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michikokada comments

Posted in: China orders vendors to stop selling 'Tokyo Big Bang' fireworks See in context

Why banned the fun, it's festive time, let people have the fun. Tokyo will be most likely destroyed by natural disaster, not firecrackers.

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Posted in: Japan to host East Asian nations' meeting on Palestinian aid See in context

Asia has no money for this mess started by the US and Britain, they should pay and Asian countries, esp Japan should use all possible financial resources to make its own economy stronger. To aid Myanmar, maybe, for some interests in the region...Palestine???!!!

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Posted in: Shimane town demands pants for Michelangelo's David sculpture See in context

Vivo Davide di Michelangelo ma we should respect the locals of a little town, vote, majority wins.

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Posted in: Chinese frigate locked radar on Japanese navy vessel See in context

I like this, it's more fun than video games, and/or chess for that matter : D China is just learning from Japan: I want to talk but on the other hand I have my entire force aiming at you. Locking target but not firing must be chouette and even cooler when you know the target detected that and got furious, again I like this :) poor embassadors of both sides, sympathy!

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Posted in: Gov't to review statements on wartime history, revise textbook guidelines See in context

@Yubaru: "That is the problem, if students don't know their own history they are apt to repeat it somewhere in the future." what I worry about, as any wise Japanese would, is that the "forward-looking" education will actually be the root for future wars: it is painful to know that one's own race can commit some most inhuman crimes, but if that can save the race of the pain of wars, again, it's worth it. Imagine: Japan, China, Korea write their own textbooks, our children one day meet: Chinese and Korean are looking at "monsters", Japanese are wondering "why are they so hostile and don't trust me"? They don't know they can feel the pain and love of one another all the same...it's a shame what Japan did during the WWII, it's a deeper shame if Japan has no courage to admit the truth ( it's bloody, cruel, horrofied human hearts..but the truth), it will be genuinely a shame if any government cultivates the misunderstanding deeper and forster a future war - these people has no vision of forward-looking, they are indeed merely re-visioning of the past. @Avigator, what are you talking about??? 1923 earthquake? Why is it a massacre?

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Posted in: Abe open to summit with China to help economic ties See in context

Just keep in mind that your counterpart also has obligation to protect their "beautiful seas" and that the same set of islands are their "our land", too.

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Posted in: Okinawans rally in Ginza See in context

Okinawa's "blue sea blue sky" will make much more money when the US military is gone. They should build casinos there, make it a Vegas island, it's more attractive "travel wise" than Macau and Singapore. China doesn't want Okinawa, it's a threat made up by the US to justify its presence there. And it's time for Japan to defend herself, for real, amend the constitution if necessary and re-build the economy because obviously defense spending is not going to be a cheap bill to pay, but the money collected from Japanese tax payers should not go into foreigners' pocket i.e. the US military who can't even behave themselves. Japan has to understand something foundamental: she can make more profits with her immediate neighbours, stand on her own feet and make peace with Korea and China > these three countries united economically is the only way that they are going to forget the pain of war and prosper altogether. Japan was a country of great courage and hope, with respect to honor...since when she became a puppet from a real lady in kimono???

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Posted in: New partners add to Tokyo 2020 bid’s financial muscle See in context

It's time for Tokyo! Istanbul might have a big diamond in the palace but Tokyo has all the infrastructure...just need to welcome the IOC inspectors with Geisha, AKB what? and lots of sake.

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Posted in: Big spending China threatens J-League dominance See in context

Chinese male footballers s**k, that's why they need to import. Btw, not to encourage J-boys to go overseas but sushi chefs in Dusseldorf are good, won't miss home much there ;)

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Posted in: Which company’s employee would you like to marry? Nintendo tops rankings in Japan See in context

Not all Japanese women are after money and there are many Western women ( blond/ brunette/ redhead) are gold diggers, I don't think it's fair to frame a nationality and criticise.

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Posted in: Kerry skeptical on need for more U.S. forces in Asia See in context

Yeah, no more troops, just send more money to the two creditors, then you don't need to worry about the devaluation of Yen or Yuan.

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Posted in: U.N. to consider validity of China's claim over disputed islands See in context

@cabadaje, Japanese AND Chinese KNOW the US is VERY good at the game but we just think the US shouldn't set the playground in OUR seas. We all like fish and we want the fish to stay in East Asians' bowels, hence hands off, get back to Hawaii and we promise not to attack pearl harbour again ;)

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Posted in: New Komeito leader tells China Abe wants to improve ties See in context

そうですね... take a little, give a little it's a bargainship; they fight they love, it's a relationship. We need to be very patient to watch this couple playing a game of chess...

