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Posted in: UK ministry's home page linked to Japanese porn site See in context

Hahaha, all because of that idiot Jackie Smith and her husbands porn viewing paid for out of "expenses". The security of everything in Britain is rubbish.

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Posted in: American consul general in Okinawa doused with coffee See in context

Someone done that to me i'd punch them in the cakehole. Coffee might burn, that's ABH innit?

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Posted in: Pope, in Africa, says condoms won't solve AIDS problem See in context

Ban religion i say, get saom sanity back into this world.

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Posted in: Cheap booze? British tradition under threat See in context

Why does people always pick on us British on here? Loads of countries have mor alcoholics and problems with drunks than Britain like Finland an dmany others. In Japan them salaryman is sick eevryday all over the trains and people, if someone done that in England they'd get nicked or get a kickin.

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Posted in: Cheap booze? British tradition under threat See in context

British people like a drink, so what, big deal. Lots of Yanks like to take crack and lots of Dutch smoke dope. Britain will drink and Gordon Brown already said this idea is stupid, so that's the end of that then.

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Posted in: Sales staff can learn new tricks from old dogs See in context

winniebhoy, Thats what me mate Rodney's older brother always says, do you know him?

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Posted in: Tokyo’s St Patrick’s Day Parade – It’s a long way from Tipperary See in context

Who needs a special day to have a booze up, i mean , it's a bit stupid isn't it.Just another money making scheme i reckon.

I get tanked up every Friday and Saturday down the Nags Head whatever the occaision.

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Posted in: Mottainai Campaign enjoying new relevance See in context

888naff; Rubbsh, every British council has recycling facilities. It is actually recycled, most of Japans is put together and burnt, check it out.

Mottainai campaign is useless, Japanese are not green, and only recycle clothing to make money, not like other countries for charity. Japans green credentials are low. Check the Kyoto targets so far, the only country to reach the targets so far are Britain.

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