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Posted in: New Bond film 'Skyfall' gets royal red carpet world premiere See in context

Commoners, can't help it, can't help them. God bless the Queen and the Queen's English. I like Dench, she is perfect for M :)

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Posted in: U.S. Senate candidate: When life begins from rape, 'God intended' it See in context

Wanted to say this guy smoked a bit too much weed, but it's scary to think he is a candidate for the SENATE.

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Posted in: More young Japanese women showing nationalistic tendencies See in context

"Make japan look evil"? Japan was worse than evil during WWII, the imperial army was massively brutal and cruel - when all Japanese know this by heart, it will be much easier to build bridges. Till then, we keep building bridges with great difficulty. Both men and women can have strong opinions, however I always think it's most unfortunate that these opinions affect purchase decisions, no matter in Japan, China or Korea. These three countries should creat a free trade zone.

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Posted in: S Korean MPs trigger Japan protest with island visit See in context

Eric-san, if you were born East Asian, you would understand what "land" means to us. It's a tradition to guard, we are not allowed to give in. @Papigiulio, most Chinese protested peacefully including cancellation of their autumn trips to Japan, which was most unfortunate for business. In the current case, both Japanese and Korean are right from their stands, they manifested in their own way.

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Posted in: 10 things foreign guys do that make Japanese girls fall head over heels See in context

I think except for 7&8, Japanese men do the rest of those as well. For 7, I agree "I love you" is not something that you should easily say it, not on the phone. His cuddle is 100times warmer than words, East Asians have a mutual understanding of keeping our emotions in silence, we don't think there is anything wrong with it. For number 8, first bite to let, is caring and romantic, the last one?! Even if the guy takes me to a 2michelin-star, I wouldn't want to see him again, it's basic manner. Btw, Japanese man makes "movie scenes" ten times better than Frenchman, even sex. Go figure;)

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Posted in: Hokkaido welcomes Chinese investors, tourists amid disputes See in context

Bravo for a business-minded Takahashi-san!

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Posted in: China flexes muscles with drills in East China Sea See in context

Oh relax, it's just routine, if it wasn't routine, it will get into routine, expect many more, so better to label it neutrally: Chinese navy drills in East China Sea - less biased, demonstrates more professionalism in news reporting and no need to have a headache the next time for a title of the same routine exercise, just number it, like what the Ministry of Defense does :)

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Posted in: Why Japanese girls are a better catch than Japanese men See in context

Love sees no rules or borders. We shouldn't group a country's men or women and deem which side is more attractive to "foreigners". Every individual is different and when you fall in love, he or she will become most "domestic"> to your heart. Japanese men can be romantic, they work a lot in order to provide for the family (wife and children), perhaps also to hire a maid, so the wife doesn't need to do housework, they are proud of their country and their manhood, at the same time they care for their wives, Japanese or not. So what's wrong with that?

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Posted in: Bon voyage See in context

Why is she wearing the wedding band and the CPrince is not?!

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Posted in: Can men and women really be close platonic friends? See in context

Why would they want to be even if they can?! Platonic sounds rather painful.

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Posted in: 7 Chinese warships spotted off Japanese island See in context

"With US "pivot" to the Asia-Pacific, there has been nothing but conflicts. We don't deserve this fate, we suffered so much during WW2, we need to stay on the course for peace and stability." Can't agree more! Magosaki-san told the truth of that famous "US agenda", actually wise Japanese and Chinese have never believed the Americans' pretentious "good will" but unfortunately at times they had to play along, intl politics. Warships, fishing ships, sail along, just no war please, as Qwerty put it, our people suffered enough, we deserve peace.

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Posted in: China says warships were on scheduled cruising exercise See in context

They are just learning from Uncle Sam: oh we take no sides and we want peace in AP but our defense industry has to "output" and we definitely seek profits in such export, as long as the "stirring up" is far far away from our west coast. Avoiding typhoon of not, it's a counter action, it's legitimate given what they are countering.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador pledges full cooperation over alleged rape on Okinawa See in context

They can't be "on duty" raping Japanese woman on Japanese soil hence should be subject to Japanese law, criminal offense.

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Posted in: Japan angered by French TV host's Fukushima joke about goalkeeper Kawashima See in context

I was with Japanese clients in Germany on 11/3, when I returned to France saw the news and called them, everybody was shocked and saddened, worried because phone lines back home didnt work well and flights were delayed...but in France not many people cared, to them it's just another disaster far far away...some people made jokes about the chocolates I bought from Japan...if it doesn't happen to their country, their people, they can be rather cold/untouched about it. But a public figure joked about it is unacceptable.

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Posted in: China IMF boycott a sign of things to come, say analysts See in context

"There's such a skewed view of freedom of expression in China by the global media, focusing on the anomalies, and blacking out the positives, it is an unhealthy underestimation of the country. It is only when one actually travels and lives there that a clearer picture emerges, warts and all." Well pointed, Qwerty2012.

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Posted in: China IMF boycott a sign of things to come, say analysts See in context

Noda was in a dilemma: nationalise the islands to prevent Ishihara - if Ishihara got control of those islands, Japanese people, right wing or not, would be dragged into war so fast they wouldn't even have time to think why; on the other hand, Noda's move broke the status quo which was: we have dispute over the "ownership" but for the sake to build our two countries' peaceful relationship, we set it aside. His move actually forced China to claim ownership despite his intension was probably to prevent the issue from getting out of control in right wingers' hands./ Give us 3 reasons why China should aid Myanmar, whether that meeting was chaired by Japanese or not.

