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Miguel Lozano comments

Posted in: Clash between liberal, authoritarian values at G20 summit See in context

Tusk, what it is obsolete is your conception of freedoms, human rights and rule of law; not freedoms, human rights and rule of law theirselves.

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Posted in: 'We don’t need an age of women,' Japanese commercial says; then hits actress in face with cream See in context

For me what it means is that it is unhealthy, self-destructive and useless to think you are a victim or to think that your personal problems are fault of the the society or the government... The message is accept the reality the way it is and take the responsibility of your success, happiness and dignity, no matter if the world is kind or hostile to you. The world does not owe you nothing but you owe yourself live with honor and courage no matter the circumstances.

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Posted in: Lockheed Martin to propose stealth hybrid of F-22 and F-35 for Japan See in context

"would combine the F-22 and F-35 and could be superior to both of them" If it is the case, why F-22 exports are still banned?

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Posted in: Top finance official quits after sexual harassment claims See in context

Who cares these trivialities as the global trend of sexual harassment claims? It seems that there are so much stupid people there.

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Posted in: As U.S. opioid crisis grows, Trump calls for death penalty for dealers See in context

Would this measure decrease drugs consumption? Not

Would this measure increase violence and corruption? Yes

Clear as water

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Posted in: Saying 'Me Too' in Japan carries risk of being criticized, ignored See in context

"Saying 'Me Too' in Japan carries risk of being criticized, ignored" It is the same in Mexico

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Posted in: Social media users boast of plans to grope schoolgirls on day of Japan’s most important test See in context

good for them, ha

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Posted in: Japanese killjoys wage war on Valentine's 'conspiracy' See in context

This is as ridiculious as the feminist marchs.

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Posted in: Trump slams recount push as a scam; says election is over See in context

In a democratic country I could not be against recount votes, even if they want to do it in all the states.

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Posted in: Man arrested for mailing more than 500 garbage items to former bullies See in context

I think that its time to he stop making these weird things; what he have been doing its not really correct even regarding the antecedents. But at the same time I have to say that its a mistake make it a judicial matter. Its toxic to expect that laws (that have the nature to be harsh) take part in not really serious problems that people should solve by themselves, even more, many times these kind of problems will disappear just ignoring and forgetting them.

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Posted in: Breast surgeon denies charge of licking unconscious patient’s breast See in context

Is it not irrelevant? Whether he had licked it or not, I dont understand why they care about something that stupid to the point to make a trial. Its a fact that the only reason to this is that they believe it is a opportunity to make money, but I dont think its something positive that things that inconsequential can be taken like if they were that serious to bring them to a juridic level.

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Posted in: Do young Japanese women want to be housewives? See in context

I dont think housewives are lazy, specially when there are childs; but besides, even if it were true that she works a lot less than me I wouldnt mind it if I am recieving from her what I need to be happy.

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Posted in: 10 ways in which Japanese men want to outperform their girlfriends See in context

This article could be titled: "10 ways in which Japanese women want to be outperformed by their boyfriends"

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Posted in: University of Tokyo to assist new female students with Y30,000 a month for rent See in context

@Reckless, It is not the proportion of males or females what make this discriminatory; this is discriminatory itself simply because they are not treating males and females equally and they are not giving them the same opportunities.

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Posted in: Actor Yuta Takahata arrested on rape charge See in context

We should not forget that inside the Japanese culture rape is by distance not as bad as in the West, because in Japanese culture sex never have been related with a sin. For the same reason Japanese people are much more tolerant to infidelity or they simply have other concept of infidelity and for the same reason sex, love and reproduction are that separated in Japan and Japanese girls use to be that frivolous respect having sex.

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Posted in: Company president gets five years’ probation for killing employee See in context

Even if murder wasnt the intention, its too light regarding that finally he died.

I dont understand why he didnt defend himself, its simply a matter of self-steem fight back if someone hit you, no matter the sex or position.

I hope the sentence would have been the same if he were the one that beat her to dead.

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Posted in: Schools hiring tech-savvy 'guardians' to detect online bullying See in context

The real ones that are failing here are the parents.

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Posted in: Debate on separate spouse surnames heats up before court ruling See in context

@Plinytheelder “Tokugawa-era justifications for laws which deny equity and balanced partnerships between husbands and wives” Don’t mix up equity with balance or equilibrium, along the history man and women never have been equal, but their relationship certainly have had balance. The balance and equilibrium is usually a natural output of any society that achieve stability for a very long time, and have nothing to do with equality; a hierarchical relation can have balance, a relation where the things one is giving and receiving are of different universes can have balance.

“We have the names of all the deceased family members, dating back centuries, but none of the maiden names of the wives or where they came from are recorded anywhere” But it were very natural because the kind of roles men and women have had in society; roles that have been in coherence with the reality. It is not only that women were needed for what women always have been needed, but it would be very difficult that a woman that was pregnant and nursing for large part of her life, and that is naturally weaker and less capable than men, would have been taking the place of her husband, instead of be giving support to him. And only taking a role of the same kind of her husband, it would have been possible to do the kind of things that can make you think that there is something that you must record.

