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Posted in: Pressure builds on Florida pastor who wants to burn Quran on Sept 11 See in context

My problem is with the big fuss that is made out of this insignificant little event.

right on brother. Who cares what he thinks? His logic is as mistaken as his justification. Christianity has caused as many, if not more, wars than any other religion in history. I'm sure he will have a few supporters throughout the "christian" world who se this as an act for God.

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Posted in: Wives still have passion, but how to get their husbands to realize it? See in context

We are all (at times) - tired; overworked; kids are demanding; nagging wife/husband; husband/wife doesn't listen to me; think all men/women are stupid; misogynistic; beating around the bush; nagging/whining & the list goes on. If both people make the time & effort then usually the passion will be there. One must make an effort in whatever one does. Complaining about lack of sex does nothing apart from deflate the passion of irritate the other person. My wife & I have been together 14+ years. We have times of passion & times of none. We are still intimate on a regular basis though even with a child & successful careers. Thankfully we are mature enough to talk about it, make the effort & time & finish up still having the best sex of our lives. We now know how to enjoy ourselves & each other better then when we were in the "honeymoon" stage of our relationship, i.e. 3-5 times a day everyday. Sure that was great too but (I suppose I'm showing my age now!) quality over quantity is the thing we have both come to realize.

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