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Posted in: New Komeito leader visits Beijing to talk about islands See in context

There is a dispute, whatever that is, recognise it, sit down and talk.

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Posted in: Japan to ease U.S., French beef import restrictions See in context

Japanese beef is the best.

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Posted in: Which company’s employee would you like to marry? Nintendo tops rankings in Japan See in context

"I like games" is a perfectly good reason, I suspect the couple won't fight verbally in their marriage - game on ;)

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Posted in: China says U.S. culpable in Japan island dispute See in context

Good question: whether the US has the right to give Japan the administrative rights over the Senkaku/Diaoyu?

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Posted in: China says U.S. culpable in Japan island dispute See in context

I suddenly feel like having a pizza et watch the show... Chine owns them, Japan runs them, the USA either brokers a deal or shut up, simple and easy. Mr Hong's last comment is very interesting since Chinese people have never/ can never / should never trust the US, what's the point?!

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Posted in: Aso says elderly should be allowed to 'hurry up and die' See in context


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Posted in: U.S. position on island dispute a betrayal: China See in context

The best director's reward should go to the USA, it successfully produced the angry Beijing, the Tokyo clown and the audience are happy - watching the show and receiving political/ financial gains. Box office triumph means selling more weapons to countries around the stage out of the prospect of a war and the fear of not being able to self defend, just enough to make balance of that profit lost in national gun control. So all loss for Asians and all wins to Americans? It depends. China can view it as a debitor's effort to pay off its debts and focus more on the solution on "keeping the cake": not long ago, when some powerful nations saw deficit in their trade with China, they thought of war - on Chinese soil. Remember the cake, reverse the order in the menu: have dessert first then the fish ; )

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Posted in: Chinese media seize on Hatoyama's apology at Nanjing Massacre Memorial See in context

At times, the road to peace and development looks so dark, Hatoyama-sama is a light-seeker and he is carrying out a difficult task with courage and hope. I think the best way to heal war-time wounds is to build a mutually beneficial future together. Japan-Korea-China should build an AU, starts with a free trade zone.

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

Very interesting case, JT please follow up. The wording is key... NHK was certainly informed about her leave, however short the notice was; Bodin "cleared her trip" -that's approval from management, or not? Did she obtain a written approval afterwards, even an email? Or a recording of the phone conversation?

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

Truth hurts, n'est ce pas, French_fries? Kindly see comments from Daijoboots just above. Please don't turn reasonable discussions into personal attacks and if you make a claim, you actually need evidence to support it, e.g. Bodin wants 20million yen from NHK, ie money collected from people in the country where she abandoned in time of crisis, it's only fair that Japanese or any sensible person question full evidence of the damages she claimed, otherwise no court shall award her that remedy. I didn't insult you but I'm afraid your French ego is a bit too fragile, excuse my French if you find this insulting : )

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Posted in: 7 services that don’t make sense to foreigners in Japan See in context

I will feel rather uncomfortable if the above-mentioned services aren't available, except for the NHK one. I think NHK should learn from BBC, the fee is composed in when anyone purchases a TV set.

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

French_fries, don't shift the focus to build your case here. The report and the comments are about whether Bodin has legal grounds. If the court of justice actually runs on emotion then NHK will win for sure, no need further discussion: you know why? Japan is home, for better for worse. Bodin is a foreigner ( mind you, in legal terms en anglais/eigo, it's called "alien"), she can abandon ship, abandon job, abandon Japan as she pleases but should she choose to return to Japan AND build a case, NOT press only, then she will have to obey Japanese law. Nobody said Japanese are cold-hearted, you raised the statement. If we disregard the legal side of it all, which is impossible as we are discussing a law suit here, family holds the core value of Japanese culture, I don't think we need French to lecture us on that. AND since we are sensible ( note: not "sensed" ) people, we rather concentrate on the point of "3.5hrs of notice"- this is the "legitimate point" we are discussing. Found your French logic confusing from the very beginning. you can misinterpret the French embassy mail ( partially ) to suit the argument which you failed to build because they weren't logical; but in court, evidence and legal reasonings apply, it has to make sense, not sensibility.

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

Agree with Balefire, that's called professional practice and "normally" expected around the world.