“They have been treated as nobodies, without a context or a life of their own” They have not treated as nobodies, they have been treated as support of their husband and sons, and the context of their lives was precisely give support and be married with great men. It was never sad.

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Posted in: Debate on separate spouse surnames heats up before court ruling See in context

“The world is more oriented towards individuals now” it is part of the real reason that is weaking family ties, not the names.

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Posted in: Abe vows to make Japan world's safest country See in context

Is it a creepy comedy pesentation?

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Posted in: Japan cuts female leadership goal in blow to 'womenomics' See in context

@GW Its only that I think that the changes are not necessary for better and that the future neither is necessary better than the past. It is perfectly posible that changes can lead to worse or less convenient or less pleasant realities. In deed the changes we are taking about were planned and promoted since the beginning by the power for the sake of capitalism, at the expense of family.

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Posted in: Japan cuts female leadership goal in blow to 'womenomics' See in context

@fxgai What you are talking about is maybe because Japanese society think that female are necessary to perform other things that are very important for society too. Since my point of view for example, the better culture would be the one where all the womens effort, patient and selfsacrifice, that many people expect women invest in the job market, were invested instead in family, to make it stronger and happier, as women would be encorauged to sacrifice much more in benefit of their husband and family, because their home is the only place where they are expected to do it, while men have to sacrifice themselves anyway in their jobs.

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Posted in: Japan cuts female leadership goal in blow to 'womenomics' See in context

I think that for Japanese, to hear for example that goverment want to increase the rate of women in government leadership positions is as wrong as for many of the commentators here would be to hear that the government want to decrease the rate of women in government leadership positions. I think the point is that each people must live with their own ideals, without be disturbed for alien ideals that come from alien cultures. If japanese want to live like 20 or 50 years ago, they should have the right to live in that way, no matter what government or foreigners think about it.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking photos of naked boys See in context

@Nathalie, I think that many overlooked bulling experiences or even difficulties to socialize and be accepted by others are much more traumatizing that something like this. I know it for own experience and for other people's experiences. But I guess that the degree someone get affected for certain kind of circumstances could be very cultural dependent.

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Posted in: Gov't to tackle maternity harassment, day care to slow population decline See in context

@tmaire I forgot to say that there is a big difference between men too. Where women have more children men tend to be willing to have a stable job and make whatever is necessary to support his family; in other hand, in places where the birthrate is low, I’ve seen that men tend to want to only work in what they like most and in the conditions they like, without giving much importance to how much money they are making.

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Posted in: Gov't to tackle maternity harassment, day care to slow population decline See in context

@tmarie I can say you that the lack of child control is not the reason, at least not in Mexico. Certainly the difference is that here children are desired and in Japan not. In Mexico, especially between families with low incomes and when the wife not work, they tend to have several children, and for these mothers their children are their main reason for live, children are never seen like a burden even if it means that the parents have to make sacrifices. We could say that it means a cultural difference, but I think it is more profound; it is not coincidence that low birthrate comes of the hand with modern style of life and wealth. And maybe it is not surprising; where I´ve seen that more women have more children is where they understand it like what it is supposed women have to do when grow up and where there are not much more to do outside the family sphere anyway.

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Posted in: Gov't to tackle maternity harassment, day care to slow population decline See in context

@tmarie So you are saying that a marriage can’t generate enough “money & free time combo” to have children; but I have another question. Why in other countries where the income of families (even adding 2 incomes) are lower than the income you find in Japanese families (even in one income families), and where women have to work all the day and have reluctantly to look for someone else to take care of their children (I know that it happens in Mexico), they not have low birthrates?

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Posted in: Gov't to tackle maternity harassment, day care to slow population decline See in context

I think that these articles tend to focus more in women; but I wonder what happen with men; do they want to have a family and have children? and If not, what is happening with them?

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Posted in: At least 120 killed in six Paris terror attacks; police hunt for accomplices See in context


"If you claim A causes B and I show you that in fact B also exists where there is no A, you have to go back and think again" It means that you can’t say that A implies B, but it doesn't mean that it could not be the case that A makes much more probable B.

I forgot to say in my last comment that maybe other reason is the solidarity of ones Muslim with others Muslim that are being attacked.

“What the islamists all over the world have in common is that they want to submit the world under their Shariah. And terrorism is simply one of many ways to help achieve that goal. Now what is so hard about addressing this issue?” Certainly Muslim have not right to impose their Shariah in our countries, and must obey the local laws. But I think that it would be easier for them to accept it if there were peace in Middle East and territories where they could come to live under Sharia, or am I mistaken?

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Posted in: At least 120 killed in six Paris terror attacks; police hunt for accomplices See in context


Well, you have a point; I think that what I said explain the origin and the most important part of the problem, but you are right about it doesn’t explain all. Excluding the nations that have participated in strike ISIS, I think the reason for what you say may not be complicated. Maybe it’s only that there are Muslim people around the word that is looking for an identity which they could be proud, Muslim people that feel alienated and discriminated in the countries where they live, Muslim people that could feel that the local laws go against their own ideals and culture, Muslim people that would like to live in country where the other people thought like them. If in this context show up ISIS it wouldn’t be strange that many of these people find in ISIS the answer for their own dissatisfactions.

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