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Also, it's interesting that your message pretty much boils down to "Love It Or Leave It" when it comes to Japan.

No, that was Ghosn thinking... I stay and take the fight when needed, improve where I can, speak out when I feel for it and push my Japanese friends to vote, and vote smart.

I just think people should not get surprised when ending up in collision with the justice system after breaking the law, and that the justice system most likely win, when you actually broke the law (no matter if you like the law or not), and that the justice system will not be too kind and friendly towards you if you are convicted... Same everywhere.

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I have been in Japan for 14 years, with zero issues with the Japanese justice system... all people here that hates it so much, what did you do?

...my guess is that Ghosn hates to be accused for a crime he did, which he knows other did too and got away with, he also hints to some arrogant privileged idea that because he did some good things in Japan everyone should ignore the bad things...

Most likely Ghosn is as guilty as most of the 1%+ people.

If you believe there is a country with a perfect and just justice system without any bias, you are not the sharpest tool in the shed, but Japan is not much worse than most others (US and UK included)... a good advice in life, do not break the law and behave like a rude obnoxious idiot anywhere in the world and things most likely work out fine! Or accept that when you do the crime you might have to do the time, no point in complaining afterward.

I think Japanese justice system can be highly improved in many aspects, though UN with members like Saudi Arabia and Iran, calling it medieval is a joke. And none of those issues makes Ghosn innocent.

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Emperor hopes 2020 will be disaster-free year

Why would he hope for anything else? Have he ever hoped for anything else previous years? will he ever hope for disasters in the future?

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Yeah..... 330 Million Americans are being poisoned by U.S. Beef. Sure... maybe some of U.S. beef might be crap but it is not an epidemic. I've eaten U.S. Beef all my life... same with my friends, and we're all doing fine. Japan needs to cooperate and drop the protective tariffs.

But are you all doing fine though? You voted in the greatest moron on this planet to be the president, I would say that is anything but fine.

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I do understand peoples emotions of hate towards these abusers and the call for cruel punishments... but I would much more like to study these two people closely and other in similar cases, and instead of always hide behind the irrational and stupid concept of "Evil", figure out what went wrong, when and why. I am pretty sure we would learn some horrible things about ourselves and our society that many would prefer to close ones eyes against, but if we truly wish a better world, the solution is not to punish the evil outside, but to acknowledge the "evil" within and make something about that instead.

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Kid have an instinctive fear of heights.

That is completely wrong. I had no fear of heights what so ever as a child, and I was found doing extreme acrobatic tricks from our 4th floor windows and balcony, and occasionally from 7th top floor in our apartment building. And my parents did everything they could to stop me, with locks and chains, but I figured out how to open them. I never had fear of heights until I got my own wild child, then I became afraid of everything..

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In Sweden a Normal pizza is larger than a large pizza in Japan, and the price for it would be around 50-80 SEK (which would be around 1200 yen). Delivery is included in that price. There are pizzerias everywhere in Sweden and it is very popular food, for example in a small society of about 12000 residents (where I used to live) we had 6 pizzerias. I should also mention that they were very delicious. Also the options of different pizzas were in an average pizzeria at least around 35. Besides Pizzas though I am very satisfied with Japanese pricing and product qualities.

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