australia sticking it's nose in and effectively taking Israel's side is a terrible, immoral idea. America effectively supports Israel holding the palastinines are hostages for life behind a wall. No one in Australia would vote support that. Ashamed..

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'restrained' language with Japan over wartime forced labor row See in context

Japan gave that huge settlement in 1965 which still has significant balance remaining. This settlement would have been in compensation their acts of war. If South Korea has mismanaged this money, allowing those who suffered the most to languish in poverty and pain, its their corruption.

Very sad. Japan has suffered its own burdons it's had to bare. I think Japan is under a lot of pressure with global trade and political climate heating up. Abe needs to brush up on his diplomacy. Distance himself from that awful tainted war criminal shine

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Posted in: The internet has become a phenomenal tool for hate groups. Do you agree with this statement? See in context

To be clear, I was saying the internet has brought together all the racist, homophobic , climate change denying, sexist, right to lifers, gun crazed loons all together so they can organise mass rallies and get a scum bag like Trump elected.

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Posted in: The internet has become a phenomenal tool for hate groups. Do you agree with this statement? See in context

The internet has made it easy for people to voice parts of themselves they haven't wanted others to see in the past. In some cases it's been great for people with perhaps gender or sexual identity issues or whatever.

However the flipside is the people sharing the lowest darkest secrets such a child pornography, terrorism , racism or some other type of intention of violence or illwill towards others. This has led to a lot of like minded people being able to find each other in a anonymous space. This has resulted in them becoming empowered and encouraged to go public which has led to the far right movement.

It is difficult because they have diversified on not only race and religion (picking up on military support because of middle east unrest) but women's fertility rights and LGBTIQ (picking up support of Catholic and evalgalist church movements) therefore have a massive powerful allies. I'm

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Posted in: Hare today See in context

"Well if the plan is to frighten children into behaving on the train, mission accomplished"

I don't see anything scary about it. It's a giant hare diving into ground. Kids generally have great imaginations and love that kind of thing.

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Posted in: Mother fatally stabs sons, aged 3 and 5 See in context

Seems more like she was punishing her husband for something. If it was depression and escaping the world she would have taken her own life too.

Very sad, she needs to go to prison. I wonder what may have been happening in their marriage to drive her to such a extreme violent act.

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Posted in: Mother who left dead baby in train station locker gets suspended sentence See in context

Hey Brian, Health care is very expensive in Japan. Also Google Japanese funerals, even attending one is an expensive exercise.

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Posted in: Mother who left dead baby in train station locker gets suspended sentence See in context

Its very simple sensei258. Sometimes something brings on a fast labour that prevents woman from getting to hospital in time. Sometimes the infant can die in the womb from lack or blood supply or some kind of fetal distress. The coroner can tell if the baby ever took a breath , meaning if it was born alive or dead. It's pretty simple medical autopsy to tell.

I don't understand why all you people are being so cruel. She will be punished for not reporting and trying to conseal what happened. However her fragile mental state has to be considered as a very vital piece of evidence. I don't know what I would do if I was all alone and this happened. She most likely had some type to temporarily psychosis.

People are so quick to judge others.

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Posted in: Mother who left dead baby in train station locker gets suspended sentence See in context

Seriously people there would have been a thorough investigation. It was only a couple of days, not months. The coroner would easily tell it was still born by seeing if it ever took a breath.

I have heard funerals are an extortionist racquet in Japan. It sounds like she had no support , no one to turn to. Perhaps she is better off getting psychological care for the trauma she has been though.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over Australia strawberry needle scare See in context

Cant believe I'm first reading about this here. I live in Melbourne. :D Anyway glad they arrested the culprit. What a waste of delicious, nutrious food. I can go back to eating berries !

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Posted in: No place like home See in context

Firstly Japan is a first world country.

Maybe someone holding out on land or maybe developers haven't felt the need to build on it yet or the land is unsuitable some how. Eitherway, the person who lives their looks like they may have hoarding issues and needs social services to see if they are managing ok.

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Posted in: Abortion: What to expect and where to go if you have to take that path in Tokyo See in context

*Abortion is not covered by the Japanese national health insurance so you will have to pay for the procedure yourself. First trimester abortions (up to 12 weeks under the Japanese system) cost around ¥100,000. Second-trimester abortions can cost ¥200,000 or more due to the greater complexity of the process and the additional hospital services involved.*

The fact that people have to front this cost themselves causes people who are most vunrable at risk allow with the babies they are carrying of being abandoned.

The government needs to fund abortions. The economic cost of a child in statutory care far out weighs the cost of a medical procedure.

I am not saying these kids lives are not of value, of course they are. I am saying women deserve the right to choose, regardless of their economic situation. To give up a child negatively impacts lives for both parents and child. The children in care homes are at a great disadvantage compared to other children, which can make or break a person.

The point is Japan can do better and it makes economic sense to look after women in the workforce.

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Posted in: Japan rejects U.N. call to stop returns to Fukushima See in context

Well if it's not safe I hope it's not so deadly that there is no-one left to make them accountable.

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine chief priest to quit for criticizing emperor See in context

Any shrine that is praising war and honoring war criminals should be shut down. If you say that the shrine is forever tarnished by the souls of those honoured there which sounds correct. It is not something that you can have a change of management , change the mission statement and carry on. It's foundations are ruined. They should convert the shrine into a museum of redemption.

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Posted in: Life term finalized for ex-U.S. base worker who killed Okinawan woman See in context

Im conflicted about death penalties as they have often pinned it on wrong person in past due to racism or lazy detective work. I also don't believe in the prison system as it does not reabilitate. I do not know this case but from comments he sounds like a predator to be so violent. I hope he gets what's coming to him sooner rather than later, let it be violent from the hands of an inmate or 3

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