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Mick_Hardwick comments

Posted in: Japan routs Uzbekistan 5-1 See in context

Good to see the Samurai Blue scoring.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward 1st in Japan to recognize same sex marriage See in context

This is great news for homosexuals. None of my friends are homosexual, but the homosexual community still has my full support. Keep fighting the good fight.

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Posted in: Rolling Stones announce U.S. concert tour See in context

In 1977, Richards was arrested after heroin was found in his Toronto hotel room but escaped a prison sentence after admitting possession.

How is this 38 year old titbit relevant to the article?

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Posted in: Actress Ryoko Yonekura reportedly splits from husband of 3 months See in context

Yonekura married a 37-year-old man who runs his own company last December 26.

Pachinko boss?

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Posted in: U.S. pullout from Afghanistan depends on developing Afghan forces See in context

Duh... don't you think of this criteria as one of top priority in decision making? Obama declared Yemen as a success model in combating terrorism just to pack the tent a few months later. Watch out for another blunder!

Exactly. ISIS would have been nipped in the bud if Obama had allowed the army to maintain a presence in Iraq.

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Posted in: Japan opts for massive, costly sea wall to fend off tsunamis See in context

High school students are going to be studying this in 50 years and thinking, "What the hell were they thinking in 2015!"

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Posted in: Rinko Kikuchi stars in film about girl who went looking for 'Fargo' buried money See in context

I loved Rinko in Sideways. She's all class.

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Posted in: Model Miranda Kerr is hungry for tonkatsu in her new Japanese commercial, but what’s she selling? See in context

It's good to see a young western woman outshining the local ladies.

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Posted in: Paul McCartney announces Budokan concert See in context

I wonder if it grates on him, at 72 years old, to still be referred to as "Former Beatle Paul McCartney?"

He's never been uncomfortble with the description. He's proud of what they achieved.

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Posted in: U.S. veterans return to Iwo Jima for 70th anniversary See in context

It must be a very emotional experience for those veterans. It always chokes me up to see these ceremonies.

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Posted in: Australia downs South Korea 2-1 in extra time to win Asian Cup final See in context

Well done to the Aussies. There was a great atmosphere at the Olympic Stadium with lots of canary yellow shirts, and quite a few red shirts too. I just hope the locals were kind enough to buy a beer or two for the heartbroken Korean fans in the pubs after.

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Posted in: Gov't warns journalists to avoid Turkey-Syria border town See in context

Isn't it time for the Senjo Cameraman?

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Posted in: Romney says he will not run for president in 2016 See in context

Condi Rice... the door is open wide!

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Posted in: Australian Daniel Smith to conduct New Japan Philharmonic See in context

I am thrilled to return to Japan. I have fallen in love with the respect, pride and enthusiasm of the Japanese people

One can't help but wish this guy well. An inspired appointment by the NJP.

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Posted in: 1,789 file Y100 mil damages suit against Benesse over data leak See in context

I guess the Berlitz teachers won't be getting their bonus this year.

Do they usually get one?

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Posted in: UAE eliminates Japan from Asian Cup in penalty shootout; Iraq beats Iran See in context

In the shootout, Honda shot WAYYYY over the crossbar

Was he aiming for the roof of the stand?

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Posted in: 23rd Japan Jewellery Best Dresser Awards go to 9 celebrities See in context

Actress Kyoko Fukuda, 32, winner in the 30s age category, was asked by tabloid media if she would like to receive a wedding ring soon. “Not at all,” she replied. “I would like to continue working hard.”

Like being a married woman and working hard are mutually exclusive!!

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Posted in: Prayers for hostages See in context

Besides them one thing that's positive in Japan compared to many other nations is that there is not the same kind of automatic knee-jerk reaction towards all Muslims in general

What "other nations" would you be referring to?

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

She`s very... delectable.

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Posted in: Warming up See in context

He barely managed to beat a guy ranked 270 places lower than him last week. Don`t expect too much from him right now!

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Posted in: University lecturer found naked on campus in Tokyo See in context

She`s 21? I would have stripped and then crawled over broken glass for her.

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Posted in: Ref rage proves costly for Honda, Queiroz at Asian Cup See in context

Honda complained that a J-player merely had to brush an oppostion player to be penalized. Meanwhile the referee turned a blind eye to a couple of blatant yellow card offences committed against Japan.

It`s only natural that a top athlete would feel frustration when playing a game refereed by a person out of their depth.

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Posted in: Okada elected leader of main opposition DPJ See in context

Okada is the most down-to-earth politician in Nagatacho. Despite what other posters have written, he has a firm grip on reality. Hes well traveled, and I do mean that hes been to Nasu a few times. Hes aware of Japans position in the world, and what it needs to do. It`s about time that someone in the DPJ provided some kind of opposition. Okada is one man who can provide it. Where there is Okada, there is hope.

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Posted in: Japan opens Asian Cup with 4-0 win over Palestine See in context

Does anyone know the make-up of the Palestinian team? How many are from Gaza and how many are from the West Bank?

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Posted in: Japan lose fullback Uchida for Asian Cup See in context

What a shame. As he`s their most handsome player, a lot of the ladies will be disappointed.

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

NHK documentaries are getting a fair bit of support here. My favourite one was a support piece for the fishermen of Taiji.

The highlight for me was a fisherman sitting in his truck (which was transporting a dolphin), blocked by foreign protesters, and calling his wife to ask, "How do you say doitekudasai in English?"

Like a Taiji fisherman would actually do that if the camera wasn`t on!!

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context


Perhaps you`d like to try to watch a few dramas without having your intelliegence insulted.

Sit still though, otherwise you might fall down one of those plot holes!

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

Article: Lots of people think Japanese TV is dreadful. Do you agree?

User #1: Yes.

User #2: Yes.

User #3: I don't know who you are but I reckon I'm better at Japanese than you, so your opinion is wrong.

Right on the money there, Harald!! And you`ve got downvoted too!! Thin skins!!

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context


Here's the link to a great way to enjoy J-drama...


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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

Japanese TV drama is so predictable that there is a simple drinking game for it.


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