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Posted in: High court finds cell phone TV owners obliged to pay NHK fees See in context

Unfortunately I pay NHK as they constantly kept sending people to pester me to not only start paying, but also to pay for the past years when I stopped paying them after like 10 years. They back bill me twice a year by mail, and recently started calling me on my landline and leaving messages to pay up. When I pretended I didn't speak Japanese, they sent an English -speaking guy. They are notoriously persisitent and I never watch NHK except for weather reports. What about all cars with Navi systems, they all watch tv on them ? It's a federal racket just like shaken and highway tolls.

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Posted in: 'The Shape of Water' and cinema's love affair with monsters See in context

I have seen both Shape of Water and 3 Billboards and found the latter far superior. I’m amazed Shape won best picture considering its nudity and violence and overacting by the main bad guy. That being said, I know it’s de riguer to hate on the Oscars but I’ve enjoyed them for 50 years and hope they last through the rest of my lifetime. Yay, Hollywood!

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Posted in: Tourist driving go-kart arrested over hit-and-run See in context

I encounter these go-carts every day here in Tokyo, they seem to be growing in number month by month. I'm amazed no one has been killed yet as they are hard to see being so low to the ground. I predict more and more accidents will occur and then the whole shebang will be shut down. Counting down the days.

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Posted in: Are you in favor of having armed teachers in U.S. schools? See in context

It's the students and teachers trapped in their classrooms with no escape who are the most frequent victims. A teacher with a gun could make the world of difference in giving them a fighting chance.

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Posted in: Harumafuji questioned by sumo association panel; admits assault See in context

So he'll get the boot, and now Kisenosato, who was promoted too quickly to Yokozuna, is getting his clock cleaned this tournament so he'll have to bow out permanently if he loses two tournaments in a row with low scores, and Hakuho will prob retire soon so we'll be back to having no Yokozuna again in no time.

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Posted in: Bag snatcher on motorbike strikes 3 times within 15 minutes in Saitama See in context

I was stopped by the cops yesterday for the third time this year to check for bag snatchers. They spend 15 minutes checking out all your details: license number, plate number, gaijin card number, bike name , make and color, etc. All the while everyone goes by staring at you for being apprehended by the cops and thinking you're a lawbreaker. Somehow I feel there's more to this harassment than merely checking on bag snatchers.

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Posted in: The Empire steaks back See in context

$250 for just a steak ? Really ? I can get 50 Bacon DoubleCheese Burgers at BK for that, one a week for a year. Just who is buying these 1/4 of a grand heart-attack-on-a-plate steaks ?

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Posted in: Japanese toilets receive new standardised symbols to help foreign tourists See in context

My family members who have visited me from Canada not only didn't understand how to use the washlet, but also showed considerable reluctance to use them anyway under the belief that the spraying water was invasive and/or unsanitary. I was taken aback by their ignorance and lack of common sense. North America needs to be educated more about the cleanliness of washlets.

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Posted in: 40% of Japanese women OK with 'Christmas Eve-only' boyfriend See in context

harajuku press And after the sexing of the women by the Christmas boyfriends, the boyfriends, having served their purpose, can be nailed to pieces of wood and set afire in the time-honored Christian tradition as three wise-men pelt them with frankincense, myrrh, and fried chicken.

That's hilarious ! Good one !!

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Posted in: Japan a great place for returning lost-and-found items See in context

I lost my wallet last month in Tokyo, got it back within 6 hours, minus the 27, 500 yen I had in it. So, thanks for the wallet back, no thanks to the thief !

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' renewed through historic season 30 See in context

'The Simpsons' has sucked for more years than I care to remember. Who watches this tripe ? The lines the characters are made to say are so cringeworthy you feel embarrassed both for the voice actors and the characters they play. Spare us !

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Posted in: Getting stopped by police in Japan – how often does it happen (and why?) See in context

Been here 31 years, never been stopped, but have had my share of tickets. However, I cannot even begin to count the number of times the cops have given me dirty looks when they go by: existing freely in their country while being foreign, guilty as charged.

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