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Posted in: U.S. Navy says China's military buildup won't stop patrols See in context

The CCP will never relent in its attempts to fabricate ownership of something it doesn't... Starting with China.

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Posted in: Uncertainties still surround 'Abenomics' despite growth run See in context

Unfortunately, China is a one-party state, and, as such, the population is controlled by the Communist Party of China. The CCP is the opposite of democracy and does not obey any rule of law, instead imprisoning people and subjecting them to extra-judicial punishment if they want to speak freely, criticize the government, etc. As such, any economic involvment with China only enriches the CCP and further entrenches its dictatorial hold on power. Until the CCP is removed from power and the Chinese people are free from the CCP's tyranny, further economic involvment with China will only damage any democratic country involved. While "Abenomics" is a joke and Japan's economy's problems are legion, it is best to solve these problems by dealing with internal issues and intelligently engaging democratic states.

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Posted in: Golden Age crooner Vic Damone dead at 89 See in context

I was thinking the exact same thing!

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Posted in: Ousted Thai leaders leave Japan for Hong Kong See in context

Thailand is ruled by a military junta with no rule of law... Just the arbitrary actions of the military. These former prime ministers might be corrupt and in need of punishment, but calling them "convicted criminals" is a stretch when they have been "convicted" by a group of military thugs that have repealed the constitution and rule by fiat.

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Posted in: With military parade, Kim Jong Un thumbs nose at U.S. See in context


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Posted in: With military parade, Kim Jong Un thumbs nose at U.S. See in context

Trump, fraulein, is above nothing.

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Posted in: S Korean dog meat restaurants refuse to stop serving for Olympics See in context

"Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys."

Don't much cotton to dog-eating, myself, but there it is. The only dog farmer I ever knew ran a pretty humane set-up (as humane as you can get when you are killing reasonably intelligent animals). The impressive thing was that his operation had changed with the times, he prided himself on raising only organic, grass-fed dog. He also claimed to have a negative carbon-footprint. Yes. Grass-fed (it was processed into a meal-chow).

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Posted in: Subpar AKB48 performance in Thailand earns scathing remarks from netizens See in context

This is one of the perils of totally sucking.

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Posted in: Budget plan's $1 trillion deficit sours some Republicans See in context

These Republicans have more excuses than a pregnant nun. The simple truth is that they have never cared about paying off the deficit, shrinking government, and making the USA a debt-free nation with long-term stability and internal development. It has always been about stymying whatever plans the Democrats forward (many of which are awful) regardless of the policy. Now that they can spend like drunken sailors, the Republicans are content to further rape the country without addressing the hard issues of cutting overall spending and the size of the government. Disgusting, but typical of the hypocracy on either side of the elected fence. Good luck with paying of a trillion-dollar-plus increase in the existing annual deficit with economic growth after cutting the tax burden of the corporations in half.

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Posted in: Mercedes-Benz apologises to China after quoting Dalai Lama See in context

Thanks to the CCP and foreign investment, China is a flourishing police state where arbitrary detention and death are standard. That is exactly why any country that claims to be democratic should absolutely and completely abandon any interaction with the CCP and the lands it currently rules over. It is because the CCP has accumulated so much money, so many trade connections, and so much interest in China while killing or imprisoning anyone and everyone involved in seeing actual democracy develop in China that the democracies of the world should disengage from the failed policy of getting rich quick and hoping the CCP lets the Chinese people develop their nation free from the tyranny of the dictatorship of the CCP's cabal of dictators. Mercedes is another in a long line of short-sighted sycophants hat-in-hand before the coffers of the CCP. It is never unrealisitc to take a stand against tyranny. It may cost you your life (if you are in China), but on a global scale it is always necessary.

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Posted in: U.S. congressional leaders forge budget deal that adds to deficit See in context

Republicans have not been fiscally conservative since the '50s, its just been lip service while they have done everything possible to increase the deficit. Now, they have come out of the closet to join the Democrats. Neither of these parties care a wit for lowering the deficit and know they can get away with it because no-one holds their own representative accountable. Now that Trump and his Rebublican cronies are comfortable with trashing and ripping off the USA publicly, people need no longer focus on the non-existant fiscal differences between Republicans and Democrats.

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Posted in: Trump steps up fight over Russia probe after release of FBI memo See in context

Alas, the trumpettes squeal to Putin's melody. I never thought I would see the Republicans so desperately siding with Soviets. I was dissapointed years past when they sold Taiwan out, but their totalitarian desires are ever-surprising. But, politics does, as is said, make strange bedfellows. And, of course, instead of having a leader, the USA is saddled with a dim-witted pathological liar that insists his speech was the most viewed event in the history of TV, that pictures from Obama's inauguration were actually taken through a time warp and belong to Trump. Why can't this fool get over the fact that he is not a popular person and simply accept that he is president... And get some real work done. Oh, that's right... Now that he has grown the deficit (and will continue to do so) and screwed the middle class to benefit his buddies, all his work is done. Back to the golf course for three years. If anyone could make the idiotic, power-fumbling, pave a road to hell democratics look slightly less stupid then they are, which is profoundly stupid, Trump's your man. And in the East, the bear is dancing.

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Posted in: Outlook for thawing Japan-China ties still fragile See in context

The CCP is a dictatorship. Dictatorships are not legitimate governments, do not represent the people, and should not be engaged. Representatives of the Japanese government (and other democracies, for that matter) should not be meeting with the CCP.