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Posted in: China loses by not attending IMF, World Bank meetings: Lagarde See in context

Madame Lagarde, China is rather "diplomatic" about it, didn't you see how Germans reacted when they were asked for money? The Chinese simply sent number twos instead of number ones, it's actually very diplomatic since the message is clear: they are in a row with the host country. If they are not diplomatic about it, they would simply and officially say: both the world economy and the islands are in trouble water, we are not in the mood for appreciating Japanese foliage this autumn. Business is business, micro or macro, everybody knows the problem, no need a party ( or name it a convention) to announce it, we just need to work on solutions: brainstorming is fun but it's time to get back in your office and work. On another account in the same matter: Japan and China should find a way to work together, not to save the world but for a better future of their people.

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Posted in: Low-key 40th anniversary of Japan-China ties See in context

I like Nikkei BUSINESS daily's editorial "Japan and China must build good relationships for their people. It is their joint duty to the world,” Don't worry, their people are doing all kinds of business together, including making Japanese+Chinese babies, as long as the Americans are not in their way. China and Japan already tied their knot, arguing is normal, not a divorce any time soon though.

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Posted in: Sony ties up with Olympus, taking 11% stake See in context

It's a sensible move to extend product portfolio. Monday morning PC is easy, just insist on one principle: shoulder off troubles together. If they are not good at book keeping, at least they must be good at words. Press savvy will not help in court but might help this acquisition avoid some negative media "effect" since Sasa sama is under trial.

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Posted in: EU calls for Japan moratorium on executions See in context

Mind their own BUSINESS

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Posted in: Author Murakami wades into Japan-China island row See in context

The most recent one who spoke up with truth got fired, he was a business man with an ideal "~新たな出会い、心の絆~ Murakami san is a writer, he is more skillful with words, we can see :) shame he can't be the next ambassador.

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Posted in: S Korea: Japan must educate its people about World War II See in context

I think the Chinese or Korean has no need to remember the painful part of 20th century, after all what's the point of dwelling on your wound when it's healed. RATHER they should add a chapter to the "Art of War" which will serve Chinese, Korean and Japanese just right: if you have a remote island attacked by others regardless how far it is from the mainland, even in the middle of the Pacific AND regardless of the mental state of the attackers ( legally speaking, those insane shan't be punished ) BUT you must drop bombs on their homeland, a FAT BOY which kills ten times what they killed on that remote island far far away from your mainland THEN build YOUR airbase on THEIR land. This is the only way they will listen to you, about the past, present and future. ~ Leniency was promoted by Confucius ~ so confusing for us who live in the 21st century, leniency is not appreciated, nor rewarded, certainly less memorable than atomic bombs. The worst part? It only speaks of weakness, nothing else but weakness, to non gentlemen.

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Posted in: Philippines hopes to lure Japanese investment from China See in context

If we face the truth and focus on business not feelings, we will admit both China and Japan get hurt and let's not debate which gets hurt the most. Fortunately, as Jay put it, most Japanese businesses are owned and run by professionals, ie they will go to India if they see opportunities and if the projected ROI is likely higher despite they complain to their Chinese wives about the Indian curry. FYI, China invests, too, outbound. BTW, the Germans are definitely laughing, for whatever reason, you might guess.

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Posted in: ANA reports 40,000 reservations canceled on its China routes See in context

akkk1 is right, it's the PEOPLE this time and the J-GOV & some media should wake up and realise the truth so that they might be able to find an appropriate solution to the issue soon. i think the Japanese government misinterpreted the situation and the government should also be held responsible for the deep rooted misunderstanding because if they teach basic facts of WII history ( raw, like sashimi without soy sauce and keep the wasabi if you want, but fish remains fish not a McDonald filet-o-fish ), there are generations of Japanese would and will benefit from it. I think Japanese has every reason to be proud for their culture and many other smithinjapan is also right, most Chinese people condemned those rioters, too and police made arrests, if you calculate the percentage, most people express their opinions peacefully. This morning a friend from Shanghai ( a major agency) said there're 55000persons cancelled trips to Japan, that's within two weeks and they had to close 2 of the 4 routes. Actually we were hoping for Japanese market recovery after the quake but now it's hit again. Just wish decision makers will get sensible, keep building the free trade zone, share energy ( we all need that, lets admit it). Helping trade to grow instead of hurting business ties will help to solve domestic issues in turn. One day, when there're Asia Star trains connecting Japan-China-Korea, we will forget we ever quarreled.

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Posted in: Romney says his 'heart aches' for jobless See in context

Really? Then he is not fit to become the president, imagine those issues that will yield a vital heart attack, which, unfortunately, the US has a lot of them domestically already.

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Posted in: 9 things that make an ‘ikemen’ (hot guy) See in context

Just be Japanese, be men. Not that difficult, isn't it? ; )

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Posted in: Asian casino boom aims to lure region's new rich See in context

Game on, go go go Okada-sama :)

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Posted in: Kiwifruit spokesperson Satomi Ishihara has romantic vision of cooking See in context

She is cute : ) Love the watch she was wearing in the PR, very water-proof, tested 2hs in onsen and true: ) Support New Zealand: a kiwi a day!

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Posted in: Pressure on Japan for stronger laws on child pornography See in context

If there's demand there will be production and circulation. Tokyo (the Parliament) should follow Kyoto and Nara, ban production and possession altogether. Criminal offense will serve these guilty ones right, because they are guilty.

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Posted in: China warns of 'further actions' in Japan island dispute See in context

It doesn't matter who started it: Japanese said the Chinese, Chinese said the Japanese, and the USA has been meddling all along. The USA actually is the origin of all troubles of that set of islands since 1900. Taking no sides? Then why are you so busy moving the chess on the board?? Time to reach a solution, Chinese and Japanese are both smart people, somebody should propose a talk to settle the interests.

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