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Mickelicious comments

Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after her neck gets stuck in car window See in context

Moronic learned helplessness (TV reports that the child was unbelted).

A 2 year-old cannot get their head out a car window if they're belted into their seat, and the child seat is secured to the rear car seat.

Does the parent only put their own seatbelt on to stop the alarm buzzing?

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Posted in: Hamas says latest cease-fire talks have ended; Israel vows military operation in 'very near future' See in context

Another threat to talks came as Israel ordered the local offices of Qatar’s Al Jazeera satellite news network to close, accusing it of broadcasting anti-Israel incitement. The ban did not appear to affect the channel’s operations in Gaza or the West Bank.

elsewhere, the bigger picture:

A government statement said Israel’s communications minister had signed orders to act immediately to close al Jazeera’s offices in Israel, confiscate broadcast equipment, cut the channel off from cable and satellite companies and block its websites.


If nothing else, the claim to be a democracy can finally be put to bed.

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Posted in: Progress reported in Gaza truce talks, but Israel downplays chances of ending war with Hamas See in context

The bloodlust, famine and genocide continue.

Shame on us all as a species.

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Posted in: Biden and Netanyahu speak as pressure grows on Israel and Hamas to reach a cease-fire deal See in context

Netanyahu is a wet dream for Hamas and vice versa.

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Posted in: Man arrested after filming up skirt of high school girl on escalator See in context

Too far to visit Kabukicho from Hakata.

Hakata will have its own little equivalent.

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Posted in: Japan grants special residency permit to Russian man opposing Putin See in context

When will we hear of Japan's first novichok incident?

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Posted in: Meta sued in Japan over investment ads with fake celebrity endorsements See in context

Meanwhile, a Meta public relations official said the company will refrain from commenting on individual cases.

Atlas shrugs

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Posted in: Imperial garden party See in context

I wonder what they talk about during the meet and greets. 

Entomology and its etymology.

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Posted in: Japan eyes cashless tax refunds to stem illicit resale by tourists See in context

Government happily spending vast sums of our taxes to clamp down on what frankly sounds like more of an urban myth than a serious business model.

But there have been a number of cases

How many cases?

where travelers purchase massive amounts of tax-free items

Define massive.

and resell them for profit at tax-inclusive prices before departing Japan

To whom? This makes absolutely zero commercial sense.

according to the sources.

what sources?

This proposed profligacy sounds more like an amakudari scheme for customs officials or the like, managed by that huge staffing agency.

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Posted in: Enjoy 'conveyor belt' sushi at home See in context

Instant landfill.

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Posted in: Rate of small firms in Japan hiking wages rises to 63% in FY2024 See in context

Rate of small firms in Japan hiking wages rises to 63% in FY2024

Surely that's ratio?

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Posted in: Former PM Taro Aso looking to meet Trump during New York visit See in context

Born for each other?

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store packs whole bento into onigiri rice ball See in context

this product was designed with taipa (“time performance“) in mind

Mindless, low value input to fuel mindless, low value output?

Heck ya! I’ll dig through that in a sec!

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Posted in: Toyota to recall over 130,000 Prius hybrid cars due to door glitch See in context

Toyota have really pushed the exterior design envelope with the new Prius.

It's a pity the interior doesn't match the sophistication of the body.

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Posted in: Actor Hugh Grant settles privacy lawsuit against Murdoch's Sun tabloid See in context

Hugh Grant plays a low life, über sleazy Cockney journalist in The Gentlemen.

A heartfelt performance, obviously.

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Posted in: Japan's Paris Olympic Games uniforms unveiled See in context


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Posted in: What do you think about diplomatic immunity? See in context

It's a sacrosanct privilege that should be respected by all.

Diplomatic properties are sacrosanct, too, and any violation of that should be punished with the full weight of the international community. No ifs, ands, or buts.

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Posted in: Stolen ¥10 mil gold bowl found in secondhand store See in context

Exhibitor's incompetence rescued by thief's.

Ginza tonight, boys!

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Posted in: Tokyo Banana Curry adds capital’s souvenir sweet’s sweetness to roux, but not in Tokyo See in context

I'm sure it has an interesting ingredients list, but who cares? Right?

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Posted in: Israeli settlers rampage through West Bank village, killing 1 Palestinian and wounding 25 See in context

Dozens of angry Israeli settlers 

Words can be very powerful. Is the inference that these entitled, protected, frequently murderous pirates have a valid grievance?

How about some further context, that in the same West Bank, Palestinians of all ages are subject to draconian military law, while 'settlers,' merely answer to wrist-slapping civil courts. Here's a video of an 8 year-old (yes, eight years old) being dragged from his house for the temerity of throwing a stone at a heavily armoured army jeep:


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Posted in: 89-year-old Japanese man rides bike 600 kilometers to visit his 61-year-old son See in context

Google Maps gives cycling routes in Tokyo, but is hit-and-miss outside of it.

Recently when pedalling out in the sticks on car navigation, it kept suggesting 'faster' but longer routes : |

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Posted in: Israel on alert after Iranian threat as Gaza war grinds on See in context

US foolishly continues to pay the piper without understanding how the world has moved away from support of Israel.

...and NATO and G8 and...

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Posted in: ¥10 mil gold bowl stolen from Tokyo department store See in context

Unlocked? I know TIJ, but really?

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Posted in: Japan's northeastern region jolted by M6.0 quake See in context

Felt it here in central Tokyo. A long one.

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Posted in: Leader of Northern Ireland's main unionist party steps down as he is charged with sexual offenses See in context

British police generally don't identify suspects by name.

'British' refers to England, Scotland and Wales, as in the official country name the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The partisan Royal Ulster Constabulary was replaced by the Police Service of Northern Ireland in 2001.

To describe the latter as 'British' is inaccurate, and dismisses the fact that Irish identity holds equal legitimacy to British identity in a region where the Irish identity Sinn Féin (whose voters favour Irish Unity over continued Union with Britain) is the largest political party.

The author's LinkedIn profile describes them as a business and economy writer, so I'll cut them some slack.

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Posted in: Japan approves plan to sell fighter jets to other nations in latest break from pacifist principles See in context

Will it be Japanese design, Italian engine and British gearbox?

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Posted in: Toyota to open new Tokyo head office in Shinagawa in FY2030 See in context

Makes a lot of sense even if the Maglev goes pear shaped, there's always the Shink.

The current offices are getting quite old, and hardly conducive to a company of TMC's status.

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Posted in: Because we are required to prevent secondhand smoke, the decision was unavoidable if we put our customers first. See in context

All things to all men statement, with deference to higher authority salving wounds.

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Posted in: Police officer busted for stealing women’s underwear from several residences See in context

Perhaps pre-emptive spanking might relieve their tensions.

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