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

Monsieur French-fries, oui, c'est très claire, "il est recommandé" donc c'est pas obligatoire. And there is "if you wish so" right there and then, because the logical explanation follows-suit of " it is recommended", is EXACTLY "if you wish so" then...unless your French logic is somehow different? 2.Nothing is wrong with thinking / taking care of family, but it is not the point of argument, nor will this win Mme Bodin the case. She can send her daughters back to France, I'm sure AF has UM programs on that route. And choose to stay at her job to perform as a qualified journalist. Or she made her choice to leave her post when the company most needed her - how many 8magnitudes hit Japan and induced Nuclear reactor accident? Same liberty shall equally apply to NHK: they evaluate employees' performance, by their performance basically, and what better occasion than a big news of the year/decade to a broadcaster? 3. Employers ( not only Japanese ones, also French ones) will take that 50yr old Chinese "girl" ( c'est une dame là, Monsieur, you can be sarcastic but be respectful, un peu?) over 55yr old French Madame Bodin any time. Attitude dictates performance, for a long term, that's what NHK lawyer can count on : )

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Posted in: Honda chief hopes for end to China-Japan dispute See in context

No, they said: Ryukyu was independent, Diaoyu (Senkaku) has always been Chinese territory and they claimed Japanese control ( over Diaoyu, not Okinawa ) was unlawful / lack of proof / void., etc. < leave the politicians, attorneys to argue, we just want business as usual.

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

Thanks for Blair Herron's link because it provides more details of the scenario and I think NHK can win the case:

Embassy's evacuation order is advisory, not binding hence not obligatory, Mme Bodin had to made that decision by herself. The order merely " strongly advised" implying the danger and basically they couldn't help further those who choose to stay and clear all responsibilities thereafter - in the face of war/ post-disaster, best any government can do is to arrange charter planes and reach out to as many as possible nationals with a warning, they cannot force their nationals to evacuate because it's not a legal obligation by any set of laws: national, EU or international. NHK is a broadcaster, at the peak of sending information nationwide and worldwide on a major disaster (happened on 11th, Mme Bodin wanted to take leave on 15th), the nature of her job is within the scope of journalism, NHK would reasonably expect an experienced announcer to stand by her job to perform; Mme Bodin on the other hand, if she considers herself a true correspondent since she chose the club to announce the case, she should know the Code, especially that of a foreign correspondent: they don't leave the post when big news like this happens, not 4days afterwards when after quakes and aftermaths are uncleared. Her temp replacement is probably not as "experienced" as she does ( but possibly with a better understanding of Code of Conduct in journalism), otherwise NHK should promote the temp, that's perhaps indeed what they did later on. Again, in the wake of such incidents, news agencies/corporations do reasonably expect their most experienced employees to perform. Here, Mme Bodin's seniority became disadvantage ( against her) in the case. The fashion in which she demanded her leave was problematic: "3.5hrs notice before her program" scheduled to air and she "called". She is FRENCH, let's reason her way, so: even in France, a 15-day leave cannot be arranged just by "calling", both the time and the choice of replacement personnel must be ok by superior at least 24-48hrs prior to the holiday actually commences, whether or not the replacement is coming within the same company/section. SICK leaves can shorten the notice period but then she needs to provide the employer with a doctor's note once she is back to the office. AND this applies to "common" companies where contingency plans have less time pressure as that of a news broadcaster. In this case, we can cast certain doubt over whether her supervisor was "forced" into agreement of her arrangements because she called only "3.5hours before her program" which left her superior not much room to seek alternatives and to risk the program not properly broadcast. Did she obtain a written approval from her supervisor regarding the leave afterwards? The letter she received was "dated" 22nd, that shows no intention of NHK to fire her before the incident happened on 15th. On the contrary, that gave NHK enough time to evaluate from a broadcaster's point of view whether Mme Bodin is still fit for the job, ie. her performance is likely to improve or she is going to carry on with this attitude when the next big news breaks in. The best Mme Bodin can hope for to build a case is age/gender discrimination ( if Japanese law has any clauses in her favour in the scope), not on nationality, unfortunately she has to realise that venue of court and legislations applied must be in Japan and Japanese. Because she is suing NHK and she is a (former) employee of NHK, probably a resident of Japan and Japan is not a member country of the EU. There is no ground for discrimination on nationality. Furthermore, Mme Bodin stated that 8 colleagues were on leave and didn't get fired: they gave notices at least 1day in advance ( behavior shows attitude is different, employer might take this as indicator of whether their performance is likely to improve ) they might have taken leaves on different days than Mme Bodin, both parties can argue on this point if advantageous if they are Mme Bodin's colleagues from the "section", we can reasonably assume they are foreign nationals or a high percentage of them is foreign nationals, hence NHK can argue it's NOT discrimination against foreign nationals

As much as we have sympathy for aliens, the court of justice will make decisions according to law. So is true that NHK has every reason to dismiss an employee unfit to be a "journalist", NHK had to seek evidence according to contract and labour law. We can always make press though, welcome to the Club!

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Posted in: Honda chief hopes for end to China-Japan dispute See in context

The power of dreams...although it's "common sense" that Japan-China trade relation is very important, many businessmen actually agree with Ito-san, "I hope the politicians are aware of how important this is".

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