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Posted in: FamilyMart introduces sauced buns to turn their popular fried chicken into burgers See in context

It's certainly cheap and fast.

I wouldn't dwell too long on why it's so cheap, the bird's terrifying, short life, or the effects of ingesting those stress hormones.

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Posted in: Visiting Texas to see border wall, Trump takes no responsibility for Capitol riot See in context

“People thought that what I said was totally appropriate,” Trump said.

People who swallow your lies, yes.

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Posted in: FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next week See in context

Our president's been kidnapped by the lizards!

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Posted in: UK retailers call for police help to enforce mask rules; Johnson says nation in race against time See in context

People still not masking up. Moral flaccidity.

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Posted in: Do you find it troubling that Big Tech can silence a U.S. president, or anyone, for that matter? See in context

It's a pity they didn't do it earlier. People would still be alive.

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Posted in: Man arrested after injuring, robbing woman in her 90s See in context

he needed money

for pachinko

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Posted in: A year after first confirmed death in China, coronavirus source still a puzzle See in context

In case China was found to be the culprit, it must be held financially accountable for this epic disaster.

Dream on. It's not like the politburo are billionaires. Oh wait...

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Posted in: Signal, Telegram see demand spike as new WhatsApp terms stir debate See in context

Nothing to stop FB selling the results to everyone from butt plug vendors to gulag governors.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan updates children’s Happy Meals to be more inspiring and nutritionally sound See in context

Why can't we get the fruit bag that they do in a lot of other countries? (Apple slices, grapes, etc..).


Or the bag of carrot sticks?

Crispy is popular, crunchy less so.

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Posted in: Further sumo infections could mean tournament cancellation See in context

Slow learners.

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Posted in: An isolated Trump faces looming impeachment threat See in context

We'll never forget you, Davey Crump!

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Posted in: An isolated Trump faces looming impeachment threat See in context

Trump wasn't YOUR President for the past 4 years. Why does Joe have to be MY President for the next 4?

Because Dolt 45 represented his supporters and attacked everyone else. Biden represents ALL Americans.

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Posted in: New Mercedes screen to stretch nearly full width of car See in context

Oh brilliant. Next we'll have screens while we sleep, too.

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Posted in: 2 suspects arrested over murder of man, attempted murder of his wife in Miyagi See in context

a company employee

I wonder what kind of company.

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Posted in: PBS' 'All Creatures Great and Small' aims to be timely tonic See in context

"The only brown character is the cow!" -- SJW

There's been a sizeable Pakistani community in Yorkshire for decades, and the county is famous for its curry houses. Any other shrill bleatings for us?

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Posted in: Man who sat at Pelosi's desk faces charges; FBI probes officer's death See in context

The protestors weren't even armed, they just walked right past security.

That's an interesting description of scaling walls, breaching bullet-proof windows, battering down doors and bludgeoning a cop to death with a fire extinguisher. True patriots.

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Posted in: EU says it has secured nearly half of Pfizer's 2021 global output of COVID-19 shots See in context

All well and good. What about the developing world?

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Posted in: With virus surging, Biden to speed release of COVID vaccines See in context

To the outgoing Spreader-in-Chief:

We'll never forget you, Davey Shrimp!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,268 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,790 See in context

Stay home, stay safe, folks!

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Posted in: Google suspends Parler social networking app from Play Store; Apple gives 24-hour warning See in context

The first a tsunami of consequences for bludgeoning a cop to death inside the Capitol.

Go after the ringleaders' Google and Apple accounts, too.

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Posted in: With virus surging, Biden to speed release of COVID vaccines See in context

Spreading like wildfire. Stay home and stay safe, America!

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Posted in: Wider COVID-19 curbs heighten double-dip recession risk in Japan See in context

Wider COVID-19 curbs heighten double-dip recession risk in Japan

And the cost of no curbs is...?

Japan's best companies are doing well by going up the value chain. The country needs to, too. Education is key to that, and so is critical thinking on an individual level.

Unless the country seeks to be ripe pickings for China, the LDP must die, and proper meritocratic democracy - warts and all - be achieved. No more fealty, press clubs, or gerontocracy.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim says U.S. is Pyongyang's 'biggest enemy' See in context

And Dolt 45 has the nuclear football‼️


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Posted in: Democrats plan impeachment; Twitter deletes Trump's account See in context

Once this changes

You need to go upstream of that, and ensure there are no profits to be made in incarcerating people.

You need to treat America's drugs problem as a medical - not a criminal - issue, to reframe drug use as something sad, not something rebellious.

Education, education, education.

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Posted in: Personal info of 9,500 COVID-19 patients in Fukuoka Prefecture leaked online See in context

This means social death for those Covid patients.

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Posted in: Republicans recoil from Missouri Sen Hawley after riot See in context

I love the smell of Schadenfreude in the morning.

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Posted in: Democrats plan impeachment; Twitter deletes Trump's account See in context

I'm really going to miss Dolt 45.




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Posted in: Mr Donut collaborates with current 'world’s best pastry chef' Pierre Marcolini on new collection See in context

Testing price elasticity. Cute.

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