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Posted in: No drill See in context

"It is time Yanks stopped meddling in Far Eastern politics and took the next boat home. It is loooooong overdue."--- some gringo

Sorry, commie, deal with the reality that democracies like the USA, however problamatic, like democracies in Asia, however problematic, will always rise above and against the scum of your troll-centric dictatorships like the CCP, NK, Russia, et hoc genus omne...

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Posted in: S Koreans burn Kim's photo as N Korean band leader passes See in context

Any government that attempts to stop or punish people for burning effigies of dictators (or lawful leaders, for that matters) or flags deserves to be absorbed by some hellish dictatorship... Or should, at least, come out of the closet as seeking to appease or openly join with the evil tyrants of the world. South Korea has at best ever been a difficult attempt at democracy, but they have tried, which is better than the Putins, CCPs, and NKs of the world. To in any way prohibit South Koreans from openinly showing contempt for the horror and evil that is NK is abominable. The people issuing orders to prevent protests and the police who enforce such orders should cross that little bridge in the north and officially join up with their dear leader.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't shutdown begins as spending bill fails in Senate See in context

Why is "the wall" part of a budget when Mexico is going to pay for it?

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Posted in: 8 bodies found after boat believed to be from N Korea washes up in Japan See in context

I cannot speak to the skills of the crew, but the boat looks reasonably sound.

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Posted in: Japan's defense chief criticizes China over submarine near disputed islands See in context

"Play games" means people can pretend that reality is not reality, but their games do not change reality. Taiwan is a country with its own army, president, democratic government, and it deals with the whole of the world on its own. The Senkaku Islands are Japanese and Japan should build a nice little ocean insitute there and invite everyone over for a party.

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Posted in: Japan's defense chief criticizes China over submarine near disputed islands See in context

Taiwan is a country. While few nations recognize it, it still is a country. People can play games all they want but the CCP is a dictator, and a dictatorship is not a legitimate form of government. Taiwan is a functioning democracy. And still, both should be invited to Japan's institute on its Senkaku islands to study and advance the interests of the ocean.

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Posted in: Japan's defense chief criticizes China over submarine near disputed islands See in context

South Korea, China, Taiwan, etc.

The CCP is evil and does not represent the Chinese people. Still, I think Japan could invite them along with other democratic nations to an institute built upon Japan's Senkaku Island. It would send a message of peace.

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Posted in: Japan's defense chief criticizes China over submarine near disputed islands See in context

The CCP will not stop in its aggressions. Japan should hurry up and build an ocean-study institute or some such thing on its islands and invite the local countries to the institute. The evil of the CCP needs to be challenged and hemmed in on all fronts.

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Posted in: Home alone: Men especially face harsh times ahead See in context

It is lamentable that many of these people will meet a dark and pitiful end. Whether it be the result of their misfortunes or their own inability to join in a lasting congress with other human beings, they risk becoming a moribund thing, with the passage of each day bringing them little solace save the lonely certainty of an unmourned death.

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Posted in: Virtual Currency Girls See in context

This is profoundly lame.

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Posted in: Restaurant manager arrested for shooting dozens of toothpicks into face of employee with toy crossbow See in context

I think it would be better not to place a dandelion up one's nose.

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Posted in: Trump uses slur to describe Haiti, African countries See in context


As the trumpettes love to say, he is a straight shooter, saying exactly what his supporters think. "Telling it like it is."

He makes LBJ downright couth, by comparison.

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Posted in: Ecuador grants citizenship to WikiLeaks founder Assange See in context

Now that he is a citizen, Ecuador could make him the ambassador to England. As such, he could catch a taxi to the airport and fly away. As an ambassador, he would have full diplomatic immunity. Regardless of the crime, when it occurred, or any other factor, the government of the UK could not so much as serve the arrest warrant on him. Funny gambit if they actually do that. Doesn't change the fact that he is a wanker.

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Posted in: Old dog, new tricks: Sony unveils 'intelligent' robot pet Aibo See in context

No, I thought "coffin" the second I saw the picture.

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Posted in: Companies, individuals offer free kimono wear, portraits to victims of Harenohi scam See in context

I am moved by the offers put forth to make sure these victims have an opportunity to enjoy a special right of passage. Cheers!

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Posted in: North Korea's 'army of beauties' set to invade South See in context

More happy faces and bouncing bosoms from a place where one is killed if you don't enthuse for your evil government enough. Show me a country where you can't leave without permission and I will show you hell. Show me a country where you cannot disagree with the government for fear of life in an oubliette or rape/torture to death... And I give you the CCP. Er, I mean North Korea.

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Posted in: N Korea tells South it will not discuss nuclear arms in future talks See in context

No surprise. And of course, all the Kim Jong-Un sympathizers/CCP lackeys that hate Japan and make money off of that hate will blog about how "this is a good thing"... "The USA and Japan must accept it"... "Finally the Korea's are working together"... Which, as we all know, is crap. Anyone who ever seeks anything but the immediate destruction of Kim Jong-Un supports him as a sadistic killer who rapes the slave-subject 25 million population of North Koreans for his own personal benefit. Even if he was not attempting to develop nuclear weapons with which to terrorize other nations, even if he was not renound for killing any competition, he must be ended for the simple fact that he hold hostage an entire nation of people who are shot in the back just for trying to leave the living hell he keeps them in. Go ahead and explain how placating him is a good thing.

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