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Posted in: Washi paper added to list of UNESCO intangible heritage items See in context

I applaud the fact that washi is now on the list.

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Posted in: Jones on cloud nine after Japan rise in rugby rankings See in context

Eddie Jones is the man. Japan's best coach ever!

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Posted in: Germany marks 25 years since fall of Berlin Wall See in context

Great comments from Ms Merkel. Are you watching LDP?

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Posted in: Police launch 'chikan eradication' campaign at Ikebukuro Station See in context

One hand on your bag and the other on the overhead strap. It`s the safest way to travel.

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Posted in: 'Frozen'-inspired bra changes color when you’re near a friend See in context

At least model the bra on women who need to wear one. Nekkopai.

My thoughts exactly. These pechapai girls remind me of battery chicken.

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Posted in: Japan to send team to N Korea for update on abductee probe See in context

They'd better take a truckload of cash, booze and ciggies to grease the wheels.

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Posted in: Man attacks student, steals her skirt in Ibaraki See in context

The assailant is described as being in his 30s or early 40s, chubby, about 170 cms tall and was wearing a black jacket. He also wore glasses.

I'm getting an image of a certain stereotype here. Perhaps this guy lives with his parents too? And has an unsightly mole or two?

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Posted in: 3 teens arrested over vending machine arson See in context

They certainly sound like three ne'er do wells.

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Posted in: Tokyo pulls plug on late-night Roppongi-Shibuya bus service See in context

You get the feeling you might be set upon by a pugnacious drunk. I tried it once, and never went back.”

Sounds like the trains in Sydney on Saturday nights.

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Posted in: Zoo abandons bid to mate hyena 'couple' as both male See in context

A psuedo scrotum... Mmm!

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Posted in: Bob Sapp tops bill for Pyongyang fight night See in context

Bob Sapp is one of my favorite celebrities on Japanese TV, and he conveys a positive image of the foreign community in Japan.

He comes across as intelligent, gracious and down to earth, and he seems to enjoy the different roles he plays.

Yep - That's how he comes across in his biography...** **


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Posted in: Y15,000 paid for Coke bottles with celebrity names See in context

No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the general public.

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Posted in: 22 Japan Restoration Party members to join Ishihara's new party See in context

Little boys with their little political games. This culture of political musical chairs only adds to the contempt that these people deservedly get. They must be so proud of themselves.

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Posted in: Complaints on the rise from consumers sustaining minor cornea injuries from colored contact lenses See in context

Wearing contacts for no medical purpose? No sympathy from me.

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Posted in: Honda cuts production in Thailand by 40% See in context

Patricia ー I'm with you all the way on that one.

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Posted in: 3 women arrested for beating acquaintance to death See in context

I'm not surprised. Shinjuku ku is a bubbling cauldron of sleaze and crime.

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Posted in: Man on bike throws cup of urine at woman in 5th such incident since April See in context

Aah Adachi. The Bronx of Tokyo,

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Posted in: Kinki University to change pervy English name See in context

I always thought that the naughtiest Japanese place name was the Kanto Plain as it is said in Japanese.

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Posted in: Kinki University to change pervy English name See in context

The Kinki Kids have caused a lot of confusion...


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Posted in: 300 koi, other fish die in Saitama aquarium; second time this year See in context

Do the people hating on Saitama realize that by doing so they reveal their snobbish nature to all.

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Posted in: Abe takes Obama to Jiro's in Ginza for sushi dinner See in context

I love that Obama is getting taken to a 3-star, incredibly exclusive sushi shop, and Bush was just taken to an izakaya.

So you`re saying that Obama is a snob and they had to cater to his high tastes?

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Posted in: Tamori's 'Waratte Iitomo' variety program ends after nearly 32 years See in context

I`m watching the final show as I type. It seems like all the other Japanese comedians have joined Tamori for the last show. So many unfunny guys on stage together. If they were all to quickly follow Tamori into retirement, I for one would be absolutely delighted.

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Posted in: Malaysia says it is not sure which way jet was headed See in context

Is there any chance that the pilot was paid to fly the plane to Sri Lanka? Their government isn`t really a beacon of freedom, justice and transparency.

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Posted in: Mie dentist arrested after massaging woman’s chest See in context

The woman in the article may not read this site, and I'm very sure she doesn't


What makes you so sure?

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Posted in: Shares fall 2.35% on year's first trading day See in context

I guess the idea to have all those female employees wear kimono wasn`t so effective.

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Posted in: China warns U.S., Japan, Australia not to gang up in sea disputes See in context

If you are surprised why the Australian-American security relationship is so strong than go back and consult that history you referred to, the one where the US saved Aus from Imperial Japan.

The US saved Australia from Imperial Japan? When did that happen?

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Posted in: 2020 Olympics might spell end for Shinjuku's 'Golden Gai' See in context

I would stand in front of bulldozers to protect that place. A small area in the middle of the world`s largest city containing independent businesses - all Tokyo residents should be proud of Golden Gai.

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Posted in: Abe says Olympics 'will repay debt we owe the world' See in context

We will pay the debt of support we owe the world from the time of the tsunami

So are they now acknowledging that there was help from overseas?

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Posted in: TEPCO president apologizes to Fukushima fishermen See in context

Did he go there in the limo, wearing the Italian suit and the rolex, or was he told to leave them at home?

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Posted in: Antics of 3 students at Universal Studios Japan result in charges See in context

Little boys

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