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Posted in: Activists fight Tokyo gov't over historic Jingu Stadium demolition See in context

It's also true, that millions of the people living in Tokyo really do not give a hoot about nature, and have a horror of insects, etc. 

At a suburban park barbecue with Mickelicious Jr's classmates, a half Kiwi kid's first reaction to an ant colony was to grab mummy's ant spray, and douse all and sundry in a cloud of insecticide. The shock nearly killed his (also half Kiwi) vegetarian classmate and his vegan JP mum.

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Posted in: Father arrested for inflicting brain damage on 5-month-old son See in context

has already been indicted for abuses and injuries inflicted on his eldest son when the child was eight months old.

Is that part of the current arrest/custody or a previous arrest?

Too often we see jealous man babies walk free to repeat vile abuse.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for stealing ¥30 million from Ibaraki residence last June See in context

Too conscientious to steal a car?

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Posted in: Record-low 2,610 traffic-related deaths reported in Japan in 2022 See in context

I've relocated more centrally from the outer burbs, and I'm glad of Tokyo's footpaths/sidewalks, as the 'shared space' concept just doesn't work. Kids bring their playground running-around-and-bumping-into-each-other habits into their cycling and ultimately their driving. As a pedestrian, cyclist and driver this is terrifying.

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Posted in: 43-year-old man arrested for assaulting son at hotel See in context

The boy needs to man up.

A despicable remark. My dad was a bit physical, and so was I in turn, I'm ashamed to say.

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Posted in: It is important to let customers know they are being watched by human eyes even in unmanned shops by putting up posters saying, ‘Live videos are being webcast,’ for example. See in context

This is merely part of the cost of reducing headcount.

Stop treating valued customers like criminal suspects.

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Posted in: Giant beam of light shooting from temple in Japan makes for stunning scene See in context

More light pollution, like a pachinko parlour more than anything else.

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Posted in: Japan to put off tax hike to cover increased defense spending See in context

Just get a bung from the anti-communist Unification Church.

They're always thrilled to help the LDP, surely?

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Posted in: 334 prefectural assembly members had ties with Unification Church See in context

Did our studio audience...

Demand root-and-branch reform?

Accept a stuffed envelope to look away?

Pretend not to understand the question?

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Posted in: Japanese journalist freed from Myanmar prison vows to tell story See in context

Speaks volumes that he's at the FCCJ.

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Posted in: Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages See in context

The total of 599,636 Japanese born in January-September was 4.9% below last year’s figure, suggesting the number of births in all of 2022 might fall below last year's record low of 811,000 babies, he said.

It certainly looks that way. Methinks Mickelicious Junior will be getting the hell out of Dodge when he turns 18.

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Posted in: Lawson opens 1st avatar-staffed convenience store in Tokyo See in context

I bet this is really slow, with redundant confirmation steps.

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Posted in: Ad agency Hakuhodo, others raided as Olympic bid-rigging investigation widens See in context

Stand by for imminent inaction!

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Posted in: UK university staff, Scottish teachers, postal workers begin walkouts See in context

Interesting there's no more Minister for Brexit Opportunities portfolio.

There's obviously no need, as we enter a winter of blisscontent.

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Posted in: Ramen-based fuel now powers Japanese sightseeing railway See in context

A bit sceptical myself, having run three cars on biodiesel in Europe.

The lard content of the biodiesel will be ridiculously low though maybe enough to lend a tonkotsu ramen aroma to the exhaust for the ワイワイ! factor.

The tempura oil will be much cleaner. I always had to replace fuel filters after the first 1,000 or so km because so much gunk from fossil diesel was stripped from the tank and pipes by the vegetable oil, which - crucially - solidifies at significantly lower temperatures.

Is there a tax dodge in there somewhere?

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Posted in: New York issues first licenses for legal pot dispensaries See in context

the costs to society at large far outweighs any taxation revenue

worse could be said for advertising, alcohol, consumer credit, gambling...

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Posted in: More than one in three Japanese working women in survey would rather be housewives See in context

I'd be a househusband in a heartbeat if my wife could command the same fees.

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Posted in: An estimated 33% of married couples get a divorce each year, according to the Japanese government. Why do you think the figure is so high and do you think this is a worldwide trend? See in context

those who remain "married" for convenience but are with different partners.

technically illegal, and the spouse can sue that new partner for a big chunk of her/his assets.

If you're married and have fallen in love with someone else, proceed with extreme caution.

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Posted in: Ad agency ADK reports bid rigging for Tokyo Olympic test events See in context

...could face imprisonment of up to five years or fines of up to 5 million yen. Corporations could face fines of up to 500 million yen.

Chickenfeed. Pocket change for those involved, tax write offs for companies.

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Posted in: Japan fans See in context

Congratulations, Japan!

What an amazing start to your tournament.

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Posted in: Japan sets up panel to review foreign trainee program See in context

Before you make comments about someone or something, you really should educate yourself as to who or what you are talking about

I've had multiple interactions with JICA overseas. The skills transfer in this scheme is too often negligible with the sourcing of regionally cost-competitive labour the primary aim.

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Posted in: Japan sets up panel to review foreign trainee program See in context

Akihiko Tanaka, president of the Japan International Cooperation Agency

The programme shouldn't be seen as alms, but acknowledge that workers may want to continue in Japan and make a life here. It's a win/win in terms of growing participants, the companies hiring them, and society.

Anything less is cynical exploitation aimed at competing at the bottom feeder end of the value chain.

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Posted in: What is the Unification Church, and how will Japan's probe affect it? See in context

What is the Unification Church, and how will Japan's probe affect it?

A nasty brainwashing, life-sucking cult that will emerge relatively unscathed, possibly rebranded.

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Posted in: If you have been traveling on planes recently, have you noticed an increase in the number of passengers who stuff the overhead baggage compartments with too many bags? See in context

Concur with most here. The planet could do with more minimalism, and less flying, TBH.

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Posted in: Gov't begins Unification Church probe amid anger over ties with ruling party See in context

Why does the media criticise the UC, which has committed neither kidnapping nor murder, calling it a cult, while defending Aum

When did the media defend Aum?

And yes, UC IS a highly manipulative organisation preying on people's fears and organising mass weddings of people who don't know each other, AKA a cult. Suck it up, sugar.

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Posted in: The ups and downs of being ‘half Japanese’ in Japan See in context

Traditional archery practice at the local budokan (not the famous one), and a kid openly describes my son as kimoi, apparently an abbreviated kimochi warui, for being half European.

A scared little bunny caught in the headlights of change, challenge and opportunity.

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Posted in: Recession-hit UK needs more migrant labor: business group See in context

Recession-hit UK needs more migrant labor: business group

Oh, the Brexirony.

Colour me shocked.

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Posted in: Trial of English-speaking test for Tokyo high schools face opposition from some parents See in context

Has anyone had positive dealings with the cute little tiger?

Asking for many friends.

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Posted in: Digital SLR camera featuring dustproof, weather-resistant construction perfect for outdoor photography See in context

I'm blown away by some of the shots I'm getting with my iPhone recently.

Given its myriad other applications, the only single function device I carry is a mechanical watch.

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Posted in: Honda to begin sales of all-new ZR-V SUV in April 2023 See in context

I saw a couple of these outside dealers on Saturday.

As dull as ditchwater. Zzz。

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